London Bound...Bret Hart...Chuck Liddell...Retirement Rumors Galore...Awesome Midnight Express Book

The packing is done...the flights seem to be be on time...yours truly will arrive in London early Monday morning...but here's some random, BBQ'ed thoughts for you to chew on.... 

Todd Grisham and I will be broadcasting a match for WWE Superstars Monday night during the Raw festivities at the O2 Arena. I'm SO happy because SO many articulate and intelligent posters on some wrestling internet sites who have the ability to read my mind and have determined that I "hate" Smackdown and "yearn" to be back on WWE's "A" TV broadcast. So, nonetheless, I will see some WWE Raw fans at the arena Monday night for our one match to call. I'll be coming from my post flight nap but I promise I won't be wearing my P.J.'s with my black hat. Not an attractive visual...sorry.  

Tuesday, we will be back to business as usual with the taping of ECW, another couple of Superstars bouts, and Friday Night SMACK-down, as Sir Anthony Chimmel used to say.

The Mrs. and I attended a Boys and Girls Club fund raiser sponsored by Chicago Bear defensive tackle, Tommie Harris, on Friday night and several thousand dollars were raised for a great cause. Yours truly was presented with an autographed portrait of Tommie and Dusty Dvorchek, another great, Bear DT, when they were both OU Sooners. I have known both these D-Lineman since they were 18 year old freshmen and have become close friends with both, especially "Big Dust." Both are huge WWE fans as is the Baltimore Ravens' Mark Clayton, one of the NFL's finest human beings and best wide receivers. 

The WWE Encyclopedia is a phenomenal assembly of info, photos and history and a great gift idea for any WWE fan, especially for the holidays. I could not put this book down and it is really extraordinary. I just got my copy mailed to me last week and it is now on our coffee table. 

I missed attending the Cauliflower Alley Club function this year in Las Vegas due to our TV taping schedule but hope to attend next year if schedules permit. WWE sent Jim Duggan, Ted DiBiase, and Sgt. Slaughter to the event. If you are a true fan of wrestling, I strongly encourage you to become a member of CAC. Check out their website for lots of info on what they do, who they help and other news. CAC is a non profit group that is ran by some wonderful folks. 

Bret Hart continues to be a huge hit on foreign soil. Bret's book signing tour throughout the UK has been a massive success and has created some lasting memories for many "Hitman" fans. Again, if you have not read Bret's autobiography it is a "must read" for any true fan of the biz, past, present or future. BTW "The Hitman" is a regular user of JR's BBQ Sauces just in case you were keeping score at home.

It was tough watching Chuck Liddell get TKO'ed in the first round Saturday night in Montreal on the UFC PPV. I have huge respect for Liddell who was one of the primary individuals who motivated me to want to watch MMA from the early days. Chuck is a true warrior and I hope that he doesn't put himself back in the octagon for "one more fight" so he can end his career "the right way." Chuck's legacy is in tact and fighting again and either losing again or not fighting like the old, Chuck Liddell won't do Chuck any favors. My hats off to Chuck Liddell and I thank him for helping make me a huge UFC/MMA fan. 

The fans booed the amazing Anderson Silva Saturday night for not brawling with his opponent which showed how many casual/uninformed fans were in attendance. Anderson Silva is a freak of nature and is amazing to watch compete. Silva will lose some day but it may be a while as he seems to be getting better and even more innovative. I felt like I got my money's worth investing in the UFC PPV Saturday night and I'm glad I bought it. I also felt that announcer Joe Rogan did an really nice job of explaining the particulars of the bouts. 

The upcoming Fall tours by WWE in Europe entitled "The Rest in Peace Tour" and "The DX Reunion Tour" are NOT retirement tours. When any major star such as HBK or the Undertaker finally decides to hang 'em up don't you think that WWE will make a HUGE deal out of it just as they should? This announcement won't come courtesy of a ring announcer as part of his obligatory announcements at a live event somewhere on the road. 

Jim Cornette and Tim Ash have put together one of the finest, full color wrestling books that I have ever dreamed of reading. It's entitled, "The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook" which features HUNDREDS of full color photos, stories of the road in amazing detail, pay stubs, DAILY documentation of MX's amazing career in ALL the territories including the outcome and intriguing details of 100's of matches with which they competed, and without question as detailed information as ANY wrestling book that I have ever seen in my life. If you are an old school wrestling fan, this book is a "MUST READ" and I rarely use those terms and this is not hyperbole. This book is amazingly unique and any one who considers themselves to be a fan of the genre, past or present should check this one out. I am under the understanding that orders can be accepted as of April 24 at Jim and autographed copies by JC, Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton, and Stan Lane will be available too....while they last. Do not delay on this one or you will regret it. Simply said.... buy this book if you want to relive the past,  better understand the business, and to educate yourself in a way that many never dreamed possible. On a scale of 1-10, this book is a 12. As the late, great WWE HOF'er Ernie Ladd would say, "Case Closed."

Did you know that we can ship our autographed caps, T shirts and our best selling "J.R.'s Cookbook" (also autographed) any where in the world? I hope that you will place your orders today and thanks for considering shopping with us. 

Back with you from the UK soon. 

Boomer Sooner!