Larry King/Lady Gaga..Wade Barrett/Billy Robinson..Strange Names for NXT Rookies..Is JR Now Cursed?..Int'l Shipping Almost Here

Here's some quick, random thought for you to pour on some JR's BBQ Sauce and chew on.

Larry King interviewing Lady Gaga along with Oprah interviewing Sarah Ferguson were painful to watch but like a car accident on the interstate I had to look.

Larry would be too old for WWE TV in today's world, I had to get that in, and if his prompter ever goes south Ol Lar is in trouble. Gaga is trying so hard to be curring edge cool that she just couldn't remove her shade as to adversely affect the attire that had been selected for her to wear on the CNN show that skews older, one would assume than her normal demo. I heard some classic stories about King from Terry Runnels back in the day when she used to do King's make up at CNN.

Oprah worked hard to get the former Duchess of York, or is she still the Duchess of York, to cry but it all came down to the former member of the royal family having financial problems and drinking too much at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Not sure why I got off on that non wrestling tangent except that I would enjoy doing some DVD or WWE 24/7 On Demand interviews with the biggest stars in the biz. I can assure you that they would be asked provocative and thought provoking questions. Whether any of the answers would make air during the editing process might be another story.

No surprise that Wade Barrett won NXT Tuesday night live in Dallas. Looked like about 10,000 in the AAC. Just as an interested bystander, I would like to see William Regal mentor Barrett at the outset. Something about that pairing that intrigues me. Barrett has the look of a young Billy Robinson one of the all time badass hookers who trained in Wigan and who once wrestled the legendary wrestler Jack Brisco all night in an Australian hotel room. 

The next season of NXT debuts next week on Syfy so it would seem that Syfy might well be the long term home of the rookie oriented program. That sort of makes sense as NXT is the highest rated program on the network as I understand it. Why get rid of your top rated show?

Kaval has unique skills and is hungry for success, that I know. If he doesn't make it in WWE he should go to Hollywood and use those pipes of his in animated films. Being mentored however by Layla and Michelle McCool will be different. 

Some of the names the NXT rookies have been anointed with are eye brow raisers like Curt Hennig's son Joe is now going to be called McGillicutty. Help me with this one. I understand protecting one's intellectual property but McGillicutty? Wasn't that Lucille Arnez' maiden name on 'I Love Lucy?' Bottom line is if the kid is any where close to his dad he can be called any thing he wants. 

I'm looking forward to season two of NXT and am anxious to see how many new 'tweaks' will be utilized. Strictly speaking as a fan I would love to see some of the 'Tuf Enough' elements utilized from time to time including the whole crew living in a dorm-like setting. 

An emailer asked me to describe Vince McMahon in three words. So many words come to mind but to prevent from being moved from the pasture to the feedlot I will go with...."Very, Very, Rich."

Uh oh, here come more "You sold out emails" from the informed masses that know of all the details of my every business meeting, phone conversation and by standing side by side with me while I weighed every option as it relates to my professional future. 

Please mark this down This is where my WWE blogs can be found a few times a week. Quick, lite reads to be sure. I think that it's at

Emailer asked if Pacific time zone voters would be included in the voting that will be utilized on the three hour Monday night Raw next week from Miami. Great question that hopefully will address before Monday's voting starts or I assume it will start on Monday. 

Did you read the feedback from a regular here on the site that took me to task after reading one of my blogs and said that I have now the equivalent of the 'Curse of the Bambino' whereas OU will never win another bowl game because I stayed in WWE and did not go to work for TNA. How can this dude be 100% sure that TNA really wanted me to come to work there and actually made me 'an offer that  I couldn't refuse?' 

You won't hear me go low road here regarding other organizations as I hope all wrestling companies make big money for  the loyal, hard working people who work for their respective companies. 

We finalized a new deal with WWESHOP where they are going to stock our J.R.'s Original BBQ Sauce, which is our top seller, and J.R.'s Championship Original  Beef Jerky. They should be available for sale in a few days. The good news is that WWESHOP ships to places like Canada, the UK, and other faraway lands that we cannot do from this site. For all of you who have been Jonseing to buy some BBQ Sauce and the best Beef Jerky on the planet, here's your chance. This could be a really significant development for our growth and I hope that you folks that live outside the USA take advantage of it. That would be huge for us. 

