Live Smackdown? Dolph Ziggler..Elimination Chamber..Real Life Stories on TV Wrestling..LOD Book..Hawk/Dr. Death Fight..Sauce?

Beautiful Saturday in Norman, Oklahoma as we get this short blog up before the day gets away from us.  

Oklahoma women play Texas Lady Longhorns today in the annual pink out game to help raise funds for a breast cancer cure. Sooners women were humbled a few days ago by the UConn husky women in Hartford and need to get back on a positive note by playing more emotional, tougher, and with a heightened sense of urgency. 

Considering that a Longhorn is a castrated bull therefore a steer then what is a female version of a steer called? Just curious. 

Speaking of college sports, what about that psycho Alabama fan who actually poisoned trees at rival Auburn's campus? What an idiot. That goes beyond being a fan but does fit within the 'I may be an in bred Crimson Tide fan who names my kids Bear and Crimson' sort of goof. 

Every college, including my Sooners, have their share of idiot fans but it's a black eye for college sports when an incident such as this occurs. The late Bear Bryant likely would not be proud of this 'Tide moment as Alabama is one of college football's most storied programs.  

No...I don't ever see Friday Night Smackdown going live, full time IE weekly. It might happen occasionally but it isn't cost effective or travel friendly to do live TV on Mondays, Fridays, and some Sundays and still try to do live event touring. Makes no sense. 

Don't know the exact number of days a year that a WWE superstar works but under normal circumstances the tours are four days per week but not every week. There are the occasional exceptions but suffice it to say that today's wrestlers travel a great deal less frequently than did their predecessors. Some wrestlers that do travel a full time schedule will bitch and moan about their schedule especially if they are not in main events while others who are sitting home more often than not will bitch and moan about not having enough bookings. I do know that wrestles earn MUCH more money today than ever before and that the schedule is much more talent friendly than in year's past.

Based on today's road schedule, does that mean that all talents shouldn't have regularly scheduled periods of time that they are off the road entirely? No, not at all. All travelers should be booked 'off' the road at various times of the year to recharge batteries, heal from aches and pains, and to achieve a degree of normalcy that most that choose a profession that requires tremendous travel often times don't enjoy.    

Yes...all the perceived top, current WWE superstars are playable characters in the new, WWE All Star video game which will be released soon. While doing the voice over play by play for the new game it brought to mind how many different scenarios one could play especially with 'Dream Matches' that never occurred. I am extremely optimistic that this game will be a hit.

We inch closer and closer to 100,000 Twitter followers @JRsBBQ. Please follow along and encourage others to do the same. I enjoy reading the Tweets and answer as many as I can...or at least the one's that make sense. :)

Not a big fan of some aspects of real life being played out on a TV wrestling show...never have and never will. Some real life stories do work without question. Montreal '97 served to create some intriguing storylines over the years based on the 'evil Mr. McMahon' TV persona. There are many examples of real life events/situations that fit well into the world of pro wrestling story telling.  

I've always thought that wrestling deaths, religion, and politics (excluding nationalism storylines IE the Iron Sheik vs. Sgt Slaughter type storylines) should not be a significant part of on going broadcasts.

Neither should those afflicted with illness including Bells palsy victims but that's old news and used to be a sore subject around our house but is now water under the bridge.

An emailer asked me what I thought about recent TNA storylines involving Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jarrett and their children. I'm not a regular viewer of TNA first of all but what I have seen of this storyline that's allegedly based in reality isn't my cup of tea. I could care less what the adults do in their storyline but having minor children involved doesn't personally work for me. TNA isn't my hill to die upon and I harbor no ill will toward them but I find it challenging to believe that some individuals actually think that this is effective, episodic TV.

Lastly, I'm sure that no one at TNA cares what I think, nor should they, but I'm merely addressing a question from one of our regular emailers. However, as Pink Floyd sang "Leave them kids alone."  

A regular on this site responded to my thoughts on Taz's wrestling camp wondering how Taz could teach wrestling considering that Taz has had so many injuries and has a chronic neck condition. Obviously, Taz doesn't have to get in the ring full time and bounce around to help his students. Coaching is teaching and Taz is a great teacher. I judge the process on the results and I like the results that are achieving. Not sure what motivated this feedback to be honest with you but I wanted to address it in case others read as it was a part of the feedback of our last blog.

If I had been at the announce table Monday night on RAW, I like would have done just as the announcers did when Rock was introduced and that was to perhaps quickly react and then lay out and allow the crowd to sell the return of the 'Great One.'

