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As I write this blog,  it is -11 degrees wind chill index here in Norman coming off the heels of a snowy, blizzard-like night. Needless to say, we won't be leaving the house today w/o it being an emergency. Enough about the weather, I'm Jim Ross not Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel, so let's get to a few random thoughts from the BBQ menu....

Good to see that Kevin Nash might be working out something to remain associated with WWE to some undetermined degree. Nash is a good talker, a smart guy, and has name identity that can be utilized in  a variety of marketing ventures within the company. As I previously wrote, Kevin Nash can help WWE in many ways even if he never wrestles again.

Booker T, who has talked of becoming a TV broadcaster in WWE for quite some time, would be potentially good in that role if he can master the skills that it takes at the ringside announce desk. The job is daunting but doable and Booker is a witty, glib guy who understands the business. At this stage of the game I see Booker T's long term tenure with WWE as a 'talker' of which can take many forms and not as a full time wrestler.  

Nonetheless I'm happy that apparently both Nash and Booker might wrap up their respective careers in WWE which seems to be fitting. Obviously any thing can happen that might alter that speculation but hopefully both men can return to the WWE fold and help the company in the aforementioned variety of ways. 

I'm very happy for Jerry Lawler being utilized so efficiently on Monday Night Raw culminating with a WWE Title match in the Main Event of the next WWE PPV, the Elimination Chamber in Oakland. 

For my money, WWE Champion Miz' most memorable match since he has ascended to the thrown was against King on MNR in the TLC match. Miz can learn an amazing amount from observing Lawler who is one of the biz's all time great in ring performers with a career that is still viable on the Global stage at age 61.

Lawler has had memorable bouts with the game's biggest stars in his Memphis based career and there is no doubt in my mind that Jerry will seize the moments that are upcoming while fully realizing that his opportunities to headline a WWE event may be fleeting. 

I spoke to King late Monday night as he was traveling from Providence back to Boston and one could easily tell that he was very excited about his potentially, history making opportunity that is upcoming in less than three weeks on PPV. 

Let's hope that these recent turn of events leads to Jerry's long awaited, much deserved Wrestlemania bout of which he and I have discussed on many, many occasions during car trips when we partnered on Monday Night Raw.

BTW...just my take but any fans or wrestlers who feel that the veteran Lawler is not deserving of these opportunities or is taking opportunities away from 'younger' wrestlers likely may need counseling.  

Why is it that Michael Cole's conduct toward the King reminds me of the late Andy Kaufman's rants directed toward the WWE Hall of Famer? 

One thing that needs to be said about Cole, if his goal is to get more fans to dislike him then he is succeeding famously. Cole's current TV persona is very easy to dislike and from the emails and Tweets, @JRsBBQ, that we receive it is working to a 't.'

It seems inevitable that Cole's day is coming TV.

Amazing that some fans actually swear that there is going to be an Undertaker vs. Sting match this year at Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta. I would be shocked if that occurred but at the same time everyone has the right to fantasize about dream matches that they personally want to see. I still say that there would likely be a large part of the WWE TV audience that only watches WWE that would have to become familiar with the Stinger's body of work. Not that it couldn't be done, it could, but that matter would have to be addressed. 

Cutting to the chase, I don't see Sting in WWE any time soon and especially not in the ring vs. the Undertaker in the Georgia Dome. I do think that Sting would be well served to explore potential marketing opportunities with WWE especially considering that all his 'greatest hits' which were in WCW are now owned by WWE.

Enjoyed the Raw Rumble Monday night arguably better than the Royal Rumble Sunday night on PPV. Interesting concept with a great story behind it that had several definitive facets and seemed to involve all 7 men strategically. Granted it's easier to keep one's focus on 7 men versus 40. 

One thing that's obvious in today's TV wrestling marketplace is if one doesn't speak in the ring in front of the fans then the TV viewers are very likely to consider said individuals as not on the elite, main event caliber level.

No talking=no star. 

Emailer...Rick the Sign Guy is not a WWE employee. He is a heck of a fan and scores some hellacious ducats. Plus, he's seemingly always in uniform. What if he were the anonymous, Raw General Manager? 

