Lesnar vs.Couture on for November 25.

After coming to terms and reconciling with Randy Couture earlier today, the UFC announced Tuesday afternoon, as we reported here last week, that the Couture-Brock Lesnar fight would take place on Saturday November 15. The fight will not be held in Portland as previously thought but in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. This provocative fight will be five, 5 minute rounds and reportedly for the UFC heavyweight title that Couture never lost before he and UFC management had issues and Couture left the organization.   Informed sources have told me that Couture wants to have three more fights in the UFC and then retire. Couture will give up approximately 50 pounds to Lesnar come fight time which makes the 5 rounder especially intriguing. Couture is a master at capitalizing on a fighter's mistakes and is a supreme strategist. However, if Lesnar continues to improve as he did between the Mir and Herring fights it will be extremely difficult for anyone who is giving up that much weight and is over a decade older to defeat the former WWE and NCAA wrestling champion. I applaud the UFC for getting this alleged, internally personal matter resolved as it relates to Randy Couture and UFC honchos.  The fans should always come first which should be a no brainer business wise but in personality driven businesses like MMA, etc it isn't always that simple.           

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Thanks for the info on Lesnar vs. Couture.How are things going for you on Smackdown lately?I was watching the videos on youtube about you being upset and I was hoping that you weren't going to quit.You will ALWAYS be the best BBQ making anouncer.Take Care.


I near sh*t myself when I heard it was confirmed.  This is the day before my birthday and there is zero chance I'm missing it.

My fear may be coming true, though, as I've been a little scared they'd shoot Lesnar to the top too soon and he'd begin getting constantly defeated.

Good luck to Lesnar, though.  Its gonna be an awesome fight.

Will your eateries be showing the fight?

-=The Prynce

First off JR, I want to say I really enjoyed your peppered beef jerky. My cousin bought some and, in his own words, was kind enough to let me have a few strips and that I now owe him big. Regardless, it was delicious and I plan on getting some of my own along with some of your other products once a few bucks come my way next week to do so!

I was really taken back that not only Randy actually came back to the UFC, but also that Lesnar would get a title shot so early in his career. I have been an MMA fan for over 12 years now and have seen many of the fights Couture has been through, and though it is a HUGE fight with amazing potential both for the organization and diehard MMA fans, I see this to be a HUGE mistake for Lesnar to take this fight so soon.

I admire Lesnar's courage and never say die attitude, and the fact that he gives everything he has in what he does to become the best, but at this stage in his career he is far too inexperienced to take on the likes of Randy Couture. He may have improved from his fight with Frank Mir to his fight with Heath Herring, but the differences between Mir and Herring is huge. Couture in many, many ways has the best of both Mir and Herring wrapped into one package. He can punch your lights out, outpoint you, submit you, is very patient , and (like you said) he is an excellent strategist and will capitalize on any mistake Brock makes.

The fight between Herring and Lesnar looked like a shaved gorilla going after a zookeeper who stole his banana for lunch. This fight, however, is going to be completely different than his previous two. Though Lesnar is about 50+ lbs heavier and has amazing strength and speed, Couture has made a career in beating guys that are not only bigger than him, but guys quite simply he shouldn't have beaten. The biggest names that Frank Mir has beaten aside from Lesnar were Tank Abbott, Wes Simms and Tim Sylvia. The biggest that Heath Herring beaten was Evan Tanner and Gan McGee, and since being in the UFC he has yet to finish a fight on his own terms. But Randy has beaten even bigger names, in their prime, like Vitor Belfort, Tito Ortiz, Kevin Randleman, Jeremy Horn, Pedro Rizzo, Tim Sylvia and Chuck Liddell. Though name recognition is not everything, all these fighters had a supossed edge over Randy that people felt he didn't, yet it was Randy's hand raised in victory many times over.With his recent win over a young and extremely dangerous Gabriel Gonzaga (who also was supposed to be stronger and faster than Randy), and lots of time to lick his wounds along with at least two and a half months to prepare for this fight...

I quite simply don't see this fight going more than three rounds, and this is being modest. Though I wish the best for Brock and I am a fan of his since the WWE, I think it would have been better for him to face Cheik Kongo first, and then possibly someone like Mir (or Mir again for that matter, assuming he loses to Nogueira), and then finally face the winner of the (fight that should have been scheduled) Couture-Nogueira fight to determine the undisputed champ. By then, I think Lesnar would have been a great contender for the title with a lot more experience and solid MMA credibility that no one can dispute (baring he won all those fights, of course).

 One thing for sure, it will be something to watch and it promises to be something exciting!


Hey J.R., want to let you know that whether Raw or SD, you're still the best PBP guy in wrestling history. 

I want to ask you a question:

With the ratings seemingly on the decline, the last I saw Raw drew 2.8 and SD drew 2.3, a far cry from the days of 7.0 and 8.0...don't you think you guys should start making some program changes? 

I don't mean try to rehash the monday night wars, I just mean get rid of this 'PG' programming that's running off people left and right?   You forever changed wrestling to be a young man's entertainment option, isn't it insane to try and change it back? 

I mean, your competitors at that hour are showing murders, violence, cursing, sex, the whole nine.  It's Monday and Friday nights, not Saturday afternoons.  Why can't the WWE push the envelope and be cutting edge like it once was? I don't want a raunchfest, just programming that would captivate a 20 year old.   


Who would like to see the WWE go from "prominent by technicality" (Like bragging about beating MNF during the PREseason.) to being truly prominent again. 

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