Matt Hardy, Todd Grisham, Bart Gunn KO of Dr Death, Tag Teams Returning?, Brisco vs. Lesnar, Sauce It!

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Random thoughts:

Lively crowd in Edmonton. Enthusiastic fans can make a live TV show SO much better. Thanks Edmonton for the hospitality and smiles.

Hopefully, the fans in Tulsa will be just as rowdy this Monday in the BOK Center for Monday Night Raw.

Irony of the week, I left 108 degree weather in Oklahoma to the warmest day of the year in Edmonton which was in the upper 80's. Nice.

The newest, Legends Roundtable debuted this past Monday on WWE On Demand. It's regarding major, outdoor wrestling events and the WWE TV crew really produced a nice show. I love to participate in these tapings and we hope to do more in September. We've gotten some excellent feedback on it. 

Anxious for college football to start as my Oklahoma Sooners are the pre-season picks to win the National Title. No team since Southern Cal in 2004 has gone wall to wall as the #1 team. Prehaps OU is due. Being back on weekly travel w/ WWE affects my football plans to some degree but where there's a will there's a way. OU @ FSU in Tallahassee is the night before the WWE Night of Champions PPV in Buffalo, New York and that travel could be dicey if I am required to be at that WWE PPV on Sunday September 18. That decision is TBD but I plan on being at the game either way. 

Questions from our Twitter followers @JRsBBQ:

Favorite OU moment? Being on the sideline in Miami for OU's National Championship in 2000 which was, ironically, a win over Florida State.  Had a great visit with Ron Simmons that night whose jersey is retired by FSU. Check out photo gallery here on the site for photos from that night.

Who's the one wrestler that I always wanted to call a made for? Jack Brisco. Would loved to have called a Jack Brisco vs. Brock Lesnar bout in WWE. I refereed a Jack Brisco match but never actually got to broadcast one of his bouts.

Do I really sign the extra large cards that come with the JR's package on WWEShop? Absolutely. Any signed item from me is real and not a faux signature. 

Thoughts on Todd Grisham going to ESPN? I think it is a good move for all involved. Todd will fit well at ESPN with former WWE alums Jonathan Coachman and Max Bretos. Grish knows sports, especially soccer, and is very comfortable doing studio work. He's a good human being and a talented guy who I know will do wonderful work in Bristol. 

Do we ship to Australia? Yes, as a matter of fact Australian fans are ordering briskly from us at Recently received a cool photo via Twitter from a fan down under. 

Are there any wrestlers from Oklahoma? WTH?? Aside from WWE HOF'ers the Brisco Brothers, Cowboy Bill Watts, Johnny Mae Young, Lee Roy McGuirk and the greatest of all time, Danny Hodge, not many. 

Will Sting ever wrestle in the WWE? If it hasn't happened by now, I have serious doubts that it ever will. 

This one is from me. Why do people Tweet us daily to ask if we ship our products to the UK? Absolutely, the UK is the #1 sales territory for us outside the USA.  

Are tag teams making a come back in WWE? I can only say that I hope so and if last week's Raw is any indication it would seem that there is a good chance the tag team scene is going to receive added exposure and the chance to develop. There are many younger fans today who have never experienced quality, tag team wrestling done on a major scale as was done in WWE in generations past. Some fans actually are bigger fans of tag team wrestling than one on one bouts.   

What are my thoughts on the controversey surrounding Matt Hardy? (Been asked this one a ton the past couple of days.) We brought Matt and Jeff to the WWE and they had some amazing outings over the years as many remember. They were, generally, excellent to work with and I like them a great deal on a personal basis. However, I am not in touch with either, only know what I read about them, and can only hope that whatever issues they may have or have had are put behind them much sooner than later. I wish them only good health and happiness.  

Did Bart Gunn's KO of Dr. Death cut Steve's career short? I'd say indrectly that it did. The Brawl for it All was an illconceived trainwreck to begin with and when Bart KO'ed Doc, in the process Doc tore his quadraceps muscle. The former Sooner never recovered totally from that major surgery. We signed Doc toward the end of his career and thought we could get a good year or two out of him until the quad injury occured. Injuries are an unfortnate part of the business. 

Do I think Brock Lesnar will return to the WWE? Same answer as it relates to an in ring appearance I'd say 'maybe' but only when his UFC career ends and then most likely for a one time deal. Brock will NEVER go back on the road and of that I'm sure.

Thoughts on Eddie Gilbert? Underrated wrestler with a brilliant mind who was obsessed with the business almost to a fault. 

Will I watch UFC 134? More than likely and I see Anderson Silva winning at home in the main event. Not a stark revelation with that prediction by the way. Anxious to see the atmosphere of the PPV in Brazil where MMA is massive. I expect to see a soccer crowd type of excitement.

Who will be in the next rivals DVD? No idea but I think that there are plans to do more ala the upcoming Hitman-HBK 3 DVD set. Just received an advance copy of that one that I am going to watch ASAP.  