Got a call from THQ this morning and they are working on some really cool promotional opportunities for yours truly to help promote the upcoming and eagerly anticipated WWE Wrestling All Stars video game that will be released domestically on Tuesday March 29. We all need to band together to make this one a HUGE hit. The King and I reunite on this game and I hope that you will enjoy the nostalgia we are excited to bring you and how we both can still kick the younger announcers asses at the announce table......or so we think.

Still working on those elusive, expensive Super Bowl 45 tickets. Parking and Homeland Security issues are also a nightmare not to mention hotel rooms. I never thought going to a 'local' Super Bowl would necessitate so many challenges. BTW in case that you didn't know, this is a Steelers household.

I still like the 'over' which is set at 45 points the last I looked. The speedy Packers are favored and the turf in Arlington may help them more than it will help the Steelers.  

UFC's big PPV this weekend really helps add to the Super Bowl weekend experience in Las Vegas. If you've never spent Super Bowl weekend in Vegas and you enjoy placing friendly wages on the multitude of prop bets on the big game you need to experience it once in your life.

This Saturday night's UFC card is impressive. I'm as anxious to see John Jones fight as much as anyone on the card including the vaunted Anderson Silva. UFC has done a nice job of stacking this card to maximize one's PPV investment. 

Would like to attend the UFC event in Vegas on Memorial Day weekend.

Does any one out there actually own a 'Big Boss Grill?" Hey, I was up late last night. Watched the infomercial.

Amazing that so many people seem to feel that John Morrison is being 'held back' and that it basically only takes a snap of the fingers for a talent to go from average/good to great/main events. Promoters for years have wished it were that easy. I like Morrison's direction and feel he is traveling the right road but it's a marathon and not a sprint car race.

Curious to see who is selected as Stone Cold's staff/trainers for the Tough Enough series that starts taping in a week or two. The trainers provide vital components to the success of this renewed, reality show that will air on USA.  

I wonder if Austin hosting Tough Enough will mean that Steve might do a drive by on Monday Night Raw at some point sooner than later? One would simply assume so. 

Good time to order products from us as no one involved in the process has left their homes in hours. We hope to be able to get to Federal Express tomorrow (Wednesday). 

Wife made a meat loaf recently that included both our Chipotle Ketchup and some HOT BBQ Sauce. It was off the page, I swear. 

Some 'valedictorian' felt that because I didn't wax poetically about Albert Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble that I did not like the development. Not true. Del Rio is going to be a star in the future and has all the physical tools in which to become a big time player. I enjoy the JBL-like persona with Del Rio plus Ricardo Rodriquez is entertaining as can be and is the closest thing to being a 'manager' that's in WWE aside, of course, from Vickie Guerrero who carries as much fan angst as any male performer in WWE.

When I have written about the lack of quality depth within the biz nowadays and the fact that no one becomes a star in a year or two, perhaps more fans will understand/agree with that assessment now that they are seeing it evolve before their eyes. The good news is that if some of the potential main eventers learn to distinguish and separate themselves from the pack, the future should be dotted with an athletic, relatively young group.

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Michael Cole is taken his bickering with Lawler and his non-stop infatuation with Miz way too far and it's taking away from the rest of the show.  He's way too focused and busy letting everybody know he's the bad guy rather than focusing on the talent busting their butts in the ring. 

He's not "Boo, I hate that guy" level, but rather "I can't take this guys non-stop obnoxious bickering anymore and need to change the channel". It's not entertaining, not amusing - it's painful. 

If the big pay off is Cole getting his comeuppance at WM, that just means two more months of his over-the-top antics that makes me turn off my television.

Sure the live crowds might love to boo him, because that is their one chance to do so live and they want to play the part.  But having to sit through him show after show, week after week is grating to the point of wondering if it's worth it.

1)Yeah Cole is succeeding in making fans want to hit the mute button everytime he talks or comes on. Right.

2)Came out that the AWESOME vignette for 2/21 is for Undertaker when many thought and HOPED it would be Sting. Yet ANOTHER Undertaker 'return'? Ugh. Give us Sting Mr.McMahon. Give us Sting.

