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Happy Tuesday to all on a busy week for yours truly. Lots of prep work for Monday night's Fox Sports 1 and Golden Boy Promotions boxing event, another podcast to produce and host and doing media for our next RINGSIDE W/ Jim Ross Show coming to Chicago. Let's roll....

 London Raw thoughts:

I have to admit I was somewhat distracted while watching RAW Monday night due to the OKC Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs NBA Playoff game on TNT. I was multi-tasking with picture in picture. (This will guarantee that someone who follows me on Twitter @JRsBBQ will ask me who's audio I was listening to.)

Even though I am a big time believer in the Wyatt's as growing stars within WWE, if they are cast as villains then I am still confused as to their creative presentation. I just need some help understanding why it's wrong for the fans to cheer them and I'd also like to know from what the Wyatt's are saving us.

When the audience is encouraged to sing along to a supposed villain's singing of a spiritual hymn and the antagonist also uses Mick Foley's 'cheap pop' line of mentioning the city from which the show is emanating, those matters are not helping the talent become a 'hated' performer. Perhaps that's the idea....perhaps the end game will be that Bray Wyatt isn't a villian but Harper and Rowan might be. I have a crazy storyline idea on the new Ross Report Podcast that drops today (Tuesday) at 6 pm Pacific time at featuring @Goldberg. Check it out. 

At the end of the night not one fan favorite came to John Cena's aid as he was being beat like a Government Mule by three men. The humanity of it all. One would assume that at least one 'good guy' would wonder out to the stage in an attempt to 'do right' if not to only get beaten by the three, bearded, disenfranchised Duck Dynasty gone bad Swamp People. (I watch too much TV.)

Great, ballsy promo by @HeymanHustle mentioning the Queen of England and Brock Lesnar essentially in the same breath. Cesaro feels more of a star with Heyman than he ever did without him. After seeing Cesaro have some wicked matches in NXT in 2013, I can assure any doubters this....he's a wresting machine.    

I wasn't shocked whatsoever that Paige lost on TV in her home country and neither should anyone else who's been alive for more than a few hours. Obviously, just as I did, WWE liked what they saw last week with Alicia Fox and wanted Alicia to get an impactful win and beating Norwich, England's own Paige was the solution that was used. If you think about it long enough, it's not bad casting. Hey, we've all seen worse.

Well, the beat the clock matches actually used 'time' as an element of interest in a handful of matches which added to the urgency of the otherwise cold bouts.

Seeing a villain cheat to win and a clock being put in play made me happy while suffering through a dismal NBA Playoff game featuring my favorite team being taken to the woodshed on the River Walk.

Another outstanding performance by Stephanie McMahon masterfully playing a very evil authority person. 

If WWE can't coach Lana up and draw money with her, likely in 2015, then I will 'consider' swearing off the BBQ Sauce.

Love the build and the interest that has developed between The Shield and Evolution. Nicely done creative and a good illustration on how to build a rivalry.

Many will ask what's the difference between a Last Man Standing match and No Holds Barred bout? One has a fall or submission and one is the old, Texas Death match theory of answering a 10 count but those issues should be explained and exploited. To some fans they are closer than first cousins. 

Wade Barrett could easily be a fan favorite in today's diluted, mat world as fans have finally accepted his TV persona that is currently in play. Bad News generally leads off most newscasts and the slogan/phrase has gotten over.

Don't sleep on Luke Harper as he can 'go.' There's money in both Harper and Rowan but Harper is the sharper of the two at the present time due to his edge in experience.

Tickets are still available for my RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross show coming to Chicago the day before Payback. Our event is Saturday afternoon May 31 at the Chicago House of Blues. The VIP Meet & Greet starts at noon and the doors open at 1 for fans with regular tickets with the show starting at 2 pm. Tickets are available at and will also be available the day of the event at the door at the House of Blues. Plenty of JR's products and shirts from will be available as well. I hope that you will join me if you are in the Chicagoland area.

My visit with Bill Goldberg on the new, Ross Report drops today (Tuesday) at 6 pm Pacific time and can be downloaded for free at podcastone.lcom or iTunes. Bill and I cover a plethora of topics on this new podcast including his desire to return to the ring under the right circumstances of which I can see happening. Check it out. @Goldberg is also getting into the podcast business with @PodcastOne as well. He's going to do great.