It looks like WWE has lined up a really cool, THQ video game for me to work on and that I will likely be broadcasting along side the King in the game where Legends compete with active Superstars. I'm not sure of the release date or the creative details, etc but the concept, as explained to me, was really cool. I hope to begin my voice overs in the next week or two. We're burning daylight on this one and need to get rocking. I'm ready! 

Emailer....yes I have been invited to attend the Fan Convention in Charlotte in August and now that my new gig is evolving I can more closely look at the date to see if it is feasible. I've always heard good things about it and if the proper arrangements can be worked out I would like to attend. The one thing that I won't be doing is a 'shoot interview.' There is no money to speak of in baring one's soul and then not having a thing to do with the editing or marketing process. It's fine for some folks but if I ever decided to do one I will either own it or it will be a spectacular deal. with some level opf control and class.

Check out my pal Stone Cold Steve Austin's new film "The Stranger' which is now in stores on DVD.   The 'Texas Rattlesnake' (thanks, J.R.) kicks some serious ass in this one and it ain't no romantic comedy and is about as far from Sex and the City 2 as one can travel. 

Big Ben practiced today for the Steelers. one cares. 

We're getting many 'good letters' about folks using our BBQ Sauces and Chipotle Ketchup during 'Grilling Season' and how many members of their family love our products and have or are going to become regulars.This is great feedback that we love to receive. Plus, we're getting a ton of cool recipes and uses for our sauces much like the sweet pickle relish mixed with Chipotle Ketchup that made a main event level burger topping this weekend. I out did myself on that one. Plus, it's idiot proof which really helps me. 

Remember this...if you are cooking steaks, burgers, chicken or any other meat on the grill it is infinitely better if you season it as you choose and allow it to set in the fridge over night. and espeicaly if you are using liquids such as liquid smoke. I can't tell you how much better the finished product will be. Marinades and seasonings  incljuding dry rubs work best when allowed to infiltrate your meat product that has been tightly wrapped in aluminum foil or a heavyweight ziplock bag after having the seasoning applied. 

Emailer...Evan Bourne may not be AJ Styles but Evan has similar traits that the more experienced Styles possesses. I still think that both Bourne and Styles can be utilized much more efficiently but I'm simply an Okie who's standing out on the porch looking in. Size freaks should rewind it when talking about athletic, young wrestlers like these two non monsters but as we all can't cure stupid. 

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and check out all the answered Q&A's and the feedback that we've been getting on our blogs. Keep those orders rocking and we will keep making you happy. 

Boomer Sooner!


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What is the turn around time on getting stuff from the shop?  Basically, when do I need to order from Father's Day.  And special deals coming for dad?

Shipping usually take 2-4 days depending on where it is going. With FREE SHIPPING , autographed photos, personally autographed cookbooks (Great Idea for Dad), etc we have packaged things affordably and efficiently. If you have special requests, please let us know when you order.


When are we gonna see your autobiography out? I would love  to read it as i'm sure you have many many stories you could tell us about. I have read almost all of the ones out and I have to say the only ones I would care about reading that havent published one would be your story and Vince's.

If all goes well, sometime in 2011.

Regarding Joe Hennig now going by the name Michael McGillicutty... That's just bizarre. Sure, some fans already knew who Joe was/is, but for those who didn't why show his father as the legendary Curt Hennig and then have his name being McGillicutty? Really bizarre, especially when one considers how Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr, Randy Orton, and other second and third generation stars are using their familial names.


Fan of your work and now a fan of your blog too.

I love WWE classics. I wonder about referee Dick Woehrle and ring announcer Joe McHugh, both from the "old school" days. Has there ever been any thought of these men being in the HOF? Woehrle is still around, and since there are no refs in the HOF, he'd be a great first.

Just thought I'd ask a question out of the ordinary. Keep up the good work!

I have an odd question I know!

My son was struggling in school back in September/October 2009. He was a 5th grader. I told him if he got good grades and didn't have a late assignment all year I would take him to Disneyworld this summer. I have to admit...I didn't think he would do it! Well he did! He’s a big 6th grader!

This was about the same time we started watching WWE. I have been a long time fan, so I thought he was old enough to appreciate WWE.

We live in Springfield Missouri and when WWE announced the Money in the Bank PPV at KC my mind began working! I asked him if he would rather go see the PPV in person or go to Disneyworld. I thought he was going to stop breathing!! He was very excited and didn't hesitate to say WWE!!!