Dolph Ziggler, if that is his read name, getting 'fired' on Friday Night Smackdown's 600th episode after having a cup of coffee as the World Heavyweight Champion is getting lots of play on Twitter @JRsBBQ and emails to our site. Ziggler has a definite upside, is a skilled mat wrestler and has one of the brighter futures of any athlete in WWE IMO.  I don't know his long term status but I'm thinking that Ziggler is a keeper. I'm interested in seeing where this matter goes in ensuing days and weeks.  

I'm anxiously looking forward to Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV from WWE that emanates from Oakland. Obviously, and based on precedent, the Chamber bouts will occupy the majority of the ring time on this event but my focus is on the King vs. Miz bout for the WWE Title. Miz will likely see every trick in the wrestler's handbook in this one and I don't expect this title bout to be a marathon. It can't be a marathon bout if The King Jerry Lawler wants to win the WWE Title IMO. The 61 year old WWE HOF'er, who buried his 90 year old mother on Wednesday, needs to essentially tell us what time it is and not how to make the watch when Jerry looks to make history. Not only would Jerry be the oldest WWE Champion ever, or so I think, he would also be in rarefied air as a WWE Hall of Famer who wins the title after being inducted into the WWE HOF.

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Got some really cool ideas from folks using our Main Event Mustard on grilled steaks. I've got to try that one. 

Stone Cold called me today to discuss of all topics, John Wayne. Steve had a question regarding the Duke. We did not  address Tough Enough but Steve indicated it was 'going great' as the first week of taping is coming to an end. I think, not sure, that Tough Enough will tape for approximately 7 weeks. Information out of Tough Enough, as it should be, is very confidential. I'd rather be surprised when watching the program than know the 'spoilers' or the 'dirt' which adversely affects the way I watch enjoy TV. 

Just got a copy of Road Warrior Animal's book entitled 'The Road Warriors: Death , Danger, and the Rush of Wrestling'. I haven't read it yet but plan to soon. I was interviewed for the book as I was around LOD for the majority of their career. They were a unique duo that was the most significant, tag team attractions in the biz. 

I remember foolishly stepping in between Hawk and Dr. Death as they were about to fight one day at West Palm Beach TV in the early days of WCW. That would have been a helluva fight without question (My money would have been on Doc because he had that nasty, amateur background) but my actions would have gotten me reprimanded/fined/suspended or worse by the big Cowboy if he had still be in charge because he had a rule that NO locker room fights were to be stopped under any circumstances. Watts loved the law of the jungle where only the strong survived. For the record, the fight never took place.  

Notwithstanding the Elimination Chamber on PPV Sunday, I fully expect that Monday Night's Raw will leave folks talking. The Road to Wrestlemania 27 is akin to the Dayton 500 in that anything can happen and likely will plus there will be wrecks and hurt feelings along the way. 

Thanks for stopping by, for reading our updated Q&A's, but most importantly for your business in our on line store.

Boomer Sooner!



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Real interesting about Watts and the great way things used to be within the industry.  Today half the lockerroom wouldn't know how to fight and the other half would run to the office :)..  True but interesting.

As for Fedor not having "conventional" training methods.  J.r. as much as I respect you this may be a field you do not know about, unlike commentating and office abilities.  

Today you see everyone using sledge hammers, pulling sleds, using ropes, medi balls ect.  Guess what?  These are ALL CENTURIES old methods.  Jack Dempsey would chops trees with axes and hit wood with heavy hammers for HOURS.  Climbing rope has beeen a part of military and gymnasiums all around the world for centuries.  Medicine balls of all sizes were around over 100 years before they became mnm colored and fancy...  

HARD WORK IS WHAT IS MISSING.  Athletes today (and I train at one of the best schools in the world) are not nearly as tough as decades past.  Some of these fighters call a 3 mile run a workout...  Others call it a warmup. 

All respect due, BUT FEDOR SIMPLY DID NOT TRAIN THE WAY HE ORDINARILY DID prior to getting married.  Being motivated is the key factor in Fedors lack of success in his past two fights. 

As training concluded my 21 year old partner went straight for the Epsome Salt bath...  I went for a run...  Hmm, some say age determines ability; I guess me and Bernard Hopkins missed that part.

Continue post below.  When it comes to SKILLS training (Grappling, boxing, thai, kick boxing) training can not get any more ANCIENT.  All everyone uses and needs are sparring partners.  As far as Fedors partners challenge or ability...MANY great mma fighters have had success with LESS SKILLED PARTNERS THAN FEDOR.  

