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WWE Extreme Rules in Chicago on PPV delivered a stellar product Sunday night. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and watched the last match while STANDING in my living room. Yep, I'm still a fan and loved what I saw in the physically demanding final bout. I had to get out of my chair and walk around.

Thought that Orton and Kane was the perfect way to kick off the night. Good brawl. Will be interesting to see what's next for RKO and the Big Red Machine. Happy the match ended in the ring for all to see.

The Brodus Clay Experience is entertaining as it is designed to be at this point in time. Too bad some impatient, microwave generation fans have to have what they perceive that they need immediately. I do know Clay is an athletic big man and am anxious to see how his TV persona eventually evolves. Clay delivered a statement making big splash to put Dolph Ziggler away.  

I'm still of the belief that it is merely a matter of when and not if that Dolph Ziggler breaks through to main event status on a regular basis. He's highly athletic and has excellent skills. 

Oklahoman Jack Swagger's haircut has more angst than Cole used to have in his cubicle days.

Speaking of Michael Cole, I thought he did an excellent job Sunday night. Also, felt that Booker T gave Cole a free pass or two when it would have been easy for Booker to have inserted his foot into his colleague's mouth...but I digress. 

Watching the continued maturation and development of Cody Rhodes' in ring and mic skills, I'd suggest that chances are good that Rhodes will be WWE or World Champion by year's end or by WM29...if you weeeilll. 

The conclusion of the Tables match was perplexing while watching at home but Big Show's facial expression expressed that much better than I can write about it.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan had, arguably, the best, pure wrestling match on the broadcast in the 2X3 Fall contest. I thought that they took fans on a great ride which these old school, 2X3 fall bouts can times often do. Both men are talented, Sheamus a strong brawler while Daniel Bryan is arguably the most skilled, overall mat technician in the WWE at this time. 

Seeing Ryback on Extreme Rules was a surprise. Wasn't expecting to see him on the PPV but it's a positive for the up and coming, young talent to be provided that opportunity. Twitter followers have multiple ways of describing Ryback as it relates to other wrestlers but my take is that Ryback just needs to continue to improve his game and to be the best Ryback that he can be. Some comparisons as it relates to physique and attire are simply going to be there. 

Jusst about every wrestler one sees can remind us of someone that we've seen in yesteryear.  

Punk vs. Jericho was outstanding as the two laid the foundation early for a memorable crescendo that the live, Chicago audience devoured. These two are mega talented and have outstanding chemistry. They are exactly the types of talents that comprise great rosters. Athletic, skilled, physically tough, driven, reliable, smart and both have 'it.' Plus, like Daniel Bryan, among others, both Punk and Jericho paid their dues long before coming to WWE. I thought that their Chicago Street Fight was the perfect blend of brawling and wrestlilng.  

Knowing how hard that Layla rehabbed her surgically repaired knee over the past year, it was nice to see her return in such a positive way Sunday night. I recently saw Layla working out in Tampa and she was certainly putting in the time and the work for when she eventually got the phone call to return. Rehabbing an injury for that length of time is often times thankless and frustrating but Layla hung in there and the results were evident as she's the new Divas Champion. 

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar was a gut check of the human spirit. Lesnar had been out of a WWE ring for approximately eight years and many, including me, wondered how ring rust would affect the former UFC and WWE Heavyweight Champion's performance. Some uninformed fans felt that being in the Octagon and being in a WWE ring were similar but they are far from it for a variety of reasons. Lesnar was impressive especially while on offense and delivered some of the most unique and wicked strikes and submissions that I've ever seen in WWE.  

Cena survived the supreme gut check after sustaining, obviously, a hellacious beating. I knew that Cena was a tough kid back when we signed him. That assumption was further verified when I spoke to the former offensive lineman's college football coach. We've all seen Cena's will and toughness over the years in WWE but in Chicago John took it to unchartered and dangerous waters. Whether one is a Cena fan or not, to not acknowledge John's toughness is simply Pet Coon Goofy.   

Bottom line is that both Cena and Lesnar are athletic freaks with tons of mental and physical grit and each should be commended for their performance on Sunday night.  

For displeased Lesnar fans, no one is unbeatable in WWE, or any where else for that matter, and one loss doesn't sink Brock's Battleship. Far from it. I remember a guy named Austin who seemingly didn't win a match for a year and ended up doing o.k. The genre of sports entertainment is about execution and effort and not simply about wins and losses. Yes, it's better to win but losing isn't the proverbial kiss of death in sports entertainment as some knee jerkers espouse. 