Andy Kaufman-I thought the same thing...I actually said out know this is the same guy that slapped the S#!T out of Andy Kaufman.

Pin me, Pay me.

Sting does need to be featured at a Wrestlemania. LIke many of his peers, he is past his prime. However, unlike many of his peers, he does appear to be in good enough shape to carry on a decent match. The problem with the Undertaker vs Sting is when did they have their last match together? 1990 if at all when he was Mean Mark in WCW? Sting would need to spend time in the WWE working with Mark Calloway on house shows.

Finally, despite being an amazing match, Sting should have been Flair's "last" match like he was on the final Nitro.

Hi, JR.  Your good friend Mr Lawler is a star.  That's all there is to it.  The man knows how to use a stage when one is made available to him and it's a very cool and surprising aspect of the current "season" in WWE that Mr Lawler is being given that stage.

I'm looking forward to the entertainment that we'll all get to see as a result.

Hi JR, 

I always find your blog provides an interesting perspective on my favorite form of entertainment (wrestling), but this post does leave me a little confused.  It's not often I feel the need to offer my two cents in the form of an argument, and I know that you are by far more the expert here but  I feel a certain mixed signal in commenting on John Morrison's road to the main event being a marathon (implying that he isn't ready for it yet) but being in favor of Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble.  I just wanted to try to explain where I think a lot of fans are probably coming from.  Comparing the two I see in  Del Rio a rather untested competitor who has only been wrestling on Smackdown for a little over 5 months and has only actively feuded with Rey Misterio throughout that time.  I'd agree that Del Rio certainly has enjoyed some terrific heat from the crowds he's performed in front of, but I'd also argue that most who play the villain to Rey's hero get a similar reaction.  While I can see where it could be said that Del Rio has a bright future I would argue that putting him in the main event of the biggest show of the year is almost certainly jumping the gun.  Conversely, you have Morrison, who even back when you were on commentary you were already refering to as "a main event waiting to happen".  Morrison has been an active in ring competitor with the WWE for roughly 7 years now and has grown tremendously in that time.  In the last year and a half he has had some tremendous performances in matches with a variety of high-profile talents ranging from Chris Jericho to the Miz to Jack Swagger, to his unforgettable battles with Sheamus.  I would argue that Del Rio's rise has been treated by the WWE like "a snap of the fingers" and the fans expectations for Morrison have been a much more gradual thing.

All of that out of the way, I wanted to chime in that I am really enjoying the push for Jerry Lawler.  I have often wished he spent more time in the ring even though I do enjoy him on commentary.  I have to ask: If he has a match at Wrestlemania this year do you think they will ask you to do play-by-play?  Do you think you will if they ask? 

Hey JR, some random thoughts of this week...

So it's obvious that the Uso's wouldn't stand a chance against Khali and Mark Henry, so the good old Anonymous GM decides to put them in a dance-off instead?  Why don't we dress them up in oversized diapers while we're at it?  They can get in the ring and sing Little Miss Sunshine for the audience.  And hey, while we're at it we can take the tag titles, dig a great big ditch, and dump them in it, maybe build an outhouse over the hole.  It's kind of appropriate Santino and Koslov are the champs right now, the whole WWE Tag division is one big comedy act.

I've said this before: say what you will about TNA but at least they give respect to their tag teams.

Alberto Del Rio's winning of the Rumble was a suprise, congrats to him though i am wondering if they might be pushing him too fast.  Of course that's a concern with quite a few of their new stars.  Used to be they'd be built up more carefully, a few feuds, a run or two with the US and IC titles just to make sure they could carry the Big Ball.  Alberto, he's been in the WWE for less than a year, he's had one serious feud (which he lost) and no secondary title runs.  I'll agree that he has all the potential to be a major player but he's not ready to main-event Wrestlemania yet.

That said they do need to work on getting some quality stars going, especially on RAW.  They only have two major good-guys, Cena with Orton running a close second.  Truth, Morrison, they're strictly second-tier.  They never win the big ones (WWE Creative is way too predictable now) and there's no evidence that they'll ever be moved above the mid-card, and as much of a fan I am of Lawler and as much as I love whhat they're doing with him now I still have to admit that he's 61, in all likelihood this is his final hoorah before full retirement.  They need some more A-list hitters to help carry the Ball, preferably someone with some proper seasoning.

