Lesnar...Las Vegas...Unlikely Reunion...UFC Class & Hospitality

Happy 4th of July!  Be safe and enjoy the holiday. Here some BBQ'ed random thoughts of our Las Vegas trip.

Wife Jan and I have had a great few days in Vegas highlighted by seeing old friends and enjoying the phenomenal UFC PPV Saturday night.

The total UFC experience was awesome. UFC officials were so gracious and hospitable to us. A total class organization. Our seats...front row for me...2nd row for Jan right behind me were unreal.

Enjoyed sitting w/ Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg during the fights. We were doing our own running commentary. Probably not as good as Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan's but we enjoyed it.

Dwayne Johnson sat near my OU Sooner pal and #1 NFL Draft pick QB Sam Bradford. They had better seats that Kiss front man Gene Simmons.

Great to get a big hug from a sweaty and exhilarated Brock Lesnar at ringside moments after his amazing victory over another beast, Shane Carwin.

Brock's face was a mess after the 1st round pounding from Carwin where Brock displayed amazing toughness and grit to last  the first 5 minutes.

Brock's motivation to not only survive but to win the fight was motivating and his choke out win over one of the baddest men on the planet was a lifetime memory.

I had  long overdue and emotional visit w/ Brock in his locker room where he greeted me w/ open arms...literally. I'll never forget that moment.

Steve Austin and Rock had a meaningful visit in Brock's locker room and talked old times, their last match in Seattle at Wrestlemania including Dwayne watching a Stone Cold DVD recently where he enjoyed going back in the day.

Both WWE greats have new films to begin soon...Steve in Vancouver and Rock in Puerto Rico.

Both are still 'students of the game' of wrestling which was cool to discuss w/ them. They both had 'it' and never played a role in the squared circle yet attained success by being enhanced versions of themselves. Organic passion and instincts lead them to unparalleled success.

Lesnar's 'will' to survive was emotional and loaded w/ passion. An amazing performance that I feel no other man on earth could have endured.

Bill Goldberg joined us and he is quite the MMA aficionado. Bill was in great spirits and was Brock's last WWE opponent for the record.

Paul Heyman, who is writing Brock's autobiography w/ the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion, was euphoric and rightfully so. Paul and Brock have become best friends. It was good to catch up w/ Paul and the subject of pro wrestling never came up once.

The UFC event was like attending a rock concert with so many enthusiastic, young males w/ 'attitude' in attendance. UFC honchos told me they had over a 4M live gate and expected the PPV to garner over 1 million buys. That's a lot of BBQ folks.

So tonite we will enjoy the Las Vegas fireworks displays and we have a significant dinner lined up w/ friends and associates. It's going to be the fitting end to a super weekend.

I can't wait to watch the event on TV when we get back to Oklahoma. The intensity of the athletes and the fans was amazing with being there live and it will be interesting to see how all that translates on TV.

Be safe and enjoy your holiday. Thanks for stopping by and especially to those that are placing orders.

Boomer Sooner!


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Saw you on the UFC broadcast and you look extremely fit, healthy and happy. Brilliant performance from Brock! Would have loved to hear your commentary alongside Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan! THAT would have been awesome!

I watched the ppv & loved it!  I felt it was amzing to see Brock win the way he did.  The moment after the fight where he embraced all you guys was awesome.  It is so cool seeing the "WWE" group there supporting him & having the best seats in house.  Its good to see how even though there professional wrestling careers are over, but the friendships made last a lifetime. Very Good Stuff. You looked like you were having a blast on tv.

Take Care

I bet your commentary on this match would have been great to hear. Really cool to see you and the WWE alumni on TV. Glad you had a good time. I don't see anyone beating Lesnar in the foreseeable future.

Glad you enjoyed it all so much, JR - It was heart-pounding excitement and tons of emotion watching it on TV - in the front row live, I can't even imagine what you were all feeling.

I'm thrilled that Brock has embraced his wrestling past to the degree that he could be so cool with you all - and it says a lot about the maturity of the UFC that they're not afraid of those associations.

I was one of the guys on the fence in this, but leaning quite a bit to the Carwin side. I mean, after all the time off and the illness, not to mention his career still being in its infancy, how could Brock possibly come back and win this fight? And then that first round, I thought I was going to be right on.

To say Lesnar made a believer out of me and any number of people would be a tremendous understatement.

 Caught your brief interview w/ Fanhouse and you looked and sounded great JR. It's a travesty in my opinion that the Madden or Cosell of pro wrestling is not calling his sport anymore and is still perfectly capable. Really miss your commentary on Monday/Friday nights.

Brock was amazing and its always cool to see the wrestling fraternity out there to support him.

Thanks for your blogs and for your insight. Hope to hear you calling another "slobberknocker" someday soon!

It's true that Brock Lesnar was pretty impressive Saturday night. I truly believe he'll become a true solid hand for UFC. However despite the impression he made Saturday night, you can't compare his performance to that of the current hotdog eating champion of the world Joey  Chesnut. If I were Brock, I'd stay out of Joey's way. Finally even though an announcement has not been formally made yet, Let me be the first to welcome King James to the mecca of basketball, New York City.

So during the PPV broadcast of the chris lytle fight  joe rogan used the term 'barn burner' to describe the upcoming match...wonder if JR thinks rogan is ripping on his style.

Hey J.R

        Sure was an awsome PPV.What really topped it off for me was to see the support Brock got from his former co-workers.All my favorite stars of my generation was there made it feel extra special.I had to laugh when Brock procalimed himself a tough S.O.B with Austin looking on.He sure proved it last night.Was good to see you on T.V. can't wait to hear some more inside stories from your weekend.

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