As training concluded my 21 year old partner went straight for the Epsome Salt bath...  I went for a run...  Hmm, some say age determines ability; I guess me and Bernard Hopkins missed that part.

I hope Lawler wins the title, we share a birthday and a love of wrestling, and it would be awesome to see him vs The Miz at WM with Cole, Striker, and J.R. on color commentary.  It would be epic.  I think it is interesting that Bill Watts would let such things go down.  If I were a promoter the last thing I would want would be for one of my wrestlers to get injured anywhere outside the ring.  Different times I guess.  I am impressed more and more with Dolph Ziggler, and Vickie too.  I am a guy who is influenced by move sets, almost as much as I am anything else, and that seems to be one area where I feel Ziggler is lacking.  He already looks like a mini Billy Gun so I wish he would get some new tights and quit doing the Fame-asser(it is a great move though).  I think the Zig Zag is pretty lame too, but I like that he is bringing the sleeper back as a finisher, but I wish he did it more like a RNC, and the announcers could make a big deal about wrestlers not wanting Ziggler getting their back.  It doesn't seem like Ziggler talks much so it's a good thing they stick him with Vickie who is a heat monster.  In fact I suggested to a friend that they should change the Annonymous GM's ring tone to EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!

I live at Lake of the Ozarks Missouri, and I used to work in Eldon.  I am a big fan of Harley Race, and his promotion/school World Leauge Wrestling.  I have met him, and some of his wrestlers/students and have always been impressed by the quality of his shows.  I haven't seen a show, or even advertisments for a show in at least a year.  I was wondering(since you know the man) if he is still in buisness?

 I'm of course a Bama fan. Far as 'Tide moment', to me anyway it isn't a Tide moment. The guy is a nut. To prove this, on facebook there is a page called Tide for Toomer's which was started by 5 Bama fans to raise some money for the treatment of the trees or replacement or whatever. As of 4 hours ago it has raised $31,000. Further proving the guy is a nut, he actually called into Paul Finebaum's show and ADMITTED to it. That is not sanity. Besides, if we wanted to get into who 'started it' then I could talk about the times the tombstone of Bear Bryant has been defaced. But anyway. They guy is a nut and deserves 1 or 2 solid years in jail.

Far as water under the bridge, you and your wife are much better people than I am. If there was a freaking character on tv that made fun of my dad's Parkinson's......well I better stop there. No wonder that company went out of business.

Was it Watts that had the mats removed that covered the concrete on the outside of the ring?

This Monday's edition of RAW looks awesome. When I 1st saw the latest 2/21/11 video I could have SWORN the very fast shot of the face in the cabin, that the chin and mouth looked like that of Shawn Michaels. But I donno if they changed the vignette from Raw to Smackdown bc on the vignette on Smackdown, the Undertaker clearly crossed in front of the window. There is also obviously someone on the outside of the cabin. Most say that it is HHH. I'd rather it be Sting but I'm 98% sure it's not. If he goes back to TNA I wonder how he'll feel when he comes back knowing that the pop he gets in the Impact Zone would not be anywhere near as big as if he showed up on Raw. But he's had the option of going to WWE for years now so apparently he doesn't care. It would also be interesting to see just how BIG of a pop Sting would get. He'd get a big one from 30 year olds like me but these 13 and under fans who cheer for Cena probably don't know much if anything about Sting.

Either way I will be enjoying Raw while eating my Burger King burger plain except for the JR's Chipotle Ketchup on it. Outstanding.

Hi JR, first time poster.

About SmackDown! going live, I understand that having the show live on Friday's isn't feasible, but why not move SmackDown! to Tuesday nights?  IT did great ratings on Tuesday when they did the whole WWE week on USA in December, and Friday is just a bad night for wrestling.

Seems like Smackdown's viewership could go up quite a bit simply by just moving the night it airs.

Pretty sure WWE did the same thing with Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio Jr over the custody of Dominik, whats so different about this storyline?

I still don't like them no matter who does the storylines with kids.


I actually disagree that religion should be left out of pro-wrestling storylines. I mean, for one, pro-religious wrestlers often are allowed to espouse their beliefs while atheist (or non-religious) wrestlers are "don't ask, don't tell"-ed.

Now, while I'm an atheist, I actually think the fact that non-religious wrestlers don't mention their disbelief to be a good thing (meaning that it's of no concern to them and to others, live and let live sort of deal).

However! An atheist heel gimmick (though discouraging for actual atheism) would be a great gimmick to present. It's the classic "know-it-all" gimmick, playing on the audiences' beliefs and bringing in heat. Granted, it's cheap heat, but with a great personality behind it, it could become one of the most memorable heel gimmicks of all time.

