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Lots of random thoughts on a variety of topics in the first blog of the week. Just a reminder that JR's products are available online only at except in Norman, Oklahoma Homeland stores. It's grilling season! With that said..... 

Fully expect an off the hook Monday Night Raw tonight in Washington D.C. The local start time of 9 pm eastern often times lends itself to a somewhat more rowdy, live audience. It goes without saying that the fans in DC will have to go some to beat the live audience last Monday in Miami. 

I feel that the Miami crowd was heavily influenced by so many fans who traveled from outside the USA to attend WM28 as there were many soccer styled chants that reminded me of some of my earliest trips to the UK. 

Like any good TV show, last week's Raw provided more questions than answers and it will be interesting to see how some of the aforementioned questions will be addressed tonight on USA. 

Many fans are still buzzing about the return of the enigma known as Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is a complex, dominating and driven athlete who made an immediate impact last week when he F5'ed John Cena without warning. 

The WWE Title picture certainly became even more interesting Monday night when reigning Champion @CMPunk found himself with a bull's eye on his chest not only from the challenge last week of Mark Henry but also from the renewed pursuit of Chris Jericho @IAmJericho, @TheRock who said that he would be WWE Champion again, @JohnCena who always has his sights set on the top prize in WWE plus Brock Lesnar who certainly feels that he is the alpha male in WWE but to validate such must be WWE Champion.

Interesting days lie ahead. 

I finally got to watch WM28 in its entirety over the weekend and other than the obvious I felt that @HEELZiggler was outstanding in the 12 man tag. I can easily see Ziggler having an impactful year in 2012 and being in the main event mix come WM29 on April 7, 2013. 

After watching HIAC from WM28, challenging because I don't like listening to myself (I know...I could have muted the sound but my wife wanted to hear the commentary) I am hard pressed to name any match that was more better executed that what I saw between HHH and Undertaker. Their match stole the show, in my opinion, and was one of the best bouts that I ever had the honor of calling. The gutteral physicality was extraordinary.   

I don't have a crystal ball but I'd be surpirsed to see HHH, @ShawnMichaels and the Undertaker, all together, ever being in the ring as participants at a WrestleMania or any other WWE event ever again. The final chapter of an amazing book was seemingly written and the book closed on Sunday in Miami.

It's awesome that WM28 drew more fans than the National Championship Game that I attended pitting my Oklahoma Sooners vs the Florida Gators (Tebow's team) notwithstanding the Super Bowls held in Sun Life Stadium. I can assure you that I left MUCH happier Sunday than I did when Tebow led his Gators to the National Title over OU. 

I find it odd that many fans can't understand why Brock Lesnar came back to WWE after retiring from MMA competition. I always thought that Brock would return to WWE but the timing of his return did somewhat surprise me. Lesnar is a businessman, a competitive athlete and knows a potential, golden opportunity when he sees one. 

'The Next Big Thing' returns to WWE a little older, although he is still young, and likely wiser this go around which makes the former NCAA National Champion and WWE Champion that much more dangerous. Goal driven athletes generally push themselves harder than anyone else ever could and Lesnar is not one to accept a role of being "o.k." when being great is possible.  

I'm working on an article for on my broadcast partners over the years. If you have any suggestions, please Tweet me @JRsBBQ. I've had more partners than I originally thought especially when one looks back at the volatile days in WCW.

Smackdown is live this week which always helps make any show better from this fan's perspective. 'Live' adds the adrenaline rush that can't be replicated.

Anxious to attend the OU Football Spring Game this Saturday afternoon in Norman. I need my football 'fix' that will hopefully carry me through until fall practice. If you're at the game and see me, please say hello. 

@okcthunder are now in crunch time and the young, athletic team needs to peak and roll into the playoffs with some 'Mo.' I've become reinvested in the NBA thanks to the Thunder. The game experience at the Chesapeake Arena is amazing. This youthful team has a legit shot to make a run deep in the playoffs if they decide to play four quarters of aggressive defense and can limit self destructive turnovers. 

Any one else tired of the ongoing Tiger Woods discussions that seemingly never end? Obviously, Tiger is over thinking his game and will not return to past glory until he gets himself in a better place mentally. Wait...I just got sucked in to this insanity...I'm tapping on Tiger.

BTW I choose not to talk religion or politics on this site. It's like a dog chasing its tail. If I want to know any thing about politics, I consult @JCLayfield aka JBL.