Well, we shall see what happens....

Hello Mr. Ross,

I purchased my first PPV in a number of years and really enjoyed the Royal Rumble. I also took my son to MNR in Providence. It was his first live event and he loved it. All in all, a pair of great nights of fun with the fam and the WWE.

John Morrison - I like what he's been doing lately. He's been putting out quality performance after quality performance. The Spider-Man leap at the Rumble was great, and he followed that up with a great night in the Raw Rumble. A great athlete for sure. It seems like he is being built up as a solid ring performer and they are taking it somewhat slowly lately, which I think is a good thing.

Alberto Del Rio - I love the guy. He's got the complete package. I do feel it is a little fast to have him main eventing Wrestlemania, but he sure will be entertaining along the way. And I'm not an expert, but I do like to throw my opinions out there.

The Miz - I agree his ladder match with Lawler was great, but I want to add the falls count anywhere match with Morrison to that as a memorable match in his championship run (thus far).

Where's Triple H? I thought for sure he would be at the Rumble. He's even on the cover of the new WWE Magazine!

Diesel was great at the RR. Biggest ovation of any performer.

So that brings me to the "youth movement". I like it. I do, however, feel the WWE does need some big name veterans in the mix to carry the weight. Diesel would be a good one. Triple H. Y2J. Amd yes, I think Sting coming to WWE would be huge. Especially with WM in Atlanta. Sting may be the biggest star to never have wrestled in the WWE.

How good is CM Punk? Each week I can't wait to here from him and see him in action. He doesn't need a title right now, but I think he deserves one in the near future. Just for being an awesome performer.

A friend at my church has a box at Cowboy stadium. He has some tickets still avaliable if you are still trying to hunt some up. He has tickets in the stadium and the box, but I am not sure what he has left. He said you could contact him if interested. If so e-mail me and I will send you his number.

Please contact me with super bowl ticket info on our home page of the site under Contact Us. Thanks!

In reference to del rio and the time it takes to be considered a top guy or star, how would you explain guys like goldberge, lesnar, angle, the rock, the steiner brothers. All of whon became stars very quickly and 3 of whom left the business before the time some say it takes to even be a star? I feel its all relative. If you are unique, real and believable you can become a star very very quickly. Today u nfortunately only few or very few r unique enough and believeable enough to acheive that. .. regardless of years shoved down fans throats.

I don't often write in blogs, but I feel it necessary to do it now.  Of all the great heel/color commentators in the history of the business, ie, Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, Jerry Lawler, Paul Heyman, etc.  Michael Cole does not rate.  I have been an avid fan of Wrestling/Sports Entertainment for over 50 years.  I have grown to understand the business quite well.  I watch all the wrestling offered on TV and even some on the web.  Michael is not entertaining, not funny and how do you make the move caller commentator a heel?  He is turning Matt Striker into a face, I don't think that that is the point of what he is trying to do.  I have actually started to watch Monday Night Raw with the mute button pressed.  I cannot listen to his mouth anymore, I know that is the point of his need to be booed, but I have never muted anyone in the past.  This just doesn't work for me, I know that means little coming from a fan, but that is what it is.

Sting:  Wow I'm really at odds over this.  On the one hand, it would be great for him to make an appearance at WM27.  There is only one issue, you good ol' JR would have to call that match.  No one has ever called a match with Sting as well as you can.  I'm not trying just to praise you, this is a solid fact.  His move set and your commentary are a perfect combination.  A match with the Undertaker, no I don't see it.  If Taker's unbeaten streak is going to remain intact, then there will be a lot of disappointed Sting fans leaving WM27.  If Sting wins then the streak ends and I don't think that will go over big either.  A tag team match?  Yeah, that's doable, but against credible opponents.  Maybe Kane and ???

I saw an interview with Alberto Del Rio on Youtube today, he is an intelligent and genuinely nice person.  He enjoys being the bad guy and I think he is a great in-ring talent.  I hope he doesn't burn out from the stress of being put in the forefront too soon.  He has a good head on his shoulders and should do pretty good.

I'll write soon,