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Hope that you're having a great kickoff to another productive week. Don't rely on others to make your week better. Take control and make a difference in your own life. Half empty glasses are not allowed. Let's grill...  My idea that Tim Tebow might find success in WWE apparently struck a chord with some media types. It's not the worst idea I've ever spewed. Tebow is young, 25, big and athletic, enjoys working with charitable organizations ala Make a Wish Foundation, etc and is coachable.  Tim could be a positive role model in the ring and touch lives around the world via the WWE's global footprint. (Of course, being a positive role model in the ring in today's world often times means getting booed out of the building.)  Is Tebow to WWE a long shot? Absolutely. I doubt, but don't know, that it's ever been seriously discussed within the WWE. But it's certainly an intriguing idea if for nothing else for a well constructed, long term storyline that could culminate at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans.  The headlines an offer would garner, if formally made to the former Heisman Trophy winner, would be widespread. ESPN's Skip Bayless would likely be appalled. Oh, the humanity....  One would assume that Monday Night Raw tonight would amp up it's build to Extreme Rules PPV that will be held in a few days in St. Louis. I expect the arena in Roanoke to be sold out by show time.   From the feedback that we are getting here on this site and via Twitter @JRsBBQ,  it seems that more fans are most interested in @TripleH vs. @BrockLesnar inside the steel cage match than any other bout on the card. BTW...this is a very unscientific assumption. The 'rubber match' between the two, physical individuals is intriguing and tonight should be a pivotal in the build to that major issue on WWE's next pay per view.  Got some whacky correspondence that some fans couldn't understand why @Ryback22 did not participate in last week's RAW main event and "let Cena down." As the lovely & talented Nancy Grace would shriek, "BOMBSHELL," smart, antagonists pick their spots, don't like to engage when the lay of the land is level, and enjoy cheating to gain an unfair advantage. The greatest of antagonists always have had a little chicken manure in them and always knew the fastest route out of the kitchen when it got a little too hot in there for them.  Isn't that villainy 101 material?  Keep an eye on Enzo Amore in NXT as he made a great, first impression on yours truly last Thursday night at the NXT taping at Full Sail. Significant, verbal upside. Not that familiar with his in ring work yet.  For those that have asked, I am unaware of when WWE will have another on-site, pre and post game show for a PPV. If I had to simply guess, I'd assume it would be at Summer Slam but that's far from official. I'm also not aware of what talents would appear on said show if one does air. Personally, I had a great time participating in the last one but I'm not sure that many fans were aware of it or even watched it nor do I know if it will be on the WM29 DVD.  Cowboy Bill Watts celebrated his 74th birthday on Sunday from his retirement home in the Florida panhandle. The "Big Cowboy" was a polarizing figure within the business as not only a main event level wrestler but as a promoter as well who headlined Madison Square Garden multiple times in his third year in the business. Earning Bruno Sammartino's respect did not hurt that major accomplishment but let's not forget that Watts was a legit 300 pound pure athlete when they did not grow on trees and had 500 pound bench press strength along the lines of the great Bruno. Watts learned from every promoter that he worked for and I was privy to receive much of that knowledge beginning in 1974 when Bill hired me right out of Northeastern State University in Tahlequah. Working for Bill was comparable to working, I'd assume, for the late owner of the New York Yankees George Steinbrenner, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and being coached by NFL great Bill Parcells or Alabama's Nick Saban. It was Cowboy's way or the highway of which he had the right to be as Bill footed the tab and was solely responsible for the bottom line of Mid South Wrestling and the UWF. Watts , when he was positive and in his element, was the best producer of a one, hour pro wrestling TV show that I was ever around. Bill was the man who got me into the biz and was my mentor as he prepared me for what has been an almost 40 year run in the genre.  In Watts territory, the fan favorites and the villains could NEVER be seen together in public including at restaurants or nightclubs. A violation of this rule would result, usually, in being fired or being fined so much one wold want to leave the territory as quickly as possible. Specific hotels, restaurants and clubs were designated in each town in the territory where each talent could frequent based on Cowboy's rules.     Another Watts rule is that if one of his wrestlers was stupid enough to get into a fight with a 'civilian' and the 'civilian' won, the wrestler was history as in terminated. Bill did not encourage his wrestlers fighting with people in bars, etc but if they found themselves in that situation they better had damn well win the fight. With guys like Dr Death, Jim Duggan, Rick Steiner, among many others I don't recall any Mid South talent losing any bar fights.  Here's one for you, the fan favorites ala heroes were encouraged to be exceptionally "friendly" to the many female fans who frequented the events and often times sought out the talents at the hotels that the heroes stayed on a weekly basis in the territory. I kid you not.  I grilled turkey burgers this weekend and added chopped, sweet onion to the ground, turkey meat. It added some volume, taste and the patties better held together while on the grill. The recipe was simple...JR's All Purpose Seasoning and the chopped onion did the trick. I made them the evening before to not only save time but to allow them to 'season' overnight. Big hit Sunday night for the Mrs. and her Sis. Ate mine without bread using lettuce as the foundation for the burger and topped it with tomato, JR's Main Event Mustard, JR's Chipotle Ketchup and sweet pickle relish. You can order our family's brand of products, of which are all a homage to my late, Mom, online and get quick delivery right to your doorstep via and in Manchester, England for delivery in the UK, Ireland and Europe from We produce two flavors of BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard which is a honey mustard with a hint of Jalapeno, All Purpose Season/Dry Rub, and 5 flavors of 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky. Plus, check out our personally signed JR's Cookbooks which are much more than recipes as they have several wrestling stories, top ten lists, and more tales from the road.      Even thought sometimes I feel like I'm a human receptacle, I invite you to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. I have fun interacting with most followers and those that are too big of a pain in the ass I simply block. Easy, right?  Thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit. Please tell others about our website including the Q&A section located elsewhere here.  It's a great day to order JR's products! 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