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Watched No Way Out Sunday night after the OKC Thunder loss to the Miami Heat. I was able to not be 'spoiled' with info on the PPV and enjoyed it more than the @okctunder loss to the Heat.

I thought the PPV was solid. Some outstanding moments from a pure, wrestling fan's perspective that stood out.

Thought the start of the PPV with Sheamus defending the World Title vs Dolph Ziggler was strong. Good match placement and a really nice bout. Sheamus is the kind of guy I used to love to recruit...he's tough, a student of the game,and isn't a daily chore to manage. In other words, there's no baby sitting a man like Sheamus. The Irishman is a true pro and we haven't seen the best of Sheamus by a long shot. He's the kind of athlete that I find myself pulling for.

Ziggler is going to have a stellar year in 2012. The former amateur standout seemingly does something in every match that grabs my attention. Dolph reminds me of many greats of the game including Pat Patterson, Curt Hennig, and Billy Gunn. Fans that have no patience with where Ziggler currently stands in the 'pecking order' at least in those fan's eyes need to exhale and simply enjoy Ziggler's performances and continue to watch him evolve. 

Dolph Ziggler could easily be WWE Champion or World's Champion by WM29. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I thought IC Champion Christian and Cody Rhodes had an outstanding wrestling match, too. If the IC Title was red hot then this match would have resonated much more to some fans than it did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Both Christian, a veteran who can make everyone around him better, and Rhodes, who has yet to even approach his potential, are huge assets in today's WWE.

For my PPV dollars, the match of the night was the WWE Title bout featuring Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane with a timely cameo by AJ. I felt like everyone involved in the process came to play and delivered big time. The veteran Kane's outing was special considering this is another in a long line of PPV bouts for the Big Red Machine who moved around like a young kid. 

Punk's tenure as WWE Champion is making the coveted WWE Title more meaningful and it's obvious that Punk's popularity is growing. I'm a big fan of CM Punk and feel that he' ranks with the most compelling WWE Champions in recent memory. Punk is smart, physical and durable which are all traits that are invaluable to WWE on many fronts. 

Daniel Bryan is a joy to watch wrestle. People who think Bryan is "too small" likely haven't had their ass kicked in real combat and especially had it kicked by a smaller person. I can easily see Daniel Bryan becoming one of WWE's most popular superstars simply because the fans seemingly are beginning to demand it. 

Same thing happened to Steve Austin back in the day when he was working his tail off to be a star, wrestling villain but the fans demanded that Stone Cold become a fan favorite. The paying customers, IE the fans, always have the final say at the end of the day on these matters.

Excellent in ring work, especially in today's world, is quickly and vocally acknowledged by fans who are paying for tickets and paying attention.

Hopefully the exposure that the four tag teams received Sunday night is an indication that more focus will be placed upon the tag team division in WWE. I'm a long time fan of tag team wrestling but one can't sell goods out of an empty wagon. In other words, the WWE has to turn the dogs loose which is WWE's call but equally as important the "dogs" have to be ready to hunt. 

If I were a young wrestler seemingly stuck in a specific albeit unwanted spot, I'd lobby long, loud and hard to forge a tag team with someone that I could trust, in and out of the ring, and look to turn heads. 

Ryback's growth is noticeable and I've enjoyed his feats of strength while he's destroyed two opponents at once. This has given Ryback what every talent should desire...a spotlight. Soon, without question, Ryback will 'graduate' to high quality opponents but the Goldberg chants aren't likely to go away soon. I don't see @Goldberg chants as being a negative. They are what they are and Goldberg is still, as he should be, considered a huge star by many long time fans. I'm convinced that some fans chant Goldberg at Ryback just because other fans are chanting it. 

Ryback is evolving into an attraction and I'm sure that he will be utilized as such.

Twitter questions that I receive weekly @JRsBBQ:

Yes, I'm still working for WWE and consulting in the Talent Development Department and loving it. I'll be with the NXT crew in Orlando again on Thursday July 12. This responsibility is supremely important to the future of WWE plus it keeps me off the road 51 weeks a year. I'm also going to be doing some scouting for potential, new talents. 

Don't know if WWE will ever have a major PPV in the UK. Not my area of expertise but my "guess" is not likely due to the time difference. If someone can figure out how to have a major event from the UK that starts LIVE at 7 p.m. Eastern time in the United States then maybe something could work out. 

Will JR be in St. Louis for RAW 1000? I hope so but that's yet to be confirmed. I'm proud of my contributions to the program over the years that started for me in 1994. Favorite match from those very early days....Bret Hart vs. 1-2-3 Kid. Great stuff and one that many of today's wannabe wrestlers and many that are on existing talent rosters can learn a great deal.  

Any young wrestler, even those that have work and especially those that have a job and are going no where, that doesn't study matches from the past really don't want to be great and are in a toxic, comfort zone which is the professional kiss of death. 

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 I remember the Hart vs. Kid match. I loved Randy Savage as an announcer, especially on that match. Great work J.R and Randy

Agreed about size not being an issue for Bryan. Bryan is small, but he looks and has the edge of a legitimate fighter/athlete. Even more so with somebody like Kurt Angle. He was small but you know he would F you up.

On the other hand, somebody like CM Punk looks like an average dude us fans would hang out with. Don't get me wrong, he's great to have on the roster but he'll never be a top draw unless he's caught in an awesome storyline like last year. People pay to see larger than life stars, not the friend you'd grab a drink with at the bar.

One thing to take back about CM Punk.. he could be a great draw as an antagonist. Him and Austin will be money in the bank when it happens.