Why am I asked by lazy people who in WWE has Twitter or Facebook? Isn't that info available by doing a Google, etc search? I thought so.

I have enjoyed reconnecting with @tonyschiavone24 via Twitter. Tony is doing what he loves, broadcasting sports on WSB Radio and calling Gwinnett Braves baseball on radio. Most main stream sports, as a rule, won't give people with sports entertainment backgrounds the time of day in a play by play role, but Tony landed on his feet in a good way after WCW went belly up.  

Just a FYi..every Wednesday I do a hit on  at 4:30 pm central time. Also do a national radio hit on every Saturday morning at 10:30 central time.                 

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 Love the photos we receive from fans who we met at AXXESS, etc or who receive their orders from Those likely get re-tweeted.

Yes, I really did eat scrambled eggs and calf brains as a kid. We were poor and utilized every part of the animal that we fattened and butchered. Also ate the heart. Not bragging about it but I was taught to appreciate what my Mom put on the table and to clean my plate....Dad's rules. I could have used some JR's Chipotle Ketchup for those brains and eggs but Mom always seasoned them up to make it a better meal than it sounds. 

Didn't think that NFL Commish Goodell was going to cut the Saints transgressors any slack. Being told to stop should have been enough but lying to the top dog is not going to get one to the Promised Land. If defensive coordinator Greg Williams ever coaches in the NFL again, I will be shocked. Williams can spend his spare time writing a book about his bad decisions and how he's now a changed man.

Hopefully, he is. 

"Bounty Hunting' in the NFL isn't a new revelation and the Saints likely aren't the only culprit but when caught and then lying/covering it up and continuing to cheat after being told to stop is unpardonable. Sorry, Saints fans. 

I watched the Masters for one reason....Bubba!

My last trip to Tampa and FCW was another great experience. I don't know who and I don't know when but I can see multiple FCW trained talents being called up to a WWE roster this year. Lots of youngsters are really on the cusp of doing special things. Hopefully they will continue to invest in themselves both physically and mentally and then take advantage of the opportunities that arise for them at the next level. 

The FCW staff does a great job teaching fundamentals but the kids know that they cannot achieve greatness merely by the time that they invest inside the four walls of FCW. No one gets great merely by training and doing drills.

Speaking of FCW, keep an eye on Damien Sandow who debuted on Smackdown Friday night. He's bright, athletic and motivated. I fully expect him to be successful at the next level. I love his 'Lou Thesz-like' robe and towel combo. I have high expectations for Sandow who's got a solid work ethic and is a student of the game notwithstanding a well spoken individual. 

Who's turning villain in Orlando? Stan Van Gundy or Dwight Howard? I can certainly provide an educated guess as to who won't be selling any property there in the next few months....Howard. 

Finally, who was my first broadcast partner? Lee Roy McGuirk who was the promoter in Tulsa territory and was totally blind. I had to be very descriptive to engage Lee Roy in our broadcasts which featured a two camera shoot and the use of stick mic's. Many TV viewers actually thought Lee Roy could see because he had such great instincts to be able to visualize what I was saying or more specifically what I was trying to say.

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Enjoy the LIVE, RAW tonight and the LIVE, SMACKDOWN Tuesday night. Check your local listings. 

Boomer Sooner!


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 Mr. Ross,

Are you saying that we will never again see the grouping of Michaels/Helmsley/Undertaker together (allowing for the possibility that they could continue their careers as individuals)?  Or are you saying that each of those three men is done?

You've said for a while on your blog that if Undertaker retires, WWE will tell us about it.  So... Did WWE just tell us that, implicitly, last week?  Or is it possible that the Red Devil could come back yet again next year?

I hope WWE management notices that Daniel Bryan is the most "over" talent in the company.  Or at least, he's in the top 5.

Less talk and more action is what is needed and what was done Monday ! In one slap heard around the world perfection was achieved. Cena is hated because he talks to much. Reduce the in ring promos to 30 seconds and either fight or get out of the ring. Brock has already done his job by aligning himself with Ace. Cena can finally drop the tweener weight he's been dragging around for 5 years if he keeps doing what he did on RAW.   C.M. Punk could serve himself well by making his promos a little shorter as well.  I really wish WWE would allow a little more edge....a little anger to go along with Santinos comedy . He is so close to true "SUPERSTAR" status right now. I know I am not the only one who can see this. Have a day to like !!

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