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It's a big day around here....after months and months or working on it we hope to pick up our first shipment of JR's Main Event Mustard today. With that in mind, here are some random thoughts.

Three hour MNR's are unique to engage for the full three hours but I enjoyed the Philly Raw/KOR presentation overall. My attention span isn't what it used to be but is your's? 

Loved the Miz-Lawler show closer in the impromptu TLC bout for the WWE Title. I thought a really solid story was told, that the pacing of the match was at a level that could be easily processed and, equally as important, retained, and the closing moments had ample twists and turns that made a somewhat predictable conclusion appear to be up for grabs. 

WWE Champion Miz' persona as a resourceful, athletic, brash, self confident, young man who is beatable on most given nights was illustrated perfectly on Raw IMO. Personally, I like those attributes in an antagonist champion. Miz's verbal skills are getting better and better and he has the opportunity to become one of the biz's best all time talkers before all is said and done if he keeps improving.

King celebrated a birthday in style and the only thing that could top Monday night's main event is for Jerry to finally get his first Wrestlemania match and this year in Atlanta would be special for the WWE Hall of Famer.  

It felt like the three man announce booth worked better in Philly even though it wasn't a three man booth for the full three hours with King wrestling in the main event. 

It will be interesting TV next Monday to see how Michael Cole interacts with The King on Raw considering what occurred between the two on Raw where Cole, arguably, 'cost King the WWE Title.' 

Sheamus winning the KOR wasn't a total shock but a total shock also wasn't necessary for me to enjoy the tournament. 

Thought John Morrison had a good night too especially when he was more physical than finesse.

BTW...the Lawler video package was money. Great job of editing and presentation. This established method of building up a match or a performer is just as effective today as its ever been. It was great stuff that as a viewer that I would love to see more of in the future. It certainly made some of the younger viewers aware of who the King is/was other than just being a long time announcing fixture on Raw and a WWE Hall of Fame broadcaster. Lawler's body of work inside the ring is what he's most proud of and deservedly so.

I talked to a friend recently who spoke with Bobby Heenan last week and 'The Wease' is at home, he was home for Thanksgiving, after getting out of the hospital where he was rehabbing his 2nd broken hip. Bobby was in good spirits which is a testament to his character considering all the challenges that he has faced. I hope to see Bobby on one of my next trips to Tampa when I visit FCW.

The thing I remember most about being around Leslie Nielson is that he rarely was without his 'fart cushion.' He loved to create noise 'o flatulence and would do it any time and any where. By all accounts the recently deceased actor was a joy to work with and truly enjoyed his WWE experience. I remember as a kid watching a young Leslie Nielson play the lead on a weekly, Disney TV show entitled 'The Swamp Fox.'

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I think that the upcoming GSP-Josh Koscheck fight will be an exciting presentation and profitable for UFC. GSP is the ultimate hero, seemingly squeaky clean who will be fighting in his hometown of Montreal before a packed house of rowdy, loyal, fellow French Canadians. 

Because of his skill level notwithstanding fighting at home, GSP should win the fight as most predict.

However, Koscheck has done a helluva job creating and enhancing his bad boy persona that continues to encourage fans to want to see the antagonist get his ass handed to him on PPV. Koshcheck is arguably selling PPV's just as efficiently as GSP but in a much different manner. 

No great hero IE GSP can be as great or as profitable to the company that's paying them wants them to be unless they have a great adversary with which to compete/perform. It's been that way in sports and in entertainment for generations. It's an established element of basic, human nature and it isn't going to change no matter how much those that seemingly live on MMA fan boards what to declare.

Koscheck has helped make himself extremely relevant going into this fight and has helped to build an easy to follow storyline for casual MMA fans while embellishing the former amateur star's cocky, self assured, arrogant Octagon persona. I don't know Josh Koshcheck personally so I can't speak to how he is in 'real life' but his TV persona is on the money especially when it's such a stark, polar opposite as GSP.

I was reminded that Koscheck is somewhat akin to the young, brash, talented Shawn Michaels who was so good at his in ring persona , which at times was perpetuated outside the ring as well, that fans longed to see HBK 'get his.' Many MMA fans are anxious to see  GSP destroy Koscheck in a decisively physical manner in Montreal on PPV.

MMA aficionados who say that GSP would sell just as many PPV's no matter who he fights are 'pet coon goofy.'  

Speaking of UFC, how much will over reactive fans respond to Brock Lesnar being shown and mentioned on Raw Monday night in the context of being a former King of the Ring winner? Lesnar to WWE? No way. At least, not any time soon. 

Strikeforce on Showtime on Saturday nights will do much better when Showtime people fully understand how to promote a fight and to make stars. BTW stars cannot be 'made' via sporadic appearances on premium cable. As a MMA fan, I want to see Strikeforce do well but trying to gain a foothold via premium cable and without a weekly or semi regular 'free' TV show isn't likely going to happen.

It seemed that many MMA fans use to raise more hell regarding the referees in the fight game but that angst has seemingly turned to the judging which seems to be inconsistent and erratic at best more often than not. I realize that judging is a subjective and thankless job but MMA judging is too inconsistent. That's got to be an area of concern for MMA executives as well as for fans of the genre.

Cast my vote for the Ted Hendricks Award for college football's best defensive end. There are some impressive athletes in the running this year that will be announced in a few days.

Will be attending the OU-Nebraska Big 12 Conference Championship Game this Saturday night at Jerry World in Arlington, Texas which is also the home to this year's Super Bowl. 

We hope that you order early and often for the holidays and we will do our absolute best in providing you not only great products from our family to yours but superb customer service as well. We have packages at all price ranges but all affordable and they make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. 

