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Pressure packed Monday Night Raw tonight that provides WWE with the last opportunity to sell the TLC PPV on their live, flagship broadcast.

The final broadcast before a PPV cannot be approached by talents as just another day at the office and should be embraced with a keen sense of urgency and with a little more 'Sauce' on the main course than as usual. 

In other words, tonight would be a great night for all involved to do their best work.

With @CMPunk out via knee surgery for the TLC PPV, I would assume that the WWE Champion will make an appearance on Raw tonight but we all know what occurs when one assumes.

I am not an advocate of "stripping" Punk of the WWE Championship as many of our Twitter followers @JRsBBQ have suggested. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even consider that idea unless Punk's knee surgery is going to keep him out of action for several months of which I don't expect to happen. 

Who would have thought a month or so ago that three, young talents from NXT would be in  a high profile. WWE PPV bout this coming Sunday? Not me but one of the primary reasons that I'm buying, yes I pay retail, the TLC PPV is to see how #TheShield performs. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns have found themselves in the right place at the right time. Many talents have waited an entire career for that to occur.   

I'm also anxious to see if and how the Brad Maddox saga continues on #RAW as the kid who reminds me of the late, Eddie Gilbert among other "cocky, normal sized, wrestling villains" has the ability to have good bouts and as we have seen he is a better than average talker who's only going to get better in both areas. 

On a Twitter side note...funny how I get endless "please wish me happy birthday" requests and then if I happen to not do it for any reason I get verbally assaulted. Just saying. 

Enjoyed #UFConFox Saturday night as the fights were solid as was the overall broadcast. UFC certainly gets their money's worth out of @JoeRogan and Mike Goldberg @MFG16 as it seems as if they must work 4-6 hours on 'game day.' That's too much and I'd suggest that UFC give some of the announce talents that they want to develop some 'reps' during the early part of the day on these marathon broadcasts. Plus, the post game show leaves a little to be desired as it feels to lack structure. @UFC can certainly do a better job of maximizing their minutes on the Fox broadcasts in promoting not only future events but doing 30-60 second personality profiles on talents that they are counting on to sell PPVs in the future.  

Henderson-Diaz was entertaining and had its compelling moments as Henderson is brut strong especially for his weight division while Diaz is always combative and is a natural antagonist which generally translates to money at the box office.

It never ceases to amaze me how many @UFC fighters 'go into business for themselves' when verbally expressing themselves about perceived injustices, future matches, etc instead of thinking it through and saying the right thing. The right thing is what's going to help them earn more money in a business where every fighter has an expiration date IE a shelf life of which many don't either want to acknowledge or are too dumb to realize.  

I know that JR's business is growing in all areas including on Twitter @JRsBBQ because we still get tons of questions regarding where JR's products can be found in retail stores. Only in Norman, Ok at this time at the four, Norman Homeland stores but I assure you that our undermanned team is working over time to get our products in some retail stores, hopefully, in 2013.

I heard the WWE Tribute to the Troops taping Sunday was the best yet. Once the WWE TV team gets through assembling the elements I'm sure that it will be a fun show to watch with the entire family. I've always hoped that more folks would watch these broadcasts if for nothing else to honor our men and women of the Armed Forces. I look at it as much more than just "another wrestling show."

@AdrianPeterson, current Minnesota Viking and former #Sooners star is having an inhuman year for a guy who had ACL surgery at the end of last season. While at #OU I never even saw AD, NOT AP by the way, ever lose a post practice wind sprint. He's that competitive. 

One of the significant benefits of #OU playing #TAMU in the #CottonBowl in Dallas is the national TV promotion that both schools are getting inside @NFL games on Fox. Obviously, for many fans of both schools, the Cotton Bowl trip is a drive notwithstanding that it's being played in the greatest stadium for a football game in the world. I'm planning on attending as sort of a belated B-Day celebration as the game is on January 4 and my 61st is January 3. 

OU keeping Heisman Trophy winner, the Aggies freshman QB Johnny Football aka @JManziel2 under wraps, is obviously a key to the game but not the only one if the underdog Oklahoma squad has any hopes of hanging with one of the hottest, most talented teams in college football. My friend and former #Sooners coach @CoachSumlin will have a little extra pep in his team's step come 1/4/13. 

I expect over 90,000 fans to attend the Cotton Bowl with standing room only tickets being sold at premium prices which equates to lots of beer sales and a rowdy atmosphere at a college game where alcohol usually isn't sold.

To answer a email question, yes @RealKingRegal  & I eat at @Moes_Orlando before most every NXT taping. My friend and colleague, who seems to be on a collision course with NXT bad boy @KassiusOhno, has me eating a healthy lunch at one of the best kept secrets for an on the road eating establishments one can find. 

Speaking of @KassiusOhno, I'd be shocked if he's not an key player on the WWE primary roster in 2013. The world traveler is a smart, strategic, focused athlete who seems to be fully invested in getting to the next level and staying there. 

A Twitter follower asked how Bruno Sammartino would fit in today's WWE locker room? How does one sufficiently answer a question such as that? I do know that many, young WWE talents would benefit greatly interacting with the equivalent of wrestling's Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig. Everyone needs positive role models in today's world and Bruno would be a great one for many impressionable athletes who have grown up in a generation that hasn't been known for an abundance of role models in any vocation. 

High school recruiting is getting to be as show biz sizzle oriented as a contract signing in a pro wrestling ring and predictably silly more often than not. Kids who are still in high school and who feel compelled to have a dog and pony show to announce their commitment to the college of their choice concern me from the get go. 

Already getting questions about what attraction will close the show at WWE Royal Rumble, @CMPunk vs. @TheRock or the Rumble match? I haven't a clue nor do I care as either choice would be fine with me but if I had to guess I'd guess it would be the WWE Title bout. Again, don't know and don't care as I will be watching one of my favorite PPV events of the year.

My guess is that Punk will push Rock inside the ring from bell to bell unlike Rock has been pushed since, arguably, the @steveaustinBSR days. That's not taking any thing away from @JohnCena who wrestles at a different pace that Austin did or Punk likes to.  How does even an athlete as gifted as @TheRock prepare for what awaits inside the 20 foot ring? Cardio is great but nothing replicates wrestling long matches better than wrestling long matches. 

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Boomer Sooner!


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I agree that Punk shouldn't be stripped of the title even if he doesn't defend it within the 30 days. And a lot of old school fans will say different but do they remember in 1989 when Ric Flair missed around 2 months after the attack by Terry Funk and he wasn't stripped of the title back then.

What ever thing you told JR in your blog is absolutely true. And we must thanks all those person by whom our days go well. So thanks to my friends, family,etc.. For being in part of my life.


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