Greetings to all and thanks for stopping by our website. I think this site may be the best kept secret in the biz. What's not a secret is our appreciation to all those who support JR's products via online orders at and The Q&A's here have been updated and you can also pose your questions on the home page by clicking the J.R.'S Q&A icon.  It's GRILLING TIME!!     Upgrades to this site are coming soon. Sorry for the issues we are encountering. My webmaster is over loaded with work. Drug suspended NFL players have to be among the most stupid athletes in the world. NFL players know that they will be tested, urine only, at the beginning of training camp and if they pass then they aren't subject to any more testing until the next season, as I understand it. For players to get busted using PED's or other illegal substances is not only unnecessary for their careers but proves that said, busted players aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.  Too much is being made of Johnny Manziel, the first ever freshman Heisman Trophy winner and his public life away from Texas A&M football. The kid isn't a felon but, admittedly, has made some bonehead decisions in the off season that, thanks to social media, have been lay-up like fodder for many media types. Especially those media types with Alabama ties seemingly have had a field day with Johnny Football's blunders. I can only imagine what it would be like to be single, 20 years old, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and the BMOC at a major university. I do think that Manziel will be fortunate to make it through the season injury free because he will be 'targeted,' rule changes or not. Manziel owned OU in the Cotton Bowl with the most impressive, freshman performance that I've seen in college football.   My OU Sooners start practice this week and I can't wait to ease by and watch the squad work out from time to time. The Sooners  aren't being given much credit within the Big 12 this year but preseason rankings and hoopla mean little except to those within the media biz and some die hards. It's all about where one finishes that counts.       I'm going to be n Norman on Saturday August 10 at the Homeland Grocery on Lindsey street from 1-3 cooking up a storm and sharing our JR's products with all that attend. I hope if you are with in our area or are passing thru Norman on I35 that you will drop by and say hello. Please spread the world via social media. Thanks.  My trip to the UK can't get here soon enough for me. Only Cardiff and Manchester have tickets remaining as London and Glasgow are sold out. For ticket info, etc simply go to  I expect each of the shows to last two hours plus and I'm so excited to step on stage in a new environment and challenge. The goal is to entertain and to inform but I hope that everyone who leaves feels a little better about their life and being a wrestling fan than when they arrived.     Not sure why this line of questioning has suddenly became 'timely' but, NO, I do not think that John Cena will ever be an official, wrestling villain. I see no reason to consider such  casting whatsoever. If you choose to boo Cena, then that's your choice. Have at it.  It doesn't bother Cena to any measurable degree as best that I know plus you have the right to express yourself, within reason, at WWE events. I don't think that any one, especially children, should subjected to attention starved, usually young, male fans obscene taunts but that's another story.  Being a former head of talent relations, I'd take a locker room full of John Cena types as it relates to work ethic, passion, toughness, dedication, reliability and heart all day long.  Those that can't see that likely haven't left their Mommy's breakfast table yet.  I know that @steveaustinBSR feels much the same way. Enjoyed watching E's Total Diva premier episode Sunday night. I think that my wife enjoyed it more than I did but I thought it was very well done. I remember in the early days of heading the talent relations department at WWE, how few Divas that we had on our regular roster. Then it seemed as if it just exploded and we suddenly had a locker room full of talented ladies who were just as competitive on all levels as their male counterparts. Managing the females was never boring or predictable but I found that most of the women were actually more honest in their business discussions than many of their male peers. Our hiring of so many gifted ladies helped usher in the attitude era and paved the way for today's divas and the reality show that many of us enjoyed last night. Managing competitive Divas was never an easy task but they were SO valuable, in the big picture, at WWE back in the day. Interestingly enough, the door seems wide open for the next, big, Divas star to evolve in WWE and perhaps Total Divas will help drive that matter.     