Would 'managers' work effectively in today's wrestling world? Of course. What's old is new again in the genre and if executed and postitioned properly the role of a 'manager' or any other term one chooses to call it would be effective. I essentially see Ricardo Rodriquez as a 'manager type' for Alberto Del Rio and is and will continue to be an asset for the presentation of the WWE Champion. Vickie Guerrero is basically a 'manager' for Dolph Ziggler.

Who will win the Super Bowl? Lots of pariety in the NFL but I think the Super Bowl winner will be an AFC team. 

If I could broadcast with one person that I've never worked with before in a two man announce booth who would it be? JBL without question. It'll never happen as we're both too 'Southern' but the dynamic would be intriging in my view. 

Why don't I answer the question, which we receive multiple times daily, of what is my favorite match of all time? I simply can't because I don't know. I've been blessed to have been at the right place at the right time and have seen a ton of great ones. To single out one would be unfair and haphazard. Maybe some day, if I do a book or a DVD, I'll try to narrow it down to a top ten. Maybe.

Will the Warrior ever go in the WWE Hall of Fame? Please Lord let's not start a trend here....I really don't know. Does Warrior deserve recognition? Based on many others who are in the WWE HOF I'd say of course. Would Warrior's live acceptance speech be memorable? Oh, yeah.

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Boomer Sooner!



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JR -

Just wanted to say, the announcing on Raw on Monday was much improved, thanks! Lawler and Cole kept their squabbling to a minimum to give you the breathing room needed to do their jobs. Much, much better, especially for the the Morrison - Del Rio and the Cena - Punk matches were the in-ring action was good and the stories were important.

I'm a bit sad to see Grisham go. I thought he worked very well when teamed with the right partner. I liked the team of Grisham and Striker, as well as Grisham and Regal on NXT, he plays the straight man to jokes really well. I was watching NXT last week, and I was a little surprised by some of his comments (like "right in the capital of Thailand!"), and when Regal said they were breaking up I thought it was a joke. It makes sense for him though, and I can't blame him. Being on the road like that, just to call NXT or do a backstage interview on Raw is a waste of time. I am curious about who they will pair with Regal now, I am really hoping that it is Scott Stamford who I think is a ton of fun to listen to, would mesh well with Regal (or Matt Striker), deserves more opportunities in the WWE, and currently is second only to you and Matt Striker (on the current announcing roster) in his ability to *accurately* call the action.


Mr. Ross, I have enjoyed your work dating back to early-80's Mid-South.  As a Texas indy wrestling announcer myself, I use you, Gordon Solie and a handful of others as role models to try to improve my own style.  In your experience as a pro wrestling commentator as well as being part of the WWE announcing staff in particular, have you found any real difference between those who come into the job with a genuine love for the genre and those who come in from the "real sports world" and generally don't have much knowledge of or background in it?

Hi J.R.,

   Just saw the latest Legends Roundtable and while I enjoyed it, I notice a trend of using increasingly more stock footage in between panel conversations.   This most recent one especially seemed heavy on the "filler" fottage and light on the panel discussion.   I, for one, find the panel discussions to be the best part of the show and hope the focus returns to the folks sitting at the roundtable.

   Also watched an early 1988 version of NWA episode on WWE Classics.   Enjoyed this very much too.   You and Schiavone calling the action from an arena rather than the studio was nice.  Good Eddie Gilbert match which showcased his charisma as a heel.   Fantastic Dick Murdoch promo that left David Crockett speachless.   I believe this was from the period in time when JCP bought UWF, and before the sale to Turner.   Any unique recollections from this period of time?   


Hey J.R.

I'm going to talk to Matt Hardy though your web site why because he is a human being and he has a lot of fans that Love him and don't  like too see this happen too him.

Matt I look at your life and you done so much and touch so many people life's that it pains me that your doing this too yourself even when your hurt yourself in those high risk matches it take a toll on your body yes we understand that will you please stop for one second and think about that little kid in your body that had that dream too become a pro wrestler and life out his dreams you are killing him don't take this the wrong away I not bashing you I care for you and don't want too see your name on that long list of people that pass away. even thou TNA let you go there is more company out there get cleaning up though WWE and hit the Indy and put in work and you can show these young Kids there is a shot too change you life style. 

Call me a Mark I don't care I only care about my Wrestling Family one hurts we all hurt together!!!  

 I like your point about managers.  Which brings me to the question, which 80s manager would've been a perfect manager for the Mr. McMahon character?  Probably none, but Bobby "The Brain" Heenan would've been the most likely to be in his corner.  Mr. McMahon was every bit as ruthless as the guys the Brain managed.

     I'd like to see Smackdown turned into a "tag team territory" similar to the 1970s Crockett Mid Atlantic territory.  You wouldn't have to eliminate singles matches altogether (Crockett didn't), but there would be a number of tag teams and it would be presented with the same level of importance as the singles competition.

Hey J.R.

I hope everyone back east coast stay safe Irene is a bad storm take care