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Last Thursday at Full Sail University in Orlando the WWE produced its best three hours of NXT to date. It was one of the most enjoyable TV tapings that I can recall being involved with in quite some time. The single elimination tournament which featured the quarterfinals and semi finals at last Thursday's tapings produced some outstanding bouts and saw some young talents really reach down and turn it on. 

NXT does not air in the USA nor do I know if or when it will. I do know that we are getting ample feedback on the show from Twitter followers @JRsBBQ from several countries that does air NXT. It's a one hour show originating from an intimate 500 seat arena which features a unique atmosphere in today's WWE world and is shot in HD.

I do not know of any plans for to air NXT to answer a frequently asked question. NXT is wrestling heavy and, arguably, features more in ring content than any other WWE program. 

For these young talents, every outing on TV has enhanced significance. It adds a sense of urgency for every match a talent is involved no matter if they win or if they lose. 

Friday afternoon I arrived in Waterloo, Iowa from Orlando via Atlanta to assist Jerry Brisco with a tryout camp and a talent seminar with over 50 individuals who traveled from near and far to participate. We watched, I think, approximately 20 bouts of 5 minutes or so in duration Friday afternoon. 

There was no lack of effort on display and some of the talents showed viable promise. I'm thinking that there will be a handful of 'call backs' out of this group if those identified are willing to work on their look and conditioning.

Being able to speak to these prospects with Jerry Brisco and even more so with Dan Hodge was a thrill. I told the kids that hearing from Hodge was something that they could tell their grandkids about some day.  

Friday night we watched the IPW show in Waterloo where we saw many of the talents perform before a live audience which is imperative. Really solid indy show, well produced, and highlighted by appearances by Colt Cabana and Perry Saturn. 

Saturday afternoon was an autograph signing and panel discussion at the Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo which is a must see for any true, wrestling fan. Bucket list stuff I can assure you. Great to be on the panel with Dan Severn, JBL. Larry Hennig, Dan Hodge, Jerry Brisco, Joe Laurinaitis, Bob Roop, Baron Von Raschke, and Bill Apter. I assume a DVD of this discussion of Dan Hodge's career will be made available at some point from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum of who I encourage you to visit their Facebook page, follow on Twitter @wrestlingmuseum. 

I love touring the museum and could spend hours there looking at all the priceless, one of a kind, memorabilia on display. 

BTW...had a great dinner with Executive Director of the Hall of Fame Lee Roy Smith and others Friday night at a spot in downtown Waterloo called the Brown Bottle. Really enjoyed the meal and even more so the company. 

My hats off to Kyle Klingman who is the Executive Director of the Dan Gable Museum for all the amazing and tireless work that he does there in Waterloo.

Of course, getting a chance to catch up with legends like Dan Hodge and Dan Gable is always a privilege. Coach Gable is preparing to head to London for the Olympic Games in a few days. 

Saturday night was the banquet in Waterloo for the Lou Thesz/George Tragos wing of the Dan Gable museum and Wrestling Hall of Fame. It was a wonderful, small, intimate function that honored several. Lou Thesz Award winner, the award that I won last year, JBL was hugely entertaining as @JCLayfield always is. Young pro wrestlers can learn a great deal from John who went through multiple, TV persona changes while in WWE until the last and most successful incarnation of the monied JBL, almost a Mr. McMahon with a hat (a white one by the way) was given the chance to get on a roll. John always thought outside the box, he never wavered on his belief that he could become a major star, and JBL put in the hard work to get it done.

Of course, seemingly the biggest 'news' story to come out of the festivities Saturday night involved Kurt Angle and Jerry Brisco, who was to receive the highest award presented at the event, the Frank Gotch Award, Kurt was unable to attend due to other obligations which was disappointing because every one including Dan Gable and Dan Hodge was looking forward to reconnecting to their fellow Olympian. Plus, many of Kurt's old friends, myself included, were excited about catching up with the former WWE Champion. 

Jerry Brisco, who was Kurt's mentor in WWE and who was the contact between the HOF and Kurt on coming to Waterloo, was especially disheartened that Angle was unable to make the event after accepting the invitation to be there. Things happen with everyone's schedule and all I know is that Kurt had a unforeseen personal obligation come up at the 11th hour that prevented him from attending. To mask his disappointment, Jerry had a little fun with Kurt not being there in addition to the video that Kurt sent not playing due to a technical issue, and then offering to "auction off" Angle's award and donate the money to the Hall of Fame. There was actually ONE bidder at the banquet and so the award was "sold" for $250. By the way, Brisco, a survivor of three strokes, will never replace the auctioneer on @storagewars, for the record. 

I tweeted that Kurt was simply unable to attend and that Brisco auctioned off the award for $250 and the ensuing drama began. Obviously, Kurt is getting his award and an impromptu comedy bit/rib has been addressed after multiple knee jerk reactions created a buzz on a slow, news weekend. 

Don't be mistaken, many of us were disappointed that we were not able to see an old friend but and stated so but as it bound to happen some things are taken out of context or embellished. For those of us who were instrumental in the early stages of Kurt Angle's career, to see him earn an award such as the Frank Gotch Award is a 'win' for us all. For Kurt to be unable to attend was disappointing to everyone involved, including Angle himself.