I'd put our roster of Divas back in the day up against any roster of women in the biz ever and that's no exaggeration. I'm proud of the group that our team assembled.           Getting lots of WM30 Main Event questions recently on Twitter @JRsBBQ. I'd doubt that any one could 100% answer that one. If I knew, I wouldn't spill the beans but I don't know. I do know that whatever is positioned as the main event of that event outside the Undertaker's Streak match, which I feel will happen in New Orleans, will be hard pressed to outshine the advance publicity and anticipation for the Deadman's next challenge. I'm unaware of how many more Streak matches in which the Undertaker will compete but I personally take it one year at a time and always look at each WrestleMania/Taker match as possibly his last one.   In other words, for me, WWE would have to book an out of this world main event to over shadow The Streak match at WrestleMania for this fan. I hope that both happens.  Not overly comfortable addressing questions regarding ROH and TNA. I'm not a weekly viewer of either brand even though I support the success of both groups and am pulling for both wrestling companies to be successful. I have friends that work for both groups. ROH has a unique opportunity with its parent company, Sinclair Broadcasting, owning the ROH brand and let's hope that they don't end up making many of the same mistakes that the Turner people did with WCW. Certainly, WCW produced a nice looking product from a TV, esthetic standpoint. It's great that ROH provides so many young talents the chance to get noticed on TV. That's a great group to begin one's journey without question.  Don't miss Monday Night RAW tonight! The Road to Summer Slam continues for what might be the best Summer Slam in years. I invite you to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ.  BOOMER SOONER! J.R.              @JRsBBQ         
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 Total Divas may be the thing that turns John Cena heel. Half of his fanbase is now jealous of Nikki Bella and devastated that they have no chance. The other half thinks girls have cooties.
 Again proving why your one of my all time favorites behind the microphone or on a computer screen, I couldnt agree with you more this week!  Im one of the particular "older" fans who boos Cena, I went to Miami and NJ to see the Rock battle it out for me and mine. Being in an interactive audience is NOT a license  to behave without common decorum or respect to the younger folks present. I have a full serving of enjoyment booing Cena without needing to lace profanity on top of it, and certainly have no excuse to subject families with their children present to that either. I wouldnt do it at the mall, the movie theatre, or the grocery store so I dont see a wrestling show as any different. I was raised the old fashioned way I suppose , but the world could maybe use some old fashioned couth and maturity once in awhile. . Why turn Cena heel? You get the best of both worlds now. He has a huge fan base who adore him.  Many of us became life long fans as kids with that one guy who amazed us. No one the past stretch of years has captivated young wwe fans like John Cena, building life long fans for the future.. To us older attituders hes  already a heel the way he is, so whats there to gain turning him? It reminds me of the great Hart Foundation angle with them heels here and faces elsewhere. Bottom line is everyone feels some passion towards Cena, half want to see him win and half to see him lose, but they all FEEL one way or the other.I believe that is called "drawing money".  If it aint broke dont fix it. Whether you buy the ppv to see him win or lose, you care about Cenas match. I believe thats the classical definition of a successful pro wrestler, does he draw? Besides smart fans, if he goes heel who do you have to boo?  I simply havent felt this positive and excited about wrestling in a long time. Wwe has been on a solid roll, Ill be at summerslam and cant wait!! Keep up the good words JR!!
 @ENVYotb73, not sure if your comments were directed at my post or not, but here goes. I'm not suggesting Cena be turned heel.  I'm just saying that Total Divas may have that effect.  It could have a negative impact on the two largest segments of his fan base.  Also, my comment was meant somewhat in a humorous vein, although that's tough to convey sometimes in a forum such as this.  Even though I'm not in the two categories I mentioned, I like Cena.  I'm an older fan too, been one going on 50 years.  I "get it." I'm not sure those that boo Cena do, but it's nothing new.  I remember how early 80s Georgia fans turned heels like the Road Warriors and Buzz Sawyer babyface.  We like who we like and we "hate" who we "hate."  It's how it's always been.