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Sitting in Tampa Airport awaiting flight to DFW-OKC. Two, productive days in FCW. Did classroom work w/ rookies Wednesday after 2 hour promo class. Met with the Divas today.

Planning on returning in a few weeks to begin a new, classroom program that should be rewarding and if I do my job interesting for the class.

Getting lots of emails on where one can go to train for wrestling nand if getting a FCW dealm isn't in the cards check out It's in Louisville, Kentucky and you'll be treated fairly and objectively.

Our orders have picked up on the site...yes, business has picked up!  Keep us in mind for holiday gifts for fans, friends, teachers, and family.

Our new Main Event Mustard is slated to be ready to ship in early December.

The King is planning on being in Hershey for the 3 hour Raw Monday but it all depends on the condition of the staph infection in his knee. If he's not available I assume Cole and Mathews will handle the Legends themed gig. I talked to Jerry for 45 minutes Tusday night and he was in good spirits. He is improving but is no condition to travel at this time.

Thanks for letting me know that my first TV call @ Survivor Series was in 1993 when Gorilla Monsoon and I called the Smoky Mountain Tag Title bout. I loved working with "The Big Ape" as the Brain used to call the beloved WWE HOF'er.

Helluva 30/30 on ESPN about former OU running back Marcus Dupree. He was a better back as a freshman than Adrian Peterson as a frosh and AD gained almost 2,000 yards rushing his first year @ OU.

I'm asked when I'm going to 'start my book' on the 25 most interesting people that I've worked with during my long career in the biz. First of all, it has to sell. Then we will finalize the final, final list of 25 individuals, primarily but not all, from the wrestling business. I'd like to begin writing in early 2011 IF it sells to a publisher.

We're having an amazing run w/ reorders on our new and improved Beef Jerky. Order some and find out what everyone is saying or as Naitch used to say what everyone is talking about.

Good to see Ricky Steamboat doing hands on training this week in FCW. The Dragon is as good as I've seen training young nwrestlers. Ricky still isn't 100% but he's improving daily, is happy, and simply does an anazing job w/ the WWE rookies.

Wade Phillips lost his coaching job because his players laid down and Phillips took the fall. Cowboys need a GM that's not their owner.

OU must win at home Saturday to stay alive in the Big 12 South. I think the Sooners beat Texas Tech 14+ if our laid back crowd emotionally invests....and we don't allow turnovers to cause us to implode. Plus, Oklahoma must play more mentally tough for 4 full quarters of football.

Pacquiao wins in Dallas Saturday, how does one pick against Manny, but something tells me this big money PPV will have its moments. $67.95 for the HD version on PPV. Wow.

Time to board....follow me on twitter @JRsBBQ.

Boomer Sooner!


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Dear Mr Ross,

May I first thank you for the hours of entertainment you have provided, me and the millions around the world, over the many years where you have been the voice of pro wrestling.

Can I just ask who impressed you in FCW recently? I'm a huge fan of Tyler Black and would to love see him in future WWE main events with Punk, Bryan and Evan Bourne.

I would also like to recommend visit the Smithfields next time you are in Central London, England, a mecca for meat lovers everywhere!

Thank you for your time.

I was curious not as much what's it take to become a proffesional wrestler, but more what it takes to be come a wrestling tv announcer.  I announce rodeos and started two years ago, and I see a lot of similarities. I was just kinda wondering.

Charlie McKellips

Product knowledge, look, sound, broadcasting experience, getting work on video tape, right place at right time, and impressing WWE officials who audition you. Good look if you travel that road.

Nice information. I will contact soon.

The Pacquiao fight is free in the UK! lol

Is it true that Marcus Dupre wrestled briefly for the USWA in Memphis? I read it on wikipedia, so I know it might not be true. If he did, did you ever see him wrestle? If you have some spare time to surf the web, you should check out , it's a great place to discuss wrestling with some people who actually know their stuff. A lot of wrestlers post there from time to time.

I just wanted to say how great it was to hear your voice again on Raw tonight. I am a lifelong wrestling fan and to me, you will always be the voice of Raw. You went out and proved in ten minutes that you are still the best in the business at what you do and I wish I could hear you every week.

Not to make us both feel old, but I've been a fan of your's since you used to call Mid South Wrestling back in the 80's. That being said, it was really good to see you on Raw last night. You looked and sounded great and I hope you're doing well.

Jonathan Rose

It was definitely a thrill to hear you calling matches on Raw like old times. It's a shame that they have Michael Cole and his pathetic gimmick with this anonymous general manager attempting to overthrow your empire. There is no one on the planet Earth that will ever call a match better than the great Jim Ross! The only thing that would have made the show better was if Stone Cold told Michael to get in the ring and gave him and old school slobberknockin' a** whoopin!