Hopefully Kurt can attend next year and enjoy the wonderful, two day affair in Waterloo. I know that he would love to tour the museum loaded with amateur and pro items...and eat at the Brown Bottle. Plus, he could have some fun at Brisco's expense. 

Thoroughly thought that I got my money's worth Sunday night when purchasing the MITB PPV. I did not have high expectations of the event going into it but MITB exceeded my expectations. The primary bouts that needed to deliver did, by and large. 

Big night for @HeelZiggler aka Dolph Ziggler winning the Smackdown MITB Ladder match and putting on an amazing athletic display. 

Thought the @CMPunk vs. @WWEDanielBryan bout was excellent and the match of the night for my money. AJ fit well into the bout and did not adversely affect the outcome and allowed the bulk of the story, bell to bell, to be about the WWE Title, the WWE Champion, and the #1 contender.

@JohnCena winning the Raw MITB bout did not come as a shocker but I didn't buy the PPV to be 'surprised.' Really some hard work by all in that final bout. Very impressed with every man's effort.

It's amazing and embarrassing how many amateur 'experts' love to tweet when they perceive there is a blotched move in an environment in a match with multiple participants using accessories such as a ladder. 

I'm asked multiple times daily via twitter @JRsBBQ if I'm going ot be at Raw 1000 next week in St. Louis. I hope so and I think that I will know something conclusive by mid week, yeah or nay. 

Check out on You Tube the Regal vs. Ambrose bout from last weekend's final FCW TV show. Helluva match before the abrupt ending due to Regal injuring, of all things, his ear. I had the opportunity to broadcast with my friend and fellow 2007 WWE HOF'er Dusty Rhodes on that final show and we had an old school blast....if you weillll. 

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Enjoy Raw tonight from Las of my favorite locales for Monday Night Raw. Early start time locally and an early finish means plenty of time to enjoy Vegas at night. Raw is live, the final two hour version , tonight at 9/8 Central time. 

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Boomer Sooner!



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 NXT does not air in the USA nor do I know if or when it will.

I do not know of any plans for to air NXT to answer a frequently asked question. NXT is wrestling heavy and, arguably, features more in ring content than any other WWE program.

Sounds like Vince wants to keep feeding us his vision of a wrestling show and doesn't want the USA part of the "WWE Universe" to see what a real wrestling program looks like with our favorite play by play man behind the mic.

NXT is currently airing here, in Australia and all of you in the US are really missing out. 

I'm old enough to remember the Jim Barnett promotion we had in the '60's and '70's that was shown weekly on TV.

In a (good) way, it reminds me of those shows.  More wrestling oriented.  More 'wrestling' commentary.  The smaller arena and audience.  I can really get 'into' the matches.  Also, I'm all for giving a young guy a break, so I want to see wrestlers I haven't seen before being given a chance to create somthing.   

Plus, we get to hear Jim Ross on the mike.  Two thumbs up!!

Yeah i was not expecting much from the MITB ppv either but i gotta say it was good. The MITB match for the WHC contract was awesome with at least a dozen insane spots in that match. Punk-Byran was also great and i think they were smart to insert the no DQ rule which i initially thought would lead to interferance causing Punk the title but the use of weapons made it great. Cena winning was too predictable but since he's cashing in next week it goes back to my thinking that there should only be one MITB winner which after next week there will be since Cena will have used up the contract.

Great meeting you in Waterloo this weekend. My wife particularly appreciated your inspirational words regarding her stroke recovery. Agree with all you said about Waterloo and Kurt Angle 'story'. The Waterloo Hall of Fame was made for wrestlers like Angle, but Brisco's auction was just too good an opportunity to pass up. You had to be there. BTW the Frank Gotch award was given to Road Warrior Animal. Angle was the sole living Hall of Fame inductee (Don Curtis the other inductee). Go Sooners!

Hello JR, I was thinking recently about this car commercial, this young lady telling the viewers how she recently read the majority of an article about how older people are getting more isolated so she's been trying to get her parents into Facebook.  So far they have 19 Friends while she has 687, "This is living!".  And while the daughter is in the living room looking at cute puppy videos her parents are out in their car, going mountain-biking with other couples.  I think about this because I identify with the parents.  I hate Social Media.  My family got me on Facebook, I barely log onto it, and I can't stand Twitter!  I don't care if Snooki had a good time at the spa, I have no interest in knowing when Brad Pitt takes his daughter to daycare, and I'm finding it very annoying that the WWE announcers are getting more interested in promoting the wrestlers twitter accounts than they are the wrestlers matches.  Of all the things that'll be on next weeks 1000th episode the "Social Media Ambassador" is the least. 

Razor 2012 - a couple days ago you commented on the last post your dissatisfaction about hearing that the Brooklyn Brawler being confirmed for the next WWE Hall of Fame.  Normally I don't comment on other peoples postings but this one I feel compelled to speak on...  First, it's July, way too early for anyone to be comfirmed in the HoF.  I doubt even Mr. McMahon knows who's going to be in it yet.  Second, some are put in the HoF because they were legendary competitors, A-List stars, and pioneers in the industry.  Others are in because of their loyalty and contribuions behind the scenes and the respect of their peers.  Steve Lombardi is one of those guys, and IF he gets into next years HoF believe me he's earned it.