It could be presented as an atheist wishing to "enlighten" the masses, but it quickly becomes apparent that the performer is only interested in causing chaos and pain for trivial and shallow reasons. Thus, negating the fact that he's actually trying to be an "enlightener," but rather, he's nothing but a vicious villain using atheism as a tool to get what he wants.



J.R., first of all huge fan, i grew up on you in WCW and in WWE, thank you for all your years of service. Now to my question. Dolph Ziggler posted a "cryptic" tweet Monday teasing a TNA debut. While I'm almost sure it's kayfabe is this the E's subtle way of acknowleding TNA's existance (finally). And if so could this be the lead to possible mention of them as "an up and coming independant promotion ala Vince with ECW, or  "the boys from down south" ala Hogan's NWO debut.

"Considering that a Longhorn is a castrated bull therefore a steer then what is a female version of a steer called? Just curious."

Answer: Mack Brown!

GREAT win for the Sooner women over the bonghorns!

Boomer Sooner!!!

 JR, with all due respect you come across as a very pompous individual. I am a big fan of your work however, and I believe you have a lot to offer still in regards to wrestling announcing. I was just wondering JR, how do you find the time to write, what, 57 blogs a day when you constantly go on about your busy schedule?

Decent time management skills. Plus the more I write the more folks visit our site which increases our chances of selling product which is why we have this site in the first place. I also work long hours.

I hear that the Jerry Lawler match vs The miz tonight has been changed to a CASKET match. What are  the odds

About the same as you making it on the stand up comedy tour.

I have been slacking off from reading your blog for a long time now, but I'm glad that I read this post, as I've forgotten what I've been missing!  I can learn alot from your style of blogging, as you keep me reading all the way through.

Anyway, King and his family are in my thoughts.  May she rest in peace.  I know it would be an honor for King to be WWE champion in his mother's honor!  The whole WWE Universe would be honored to have him as their champion; I know I would!

Have a nice day J.R., as always, I am your biggest fan!  We miss you on the announce-team.  Peace out. :<

I am the analytical thinker years ahead of my time!

After reading some of this blog, I was reminded of a match I saw on TV once upon a time.  JR, you may remember this one because I believe you did the commentary for it.  It was the Steiner Brothers vs. Dr. Death Steve Williams and Terry Gordy.  This took place on a clash of the champions.  The reason this match stuck out to me was for two reasons.  The first was that it was the first time I had seen Dr. Death wrestle and my God, I was impressed with his ability.  The second was that it was the first time I had ever seen the Steiners get man handled by anyone.  Does anyone else remember this match and if so, anyone have any thoughts or comments.  JR, you you do read this, I would love your take on this match if you remember it.  Thanks.

 Hi JR,

I'm sat here in the UK watching WWE Vintage on Sky Sports 2 and it started out with you back in WCW, interviewing a returning Jesse Ventura. In that segment, 'The Body' mentioned that if you were to wear a cowboy hat, you'd look like J.R Ewing. Is that the official story behind the hat or just a coincidence?

I'm fortunate enough to be attending Wrestlemania this year, I have platinum tickets and they are quickly rising in value. I can't wait to see HBK get inducted in the Hall of Fame and I'm sure that's a story I'll be telling my kids in years to come. As if that's not reason enough to be thrilled about my tickets, The Rock walks out on Raw and announces that he will be making an appearance in Atlanta. 

Maybe I'm being greedy here but now that Stone Cold and The Rock are working for the WWE, I'm wondering if we are going to see them 'face to face' one more time at Wrestlemania. Do you have any thoughts on that? It seems to me like a fitting way to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of arguably the best Main Event in Wrestlemania history and what with the Austin/Rock: The Rivalry DVD due this year, it would be a nice piece of footage for the documentary.

Event thinking about the possibility of a Rock and Austin confrontation got me pumped for Mania and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense for the WWE to do it. What better time to promote Tough Enough than when wrestling is at it's peak? How better to promote it than have Austin face to face with the Rock at a time where casual fans are watching?

If I were to write that moment, it would play out with The Rock in the ring talking trash like only The Great One can then Wade Barret and his cronies would surround him looking to make their mark on Wrestlemania. The Rock would bust out his punches while they are on the apron, saving the spit punch for Barret but then big Zeke Jackson would get the better of him. Just as it looks like the Rock is about to get the whooping of his life, the glass would smash and the stunners would start. As the two legends clear the ring back to back, they would bump each other, turn around and go face to face just like old times.

A man can dream ay?