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All hail King Sheamus! Not a total surprise, although my prediction was Del Rio. The KOTR final was probably one of the best matches I have seen John Morrison in. Both Superstars really stepped it up. Very enjoyable match.

CM Punk had his ups and downs in the booth this week. I like Punk, and think he will eventually be very good as an announcer, if that is what the future holds for him. He did have one of the best lines of the night when he complained about Cena spilling his diet soda. I actually laughed out loud. And I felt he ended the show pretty well on his own too.

The Cena storyline was great as well. I don't think you can have Raw right now without him. He just brings too much to the table. He gets the crowd fired up, and brings out the best in everybody. Kudos to Wade Barrett too. He is a great heel, and it's easy to forget that he is relatively new in the WWE.

Jerry The King Lawler wrestled a superb match against the Miz in a great main event. I was skeptical when the mystery GM annouced the match, wondering if Lawler was going to be too old for the task. I was very surprised. He looked like he could be a regular on Raw. Extremely talented. And a TLC match to boot! Some of the up and comers could learn a thing or two from the King.

You said it J.R., it will be interesting to see how the King and Cole will be next week. I didn't expect Cole to interfere. I thought Alex Riley would be the one to stop Lawler from grabbing the belt.

One last note...I can't wait for the day when the Miz gives Alex Riley the Skull Crushing Finale. I've had about enough of that guy,and I think the Miz will get tired of him riding his coat tails as well.

The primary thing missing from RAW and wwe is believability..  None of these guys are believable, compared to years past.  Take the Miz lawlor match.  The Miz threw a 'punch' that missed by at least 8 inches...and Lawlor sold it...  That would've been handled years past by not ever allowing the Miz to throw a punch again..and Lawlor, as a HOF veteran knows not to sell phony looking stuff like that.  Am I right?  Also, Look at Morrison..people want to put him over as athletic, yet look at his punches...seriously...what is happening to pro wrestling?  Guys like MVP are golden..why they are not used more and in better positions is beyond me, as a fan.  JR, as the best announcer in the history of this 'sport'  what is your opinion of these obvious changes to Pro Wrestlers, in general?  I'm 18..just 6 years ago I remember fighting with my friends when they told me it was fake.  Now how can anyone argue it?  It looks like pantamime over choreographed nonsense.      

Hello JR, Mondays show wasn't bad at all.  I loved the Lawler/Miz match, it's amazing that at 61 the King can still hold his own as well as he does.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed that Miz won the title, not because he won it, he deserved the title and I think he'll make a really great and obnoxious champ, but because he won it with the Money in the Bank.  Everyone who's won the briefcase used it to successfully get the belt, personally I would've liked to see him lose just to show that the Money in the Bank is not a guaranteed Championship.  It's still hard to see Michael Cole as a dedicated villain, he's great at playing an ass, that's for sure, but in the world of pro wrestling asses should either be able to back up their words with action or have some bruisers around who can back it up for him, he's got neither.

"King" Sheamus was good, (only Lawler is deserving of the title without the " ") though as you say not very surprising.  Sadly WWE Creative produces very few surprises these days, but the human jar of mayonnaise looks good with the crown.  I'm gonna guess that this is setting up the "Kings" face-off with the King of Kings.

Cena's guerrilla war against the Nexus is also great (again not surprising, who actually believed Cena would just accept defeat and walk off into the sunset?).  It's about time he started fighting Nexus by their own rules.  I look forward to the next stage.

Lastly I was also saddened to hear about Leslie Neilson's passing.  He will surely be missed.

 Hey JR How are you?

Could you comment on the strange comentating on WWE NXT? I don't get it. On every other show it seems that the role of the commentator is to build up the excitement of the show.

On WWE NXT  the commentators do nothing but say how bad and boring the show is.

As a viewer why should I watch if the announcers do even want to be there?

Hi JR!

I enjoyed the King/Miz match last night and i'm wondering if we might see a King v Cole match in the near future?  I was also surprised when they mentioned Lesnar on tv, but my husband said they must have parted on good terms.

Miss hearing you on the broadcasts!

Stacey Edis :)

I really wish Morrison won, when it came to a push he needed it more. But, he made a great showing, possibly better than Sheamus, so maybe a "Title" like that isn't needed. I really marked out and thought he would really win. But that is all I have to say about Raw, I am too excited about MEM. I am so happy the mustard is here. Can you say "Campfire Hotdogs with something besides plain ol'd yellow mustard?" I am getting the sampler w/ mustard and getting mom the cookbook and my dad either the BBQ sauce sampler or a whole case full!!! JR you are the man, oh and count me in to get the Millenium Wrestling Federation JR CAC Induction DVD with Autographed Bar BQ sauce! Hoping ot go to there MWF ROAD TO THE GOLD 2011: Rage In The Kage Show in December in Melrose, MA where Daniel Bryan, Paul Berear, Abyss, Jay Lethal and et will be there. Hitting up a VIP package with pictures and autographs with all the wrestlers there along with a poster a Iron Sheik signed Christmas card (and he'll be there too) and a raffle ticket for a UNDERTAKER AUTOGRAPHED WRESTLEMANIA XXVI PLAQUE!!! Wish you could be there JR, it's going to be awesome!!! Can't wait to try the mustard! Oh and I happened to catch HHHs first match as Tera Ryzing while he was at a NEWF show in Burlington on the Youtube page of the Ref that reffed that match and many more (and an amazing promo by a Heel Kofi Najeh Kingston, which I think suits him well) whiel he was in Chaotic Wrestling (RIP Killer) IF you wanna see the match it's right here:

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