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Thought Strikeforce had a solid TV show Saturday night on Showtime. Their TV production isn't at WWE levels for a Raw or a PPV but nonetheless that's not why most people watch events such as MMA but the classier a show looks the better its perceived by casual fans. Hardcore fans will watch as a rule no matter what. It's the casual fans that any organization wants and needs to attract and then to subsequently keep. 

Werdum's upset of Fedor was obviously a shocker. Fedor's 'people' lost a good deal of negotiating leverage but that's not to say that Fedor Emelianenko isn't still a bigger than life character but his mystique has been lessened somewhat. The Russian made a simple mistake that found him in BJJ skilled individual's wheelhouse. Strategic error plan and simple that Fedor, exhibiting a great deal of class and humility, admitted in his post match interview. 

Fedor has one fight left on his existing contract with Strikeforce and friends and that one has to be a rematch with Werdum and obviously NOT a title bout even though Fedor is still the most marketable heavyweight in the organization. 

The Cyborg-Finney fight should have been stopped earlier by the referee but I was pleased to see a female official be utilized. Seems progressive and made sense to me. Cris Cyborg has an amazing persona and people will continue to tune into see her fight even though most fans knows that the chances of Cyborg losing are long.

In MMA, any fight is, in reality, only one punch from being over and that applies to a freak of nature like Cris Cyborg. After seeing Cyborg's performance Saturday night one would assume that Gina Carano's desire to step back on the mat lessened even more.Who could blame her? Movies or Cyborg? Not a tough choice.

Jan Finney became some sort of a folk hero for the ass whipping that she endured and continued to battle. My hat's off to her. I think that women in MMA have a place and Strikeforce and company will be smart to continue to promote the ladies fights.

Frank Shamrock was smart to get out of the cage when he did for a variety of reasons both health and business oriented. Smart guy with a great gift of gab and who should be a great rep for MMA for years to come. 

We are excited to make the trip to Vegas this week to see the Lesnar-Carwin Heavyweight Title Bout at this Saturday night's UFC PPV. This one could very end when the first guy lands his best right hand but I'm sticking solidly with Brock to leave the Octagon as the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. I've said all along that this will be Lesnar's toughest fight especially with so many unanswered questions about Brock's long inactivity and what affects suffering from diverticulitis may have had on the athletic beast of a man. 

I know that Shane Carwin is a fabulous athlete and his record speaks for itself. However, I do know Brock Lesnar on a personal level and I also know that his intensity and focus are amazing traits and that he is at his best when he is either doubted or forced into a corner. Many MMA insiders feel that Brock's layoff due to illness will be his downfall in Saturday night's main event on pay per view. I happen not to share in that opinion and am counting the down the hours as this is one airplane trip with which I'm anxiously looking forward.

Texter...When I said Daniel Bryan had become relevant in the 13 or so weeks that he had been on WWE TV I meant that in a positive light and stand by the statement as many outside the WWE world had no familiarity with the talented grappler before he appeared on NXT no matter his exposure on Ring of Honor which does not have a large TV audience. 

Emailer...No...I do not expect JBL to EVER wrestle again. Last time John and I talked he was playing golf in St. Andrews Scotland which is a helluva lot better gig than traveling up and down the road with 'the boys.' Sorry...but that's a fact. 

Emailer...who's the toughest street fighter type guy I've ever seen in the biz since 1990? The emailer said to exclude Lesnar and Ken Shamrock and whether I did or not I would still say without question the toughest man I was ever around as it relates to street fights, brawls, etc was Steve "Dr. Death" Williams who beat cancer once and was a man that I would never bet against in a down and out, nasty fist fight. Yep, I'm partial but many of my peers will concur.

Emailer...Yes...I agree that the state of New York is foolish to not willingly sanction MMA and to actively recruit the UFC to hold major events in the city. If NYC hosts pro boxing, why in the name of every thing that makes common sense isn't UFC welcomed into the Garden, the world's most famous arena, or even to Yankee Stadium? The UFC is the NFL of their genre.

I started the THQ voice overs today for the WWE All Stars video game which will be released in early 2011. I'm really enjoying the process and will hit it hard two more days this week to get us rolling and will be staying busy with this project throughout July.  The King and I will be the announcers on the game with the Fink handling the ring announcing. 

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Dr.Death would even beat Danny Hodge in a fist fight?

I ask a question on your Q&A about Daniel Bryan. Hopes he really comes back to the WWE. And do you think that you're biased when you pick Brock to win over Carwin? Just wanna know what you think... =)

Loved seeing Fedor's upset.  Werdrum clearly had him well-scouted and knew what to expect.  "You want to knock me down and lean over me to hit me?  Be my guest" - His turn of the tables on Fedor was just brilliant.

Cris Cyborg Santos continues to impress - the woman is double tough - just a powerhouse.  And Finney - whew!  She's got guts!

If I weren't already excited enough about the Lesnar fight, Paul Heyman's latest blog would have done it for me - once again, can that man write or what?  I love Heyman!  And I'm looking forward to seeing Lesnar get back in the octagon and kick ass.

Side note: Anybody who wants to learn how to cut good wrestling promos ought to make sure to watch ECW's old shows on WWE Classics - lots of different styles, but all with amazing passion and most with more creativity than anybody else's on a regular basis. 

I should have figured you would have answered Dr. Death and should have included him in my exclusion list.  Haku, however, I could totally see being a tough sob.  Any others?  Thanks for answering my question (I was thrilled so see it mentioned on your blog's headline) and will soon place an order.  Your football segment isn't going anywhere next season on 1560 in Houston is it??

I plan on working with The Game in Houston w/ Sean and John during football season.

Hello JR, I would like to take this moment and give my most heartfelt congratulations to the Undertaker and his marriage to.... Michelle McCool?  Okay, now I know the whole LeCool thing isn't what she's really like when she's off the clock, just as I also know Mark Calaway and The Undertaker are two entirely different people, but even so you have to admit that is one wierd mental picture.  Nevertheless, I wish the two of them all the best and many years of happiness.  And that their first-born child is a manly child.

I, too, have a problem with your comments on Danielson.  It's not the "relevant" thing though.  Even though I disagree with your wording there, I understand what you meant and agree with what you meant.

My problem is with the idea that the WWE should give him a "second chance".  I hope the WWE never has to do so.  The wording "second chance" implies that he messed up his first one.

However, if the WWE would actually provide him with a FIRST chance, I'm quite sure he would continue to capatilize on it.

Watching NEXUS' beating of Rick Steamboat was an incredibly interesting piece of TV, but it completely lacked meaning.  Meaning that would have been there if Danielson was part of that wolfpack. As good as the angle is written, it's basically just 6 generic guys attacking a legend.

I, for one, would LOVE to have seen a fight between Haku and Dr. Death, if somehow their safety was guaranteed.

Also, I know you mentioned this in another blog, but I'd love to see Danny Hodge be rightfully honored.  I do believe you will have your wish one day, and I hope it's soon!

I agree with what you said on JBL not wrestling again. He's one of the few who planned ahead and can enjoy retirement while still being able to walk. Too many great guys end up wrestling in Padooka, Kansas at 55 just to pay his bills. I'd like to see JBL guest host RAW or do one last PPV. Heck, I'd love to see him as commentator because they need it right now. He called it right, though, and good for him.

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