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 Beautiful day in Las Vegas. Another great CAC function has come and gone. Before we get to that take note that is offering 20% off JR'S products at

Gold Coast hotel was once again the site of the Cauliflower Alley Club annual gathering. CAC is an amazing organization that does a great deal of charitable work within the business and was formed in 1965. 

For more info on CAC visit their website at

Steve Austin received the group's highest award named after the founder of the organization, Iron Mike Mazurki, a former wrestler and successful actor. I was fortunate enough to be asked by Steve to induct him. He had a great speech and offered sage advice to many of the young wrestlers who were in attendance. 

Loved hearing Ricky Steamboat's stories of breaking into the biz in AWA, personal memories of Lou Thesz, working in Mid Atlantic Wrestling, his rivalry w/ Ric Flair, and so much more. Sgt Slaughter introduced the Dragon who received the Lou Thesz Award. 

Bill DeMott, Wendi Richter, Ivory, Judy Martin, all received awards. Each was very deserving.

Good seeing, among many others, Dick 'The Destroyer' Beyer, Paul Bearer, Kharma, Ted DiBiase, Dark Journey, who I had not seen in over 20 years, Stacey 'The Kat' Carter, Paul Vachon, Mondo Guerrero, Ross Hart, Mil Mascaras, many of the GLOW girls, JJ Dillon, and Terry Funk among others. I'd suggest all fans join CAC and that young, Indy wrestlers attend the event to pick the brains of some of the greats of the game. Really proud of the WWE Supertars for putting together an amazing string of outstanding events on the current International tour. Can't wait to get back to Tampa next week to work with the young men and women in FCW. It never fails to be a rewarding experience. Thought the Brock Lesnar piece on RAW was excellent. I'm very anxious to see how he competes vs John Cena at the Extreme Rules PPV. Fighting in the Octagon for UFC is a much different animal than performing in a WWE ring. Lesnar is a gifted athlete and will likely shock us all with how well he does against Cena. This one is too close for me to call. Count on CM Punk and Chris Jericho being innovative and physical. Strong personal issue to be settled in Punk's hometown. Live crowd will be tremendous. Love the potential of Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules. These two have much to proove and will have the canvas to create some memorable art. Hope the kids who attended my seminar Tuesday enjoyed it. Sorry we couldn't get everyone in who wanted to attend. Wish we had brought some JR'S products to sell at CAC....maybe next year. Send us your questions to the Q&A section of this site and I'll try to answer them. We're over 410,000 followers on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Mel Gibson needs to stop leaving anyone voice mail messages. Just saying. Why can't Lindsey Lohan stay out of bars? She's lucky she's not in jail. Love the NFL but I'm not interested in the endless talk on their schedule. OKC Thunder really needs to attend the home court advantage in NBA playoffs. The young, talented team plays so much better at home in Oklahoma City. Arkansas should go the interim route w/ their football coaching search this season and make the desired hire for my view. Thinking Jon 'Bones' Jones beats Rashard Evans Saturday night in Atlanta but Bones isn't untouchable. Should be a heck of a battle. Evans has done a great job selling this fight but it's too bad few TV viewers haven't seen it. Anxious for WWE fans to see Damien Sandow in the ring. He's fundamentally sound w/ a distinctive upside. Time will tell. Keep getting questions on the apparent Mick Foley/Dean Ambrose war of words. I have no idea where it's going if any where. Good to see so many young talents getting set to apparently get more, viable TV time. Remember guys, maximize those minutes. Save 20% on JR'S Premium Products now at Thanks to all the fans who I had the chance to meet this week in Vegas at CAC. Sad to hear of the passing of entertainment visionary Dick Clark. I guess that now makes my great friend Jerry Lawler the "World's Oldest Teenager." RIP Mr. Clark. Thanks for paying us a visit. Hit the Q&A's while you're here. Boomer Sooner! J.R.

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 Man i wish i found out about this site earlier, i seen that you all were here in vegas THE DAY IT ALL ENDED!!!:( i wouldve went down there....i think imma get some JR products too lol

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