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Greetings all and welcome to our website. I'd like to ask that you tell a friend about and remind them of our blogs and Q&A's of which have been updated as of Tuesday morning here in Oklahoma. VERY excited about tonight when our new Ross Report Podcast drops at 9 ET with the great, Lance Russell and PWI's Dan Murphy who will discuss how PWI comes up with their annual PWI500. Being able to have a relaxed chat with the Memphis Wrestling legend, Lance Russell, is a honor and a thrill for me. I hope that you will download our podcast for free at, iTunes or listen to it here on the homepage of our site.

Hopeful to get on sale ticket info for our multiple shows during WM32 Texas in the next day or so. Tickets will start at $20 for our shows and will be sold via for the House of Blues in Dallas on Wrestlemania weekend. We will have a limited number of  VIP meet/greet/photo ops tickets and are hopeful that you get yours early for the shows that will be called, RINGSIDE with Jim Ross and Friends. So, yes, I won't be taking the stage alone.

Great Ross Report podcast drops tonight as I finally scored  the amazing Lance Russell as a guest plus Dan Murphy explains the involved process of ranking the top 500 pro wrestlers in the annual PWI500 magazine which is on sale now. Subscribe for FREE at iTunes and never miss a show as it automatically downloads into the device of your choice when the show drops.

Why is it necessary for WWE to have two Hell in a Cell matches this Sunday in LA? The PG product has almost evolved away from HIAC matches to start with and having two on the same show lessens what the Taker vs. Lesnar HIAC match can or cannot do in the main event. Bottom line is that HIAC isn't a PG entity or at least that's my take on it. Neither is the Elimination Chamber. The event in LA is sold out

Big question is will John Cena anoint someone in the US Title Open Challenge? Great spot to do so with Cena leaving for several weeks after Sunday's show. Cena will be on ESPN tonight with Jonathan Coachman at 9/8CT.

This event Sunday has lost a fair amount of luster over the past several weeks build to it but that means that expectations are likely lower than expected which means it could be a sleeper show at the Staples Center.

Sorry to hear of Randy Orton's shoulder issues but he's had those lingering problems with his shoulder for years. Hopefully Randy can get it repaired in a more permanent manner even if it puts him on the sideline for a while which isn't a bad thing.

WWE needs a HOT, Smackdown show this week to add some much needed sizzle and momentum for HIAC in LA.

Thought the Austin-Lesnar piece of business after RAW was good stuff. Both men very natural and at ease with each other which indicates significant mutual respect between to mega stars. If you heard it you heard both Austin and Lesnar being themselves which was refreshing. Organic, pro wrestling presentations are fleeting these days or so seems to me. Good conversation between two of our greatest signees. Great insight as to who Brock Lesnar the man truly is.    

WWE partnering with the Texas Lottery is a big deal in the Lone Star State. Lots of media stretch created with that partnership.  Texas Lottery has an amazing ad budget.

The first 8 minutes of RAW from Dallas were memorable with Austin, Taker, Lesnar ane Heyman all involved. Solid start for the three hour marathon.

Not a good sign when many of WWE's younger stars are already settling into a repetitive, move set in their bouts. Do they think that they are good enough without adding 'new' or are they not being encouraged to expand their in ring skill set? Either way, it's not a good thing. amd have JR's delicious products in stock and await your online orders and will ship promptly to your home or office. Our goods make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.

The six man tag on RAW was likely a prominent peek into the future of WWE. What do you think?

Did some really think that some day that @HeymanHustle would leave Lesnar? Not happening as Brock wouldn't go for it.

Austin has been adamant to me that he's done with being a wrestler just as Shawn Michaels has repeatedly told me. I believe them both. There's nothing left to prove for either of them plus WWE needs to elevate younger talents and not rely on alums to any significant degree. That might necessitate  step or two back but over the long haul it will pay significant dividends. What younger talents will on a much needed roll?

Anyone else on Lamar Odom overload?

Not sure that the current crop of WWE Women will fully reach their potential until they are declared as fan favorites of villains. Lots of potential in this grouping of talents. They should be booked like the men. Why not?

When do we get more insane rumors on the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame? Remember that posthumous inductees will likely be limited to one two at most. I'd like to see Freebirds, Stan Hansen, Jackie Moore,  and Sting for the sake of discussion.

This week on the Ross Report, I address: Brothers of Destruction, Bill Apter's book, Concussion lawsuits, the overall wrestling business getting talents on a roll, ROH's Jay Lethal, & WWE in AT&T Stadium.

I wonder how many young talents in Dallas Monday night cornered  legends like Austin, HBK and Flair to pick the legend's  brains? If not, a major wasted opportunity.

Curious as to Bill Apter telling some that I was his contact inside UFW back in the day. It was blessed by Bill Watts who wanted me talk to Apter and not Cowboy who was usually ultra busy. Watts did speak with Dave Meltzer occasionally as Bill enjoyed Dave's opinion/take on things.

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