WWE came out of Extreme Rules with many fans talking, buzzing, etc and it will be interesting to see how WWE harnesses that momentum tonight on Raw. Striking while the iron is hot is crucial in this business and I fully expect WWE to deliver a strong Monday Night Raw live tonight at 9/8 Central on USA. 

Fans of the outstanding, Legends Roundtable series on WWE On Demand can rest easy knowing that more episodes are being planned.

The @cmpunk DVD that is in the works sounds like a great project and I'm pleased that I will be able to offer my thoughts on the WWE Champion on the DVD as I'm  big fan of Punk's work and his real life character. 

I enjoyed sampling the Premier League Football today on ESPN featuring Manchester City vs. Manchester United. Great sporting event with rabid, loud fans. I'm not a European football expert but the great fans made it an enjoyable experience. I thought the announcing was good as well. I may have missed my to speak. :) 

The UK is a strong #2 as it relates to sales of JR's premium products from just behind the USA. 

I remember working in Manchester for WWE years ago and we stayed at a downtown hotel near the China Town area of Manchester as in an easy walk and had a great meal there. Don't recall the name of the restaurant but it was a pleasant find while on the road. I'm also a big fan of the full, English breakfast if you're keeping score at home. 

For @okcthunder fans, it's time to Thunder Up and to encourage the team to play physical, smart basketball for four full quarters against Dallas. I see the Mavs as being a hard out. Still say that @mcuban would have been a great WWE manager. The question that lingers is the veteran Dallas a tougher team that OKC? 

Speaking of managers or manager like TV personas, keep an eye on AW, AKA  Abraham Washington. The dude can talk.                

In my opinion, Antonio Cesaro is going to be an impact player in WWE and it could happen sooner than some think based on what I've seen of the Swiss athlete in the ring. He's another guy that has traveled the world and paid his dues in hopes of making it to the top level of his vocation and I fully expect Cesaro to take advantage of the opportunity. He's focused, in great shape, deceptively strong, and wrestles a unique style. 

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Good points about Brodus. After seeing him on NXT and on Raw, I think Brodus has "It". The biggest respects to pay to him are that he's making this goofy gimmick work and he's already more over in a few months that a lot of talent has been after years of mediocrity. He's got the look, charisma, legitimacy, and seems to have the skill to play an affable face or monster heel. Now somebody call my momma.

 And really like the legitimacy direction. Guys like Punk and Miz are entertaining, but as a fan, it's easier to believe when you're watching somebody that could actually kick your ass.

Indeed J.R. ! Indeed ! The WWE currently has several WRESTLERS that have paid their dues in the "biz". Some on the main rosters and some down in FCW. Having them in the fold is already making the product better. I as  a fan from the 70's until today am really pumped for what lay ahead. It seems the "territory" days haven't gone away. It's just called the INDEPENDENT CIRCUIT. If WWE could figure out a way to get 3 certain individuals out of TNA and into the "the family", the sky would be the limit. The product is really good right now.

Cena may be tough in absorbing the amount of punishment, but Lesnar's jobbing to Cena is a downright insult to rational thinking. I can tell you this for certain, if WWE's intent on luring back old fans as well as some of MMA fans, then jobbing a former UFC Champion and one of the toughest fighter (it takes the greatest of guts to come out strong from twin bouts of deadly diverticulitis) to a man who is one of the most robotic performers in WWE, isn't exactly the best way. So much for injecting realism into WWE. If Lesnar is to be used as a vehicle to get other superstars over, which seems increasingly likely but logically unsound (heck he's getting paid millions), then it's better for Brock to quit than have his legacy tarnished by jobbing to a list of people headlined by Cena who barely has a proper move-set. it's an utter waste of talent of the calibre of Brock Lesnar's 

I thought Extreme Rules was a great ppv. 4 solid matches which is more than we can expect from WWE these days. I could've done without the Ryback squash match vs 2 jobbers cuz i mean at least they could've used someone on the roster like Kidd or Riley. For a minute there i didn't know if i was watching a ppv or SD. And Ziggler looks to have gone from being on the verge of winning the WWE title to a notch above a jobber. And after watching Raw on Monday i think WWE is once again must see tv for the first time in nearly 10 years even though i think Lesnar should've went over Cena at the ppv.

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