So that's a long story to ask: What should I expect at the PPV? I have been a fan of wrestling since the early 70's but I have never seen a live event. Are there opportunities for my son to meet wrestlers before or after the event? I have purchased us floor tickets in section 8, row 11. I know we are very close and we are both excited about the PPV. I'm just unsure on what we should expect, when should we arrive, etc. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Am I the only one that's getting a Three Minute Warning 2.0 vibe with the Usos?  Also, what exactly was the point in making Snuka's daughter the mouthpiece for the group when she's kind of awful on the stick?

You apparently have anointed her as the 'mouthpiece' as I don't think based on ONE interview that we can determine any thing except that these kids are being provided an opportunity. We is it that pro wrestling continues to bring out the consistent negativity in many fans?

I'm sure there is a perfectly ridiculous and pointless reason why Hennig is being called "McGillicuty," either  the 'I want to be my own man angle' or something equally cliched.

Speaking of Evan Bourne and AJ Styles, if you haven't seen their matches, you would do well to dig them out and watch the two go. Lots of their trademark high flying, but surprisingly well paced matches with quite a bit of actual mat based offense. Be sure to break out the duct tape for you jaw.

Congrats to Wade Barrett on winning NXT, as he was clearly the most well rounded and ready guys on the show, excluding all former ROH, PWG,wXw, and FIP World champions, as well as all ROH Pure Champions and GHC Junior Champs, of course.

JR, I would hope that your common sense would override your desire to get behind the broadcast table again when it comes to TNA and their theoretical offers that the BOTS seem to think you were offered. Hell, even if they drove a dumptruck full of money up to your house and begged on their hands and knees, I hope you'd get a picture of Ric Flair in your head and then slam the door and hide in the basement until they got off your lawn. You owe nothing to any of us; your obligation is to yourself and your family only, so continue to do what's best for that exclusive club and tell the TNABOTS and everyone else dogging you for not doing what they wanted to but some fine dvds and some Chipotle Ketchup and sit back and enjoy the memories.

Don't get me wrong, because I would love to have you back calling the action somewhere, but not at the sake your health and well being, happiness, or anything else. Thanks for the great times and everyone needs to pack it up and move on.

And then order a case of sauce because nothing would better than to reminisce about the good ol' days with a little BBQ.

Your friend Jim Joyce really came though in flying colors last night. Now that is how you garner some serious heel heat

The new NXT names are absolutely ridiculous and almost sadomasochisitc in their self-sabotagery.  What is the obsession with awful, goofy gimmick names?   Think of the recent headliners in WWE - John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Dave Batista...  And then throw in Michael McGillicutty?  Doesn't seem to fit.  As goofy as some guys names can be, nobody is taking Michael McGillicutty seriously as a headliner. Not everyone can be as lucky as HHH , who found a cool way to dump his otherwise hideous gimmick name.  I can only assume in a couple of months we'll get the "Michael McGillicutty never did anything but JOE HENNIG is wrestling royalty!" promo only for Michael McGillicutty to show up on Raw the following week.  Intellectual property aside, why not just give Joe (and the Rotunda kid) a trademarkable nickname rather than bizarrely telling the audience that these guys are using superfake names while acknowledging their legit family tree?  Sad, sad, sad.

I have to echo the sentiments of the poster who suggested watching Evan Bourne's (then known as Matt Sydal) matches with AJ Styles.  Evan is a great talent and capable of a lot more than he's currently showing in WWE although he was excellent on Raw.  I really hope this is the start of a push rather than stupid parity booking seeing him doing another worthless job next week.  

Absolutely stoked for the international shipping!  can't wait to get some stuff shipped over here!

Screw anyone who talks about OU being cursed in any games.  I hope that poor bastard watches our Sooners kick everyones ass this year.  I'll be there for the FSU game and my NROTC BBQ is set for the AFA game the next week.  I would love to meet you as I'll be with Tommy Good for the FSU game.  I can PROMISE anyone who is taking OU with a grain of salt that they will be very surprised by next years bunch as we are healthy and the OL is really gelling and working very very hard this Spring.  We have a couple of frosh difference makers and our punter (Tress Way) will be the top punter in the nation and that you can take to the bank!  It all started with the draft and will continue through next year.  

Boomer Sooner!!!

Sooners have lots of talent....need to have a demanding Summer....stay injury free as best as possible...the O-Line is the key to the season in my view. I did not miss a game last year, home or away, and Lord willing won't this year either. Hope to see you in Norman.