MITB Thoughts..

Hello from KC where my
SW plane is 90 minutes late. Lovely sitting in KCI when I could still have been horizontal. Here's MITB random thoughts...excuse the misspelled words...working on Blackberry.

Solid show dotted w/ hard work and effort in an often times challenging environment.

KC crowd picked their spots but what 1 could have predicted would be crowd friendly was.

Making 2 MITB bouts different is a daunting task. The 2nd of these bouts has the advantage. Raw gets the nod in the MITB bouts Sun.

Big night for jumpstarting Kane's persona. Hope Kane can continue to be a major focus to get him more ready for Summerslam & beyond.

Swagger is evolving. He's improving daily. Has a shot at being really good. It takes time & he's arguably a year away. Just steer the course.

Miz is 'this close' to permanently residing @ next level. It's inevitable unless he suffers an injury. Classic, smarmy, arrogant persona.

Divas in tough spots on the card. No lack of effort but following 'hot' content w/ 'cold' content equals indifference. I do think that some of the divas have improved their in ring game.

Tag bout needs the time to establish roots w/ the Hart's & Uso's. Closing few minutes were exceptional. Give em all the time they need as it does and will take a while.

No significant injuries that I heard of but some ladder guys will be sore as hell today.

'The Nexus' monicker gets my ire up...1 of those things I guess..the name sounds like a bunch of tools.

Ref Charles Robinson's face got a little bruised when he ate some steel cage. He'll be ok.

Freebird Michael Hayes was dressed flamboyantly ala a James Brown backup singer.

Several WWE stars now using personal tour buses. Smart move if one can afford it. It's certainly a tax write off and makes trips easier & are family friendly.

Good connecting w/ many old friends @ the event. I like being able to exchange ideas w/ the talents on a variety of topics.

Crowd was inactive during some bouts but it goes back that the live audience has bot yet made an emotional investment in some stars. Again, steer the course as becoming a real star is a 2 year minimum process...if ever.

several orders will be shipped today. We are back on schedule. Order today & orders will likely be shipped tomorrow. HOT bbq doing well as is Ketchup & Beef Jerky. ships abroad & they just ordered for the 4th time in about 6 weeks.

Several WWE stars are ordering product for upcoming family cookouts. I was a traveling salesman Sunday in KC.

More soon...gotta get home first.. and get ready to head to Tampa.

Boomer Sooner!

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JR couldn't agree more. I was surprised how over Orton was with the live crowd. ANd I was shocked how over Miz is as a heel. That crowd went nuts.

As for the Kane pyro comments. I was there in the arena and the crew slipped the cans on the posts before the show went live. They were there the entire night until the cage match.

I'm just not overly excited about Kane being champion. I disgaree with those who have said his recent promos are just oh so great.

 Hi JR...huge fan.   So lets talk about The Miz.....

I don't think there has been a performer that has exuded the talent he has shown, since back in the Attitude era.  

A quick breakdown for those who may not know.... 

Let's put aside his reality show beginnings and fast forward to when he was the "spokesman" for Smackdown.  Does "Hooorah" ring a bell???  He definitely was given a horrible persona from creative that was doomed for failure. Hell, I hated him..and not for the right reasons.....

Next, he was teamed with Morrison and quickly became a part of one of the most entertaining things has ever produced with "The Dirt Sheet". 

Those two proved that they had the talent in and outside of the ring, and showed that they could entertain.

Fast forward once again.....The Miz was drafted to RAW and could have EASILY been lost in the mix.  So what did he do?   He changed his look AND attitude and showed that he was someone to be reckoned with week after week

The point of all of this is that you, (JR) always talk about the younger guys needing to step up when the opportunity is there.  As usual, you are right and look at what he has become?  Someone I used to scoff at is now someone I want to see lead this company, and has the goods to do it.

I was cheering the TV on this past Monday when I thought he was going to cash in his money in the bank!!!  

THIS is how you build a star. And it all comes down to him, working at being the best at what he does.    

No question here, but I can appreciate what you think as a former "Talent" guy.

Long overdue Kane fan also. I never liked the Rey (619) finish move. Just do not believe the set-up. Person just happens to be laying over 2nd rope. It never happens except when Rey is in the ring. I hope Kane retains against Rey at Summer Slam.