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 Beautiful day here in Tampa. Thanks for supporting for all your BBQ sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard, and All Purpose Seasoning. JR'S Beef Jerky, too. Here we go....

Productive day of day one of two a days here in Tampa at FCW facility. Approximately 23 prospects working out doing a variety of drills. Lots of fundamentals being taught by FCW staff lead by 'Head Coach' Bill DeMott. 

It will interesting as to what everyone retains as it relates to what they learned today come another day of two a days on Tuesday.

They are getting great coaching from Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Brisco,  Ricky Steamboat, WWE HOFers all, Norman Smiley, Joey Mercury, and Steve Keirn. 

Good to see Perry Saturn at FCW teaching today as well. Really proud of Perry for a variety of reasons and it was good visiting with him today.

I assure you that there will be some sore athletes reporting for another day of hard work early Tuesday morning. Camp ends Thursday.

Final FCW TV taping will be Thursday night on South Dale Mabry highlighted by Dean Ambrose vs William Regal. The plan at this time is for Dusty Rhodes and me to broadcast that show. 

I'm immersed in the developmental process and love being a small part of it. No where I'd rather be this week than Tampa. 

Interested to see the opening segment of Raw tonight featuring John Cena being interviewed by Michael Cole. Cole is one of WWE's most controversial TV personas and this interaction will likely address the Big Show-Cena personal issue. Fully expect Raw to be must see, it is for me, even though my OKC Thunder play at San Antonio tonight and the OU women softball team playing Alabama in the WCWS in OKC. It looks like multiple prospects from the ongoing camp at FCW have viable opportunities to earn WWE developmental contracts but the next 72 hours will tell the story. Jerry Brisco, as always, has done a superb job in bring some talented, amateur wrestlers to the camp. Hope that you'll follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Working on some of your Q&A's now here on the site. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy Monday Night Raw live tonight. Boomer Sooner! J.R.

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Notes from the last few days...

- Paul Heyman is blowing up on Twitter manipulating both UFC & WWE - inside I can only surmise that Heyman is doing what's best for Paul & Paul alone.  Honestly? He'd destory WWE if given a chance.

- RAW on Monday night was a decent program but it would be better if JRs Blog was announced beforehand to promote the coverage of FCW here and on the broadcast.

- What do you think of developments in the non-WWE video production territory when it comes to LIVE iPPV cards and the like?  Also, note Vince Russo is once again putting the screws to Dave Meltzer & Wade Keller by ignoring the dirtsheets and causing trouble for &  Russo gave a live PPV interactive interview and comments were made about those two guys - only referring to Dave Meltzer & Wade Keller it seems.

- The CENA SUCKS chants have finally gone away.  For how long?

- The best story in years - taking away fan sigs - is already over with.   This was awesome.


Taking MMA to the next level.

I myself was a little disappointed in the Cena-Cole segments on Raw and it really shows that WWE is more about the entertainment than the wrestling these days. But i think they accomplished what they set out to accomplish which was to get fans behind the face Cena by putting him in there with someone who nearly everyone hates in Michael Cole.