This Monday don't forget that I will make my pro boxing broadcast debut on Fox Sports 1 on their prime time fights promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Be sure to check us out live or DVR the Memorial Day evening special that airs at 9 eastern and 8 central on @FoxSports1 in conjunction with @GoldenBoyBoxing. I've got lots of home work to get done but I'm blessed to have many friends who are in the boxing business who are giving me a helping hand.

I'm talking with my old friend Ted DiBiase Tuesday evening to record a future Ross Report. Can't wait to speak to the Hall of Famer whose Million Dollar Man persona was one of the best heel personas in wrestling history.

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JR, first off I want to say that the podcast has been fantastic, each week it has gotten better. In a sea of podcasts that seem to be more conversational than not, your approach, which is closer to traditional journalism, is refreshing. Of course it reminds me of how Gordon Solie approached interviews, and I am sure that comparison gets old after a while, but it is an approach that is appreciated by an old-school fan like me. I listened to your podcast with Bill Goldberg and I had some comments on your take on the Bray Wyatt v John Cena program. To give you some background, I started watching pro-wrestling in 1982 with GCW/WCW on TBS. At that point I was interested but not yet hooked. Sometime in 1983/84 we got World Class in syndication in the Chicago suburbs and it was over for me. I religiously watched for the next 20 years, adding the WWF (in 1985) and others (Mid South/UWF in syndication in 1985/86) along the way. I did a fair amount of tape trading in my high school and college years, and sometime around 2004 the product left me disinterested and I stopped watching until just recently (2013). Though I haven’t seen as much as you, I do think that I have seen wrestling done right enough times to have a good idea of what will get over. I was listening to the beginning of your podcast with Bill Goldberg, and whereas normally I agree with your take on booking strategies, I disagree with your take on the Wyatt v Cena program. I think that the John Cena character is the most forced character push that I have ever seen. I am sure John Cena the person is a hard working guy that consistently does what is best for the company, and that is why management has always backed him. But the WWE John Cena character is fairly consistently booed by the fans and for good reason. There was a window of time in pop-culture when the John Cena character made sense, but that was now more than 10 years ago. When Fred Durst and Eminem where at their peak of popularity (1999 – 2001) the big chain wearing white rapper guy persona was more plausible. But at this point in time the urban white thug character comes across as significantly disingenuous, annoying and dated. I think management is so close to John Cena, the real person (and they love and respect him for all he has done for the business), that they are not able to see the WWE John Cena character. The fans don’t know John on a personal level so all they see is the WWE character (musclehead urban white wannabe thug guy), and in 2014 that character is not only viewed as annoying and phony, but also as dated. The Bray Wyatt character on the other hand, backwoods crazy hillbilly with counter-culture ramblings, is not only a timeless character, but is also one that reminds us of wrestling characters from back in the good old territory days. A Jake Roberts meets Kevin Sullivan type of character with a couple Bruiser Brody-like guys as his side kicks. In today’s wrestling landscape, where fans are starving for characters similar to those of the 1980’s, I don’t see how you could expect the fans to boo the Wyatt family. I say let the Wyatt’s keep doing what they have been doing, it has been captivating and has come off more authentic than most WWE characters of today, and then let the fans decide. But I definitely would not alter how they are presented in any way to benefit the Cena character, and I would never align any of them with Cena, it wouldn’t make any sense. Not even in the farthest fetched sitcom pilot would you see a Charles Manson-like backwoods counter culture hillbilly paired with a white rapper wannabe. What would make the most sense would be to give the fans what they want and turn Cena heel. If the fans boo Cena because they view his character as annoying, disingenuous and dated, then make his character more annoying, disingenuous and dated, and let him be the heel that they want him to be. Have Cena bring back the big chain, give him a couple of those rapper rings that cover the whole hand (like brass knucks), have him start to wear his pants real low with his boxers showing and have him start to talk like more of thug. In today’s wrestling landscape, where everyone is “smart”, the fans are not going to boo the heel that cheats or does dastardly deeds because they are all too aware of the fact that it isn’t real (unless the dastardly deed is political back stabbing, which for whatever reason the fans still buy as real). The only way to get the fans to boo you today is either be the evil owner of the company or be the most annoying character they see . If Cena amped up his wannabe fake thug character he could be the most hated heel in a long time.