It's Monday and we're hitting the ground running  to kickoff another busy week but a fun week nonetheless and I wouldn't have it any other way. Check out our Sunday blog where I shared my thoughts on my relationship with the late and beloved Muhammad Ali. 

Getting back in the groove here after a great week...except the OU Football loss at TCU...and loved the opportunity to broadcast my first MMA fight w/ Chael Sonnen. Let's grill....

It's the last Sunday of the NFL regular season and there's a gambit of matters to address before I return to the easy chair and some pigskin action. We're burning daylight so let's kick this thing off..... 

 I paid $60 for the UFC PPV Saturday night and it was money well spent. No buyer's remorse whatsoever.

Quick one...trying to write before tipoff of nWo Heat vs. Mavs...

UFC 131 from Vancouver was a solid show and worth my $54.95. Much better event than UFC 130.

Vancouver crowd was emotionally invested but for some reason they weren't mic'ed well because the natural sound in the arena did not come through consistently at home.

It's the first Sunday w/o football of some sort and I'm Jonseing. With that said, it's kickoff time.

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It's late...I'm still wired from UFC what the's some thoughts from a fan...that will likely be twisted like a pretzel on MMA message boards because I'm 'that wrestling guy.'   

I enjoyed the PPV and felt that I got my monies worth. That is and should always be the bottom line of purchasing any PPV. UFC 124 delivered in the Octagon which is where UFC begins and ends. 

Here's hoping that everyone is having a great weekend as it is another hot and beautiful day in Norman, Oklahoma. We're 6 days away from kickoff with the Sooners opening the season at home against Utah State at the stadium which is 3 miles from our home.    

Yours truly watched the UFC 118 fights on Spike and then the PPV all emanating from Boston and here are some random thoughts:

Overall I would give the PPV an average grade. While most of the fights looked good on paper, the execution of some of the bouts was lacking.

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Happy 4th of July!  Be safe and enjoy the holiday. Here some BBQ'ed random thoughts of our Las Vegas trip.

Wife Jan and I have had a great few days in Vegas highlighted by seeing old friends and enjoying the phenomenal UFC PPV Saturday night.

The total UFC experience was awesome. UFC officials were so gracious and hospitable to us. A total class organization. Our seats...front row for me...2nd row for Jan right behind me were unreal.