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Here's hoping that everyone had a great weekend and will continue to enjoy the 4th of July festivities in the USA celebrating America's birthday. Here's the link to browse JR's products at Random thoughts....

Enjoyed the film 'Ted' this weekend with the bride. 'Ted' isn't a family movie as it's rated R but it's funny as hell. Highly suggest that you check it out if you like smart, non-PC humor. @sethmacfarlane is a true genius. 

Our potential, new distributor in the UK @americansoda is very close to finalizing their first order which will make buying JR's products MUCH easier in the UK. 

I'd expect the live audience in Laredo, Texas to be a hot one tonight for Monday Night Raw. Smackdown emanates Tuesday LIVE from Corpus Christi which, if I'm not mistaken was one of the numerous sites that "JR" was canned on RAW. 

Things I'm "over' today...and NOT in a bitter up random thoughts..

Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes marital issues including lame statements from "their representatives." Most of us common folk could give a damn.

Any thing to do with NBA star Dwight Howard. Rich, crybaby athlete story..again.

Anderson Cooper talking about his 'Gayness."  Is the CNN journalist's sexual preference a story these days? To me, it's a non issue.

Folks thinking that I can answer every shipping question that they may have re: when WWEShop has a customer service number and a Twitter account @WWEShop.

Past their prime wrestlers who still won't look in the mirror and admit that they blew their earnings by doing no financial planning including paying their taxes. Paying quarterly means paying four times per year not once very twenty five years. Same goes for other "I had it all and lost it athletes" who lived beyond their means.  

The semi regular talk of forming a wrestling union by some pundits who love to tickle the keyboards in the name of doing something "good" for the "boys." As I have said many times, trying to unionize wrestlers is a complete waste of time and it always has been. Rampant egos, basic ignorance of the topic and distrust of one's peers would never allow it to happen. 

Twitter followers asking me in depth booking questions re: TNA. I can't give any answer that won't be over analyzed so why even go there? More importantly, I do not watch TNA regularly so any opinion that I might have would not be an informed one and it would only provide for more. manufactured dirt.

Explaining that I simply can't answer "What's your favorite match of all time?" I honestly don't know. 

How any one could think that Bronko Nagurski isn't the best football player to become a wrestler is pet coon goofy.. We're not talking about the best wrestler who was a former footballer. Nagurski's storied football career in college and with the Chicago Bears in the NFl PLUS being in the NFL's first ever HOF class should end any argument or debate at least in my eyes. Let's put it this way how many pro wrestlers are in the NFL Hall of Fame? Short list.....Leo Nomellini would be a close, number two behind Nagurski.  

MMA hard core fans who love to blast me every time that I write about UFC as if I have no ability to read or study the genre. UFC is a legit sport that I've studied much like football. Even had a college sports guy Tweet me the other day that he couldn't believe a 'wrestling guy' was commenting on the college football playoff system that commences in two years. What an idiot.

The inane use of the term "PUSH" from fans who likely don't know what it truly means and feel that "PUSH" is the magic word that cures all ills with why one of their favorites isn't in the spotlight. The overall talent base in the business in general is so thin that I ASSURE you that if athletes distinguish themselves regularly enough that they will be noticed and utilized.

Arguing with some emailers  that a Wellness Policy is essential. I'm not against two strikes and out being the benchmark. 

Do you know every WWE star's Twitter handle or who has one and who doesn't? Me neither. Google it or search on Lots of faux accounts out there. 

The never ending desire for dirt or negativity that many seek from me on Twitter @JRsBBQ or via our Q&A's. I'm asked daily to essentially throw talents, especially former talents, under the bus for being screw ups. To expose them as being drunks, etc and irresponsible human beings. This is essentially where our society is these days. 

I get these Tweets daily, will @steveaustinBSR or @Goldberg ever return to WWE? I'm wondering why those asking don't Tweet the talents themselves. Not everyone that has had a wrestling career wants to return to the grind. It's not that glamorous. Same goes for @DaveBautista who's also building a film career.

Pro wrestling bias. I strongly dislike this unflattering trait that many in our society have. Perhaps that's why acting, for some wrestlers, is a viable alternative for performers leaving the business. Society isn't geared to afford many other opportunities for former wrestlers without them having a marketable skill set and especially without an education. 

I'm asked daily if I am ever going to broadcast MMA or football, for example, and although I appreciate the sentiment, there is no way in hell that any legit sport is ever going to touch a long established, tenured broadcaster that has as many years in the sports entertainment aka in professional wrestling as me. Plus, I'm 60 years old. Although the matter is frustrating at times, I love what I'm doing, I'm dedicated to the business and loyal to my company. I'm one of the lucky one's who has a job that doesn't feel like work.

Who's the next big thing in WWE Developmental? I don't kknow nor does any one else. Any answer would merely be an educated guess. But the cupboards aren't bare. 

Whew...glad we got that off our chest. LOL. Have a great day and countinue to count your many blessings. Thanks for supporting our family's efforts at Grilling time is here! 

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Right on!  As resourceful as the internet is, it's also a huge burden as it closely resembles the entire world having your phone number.  I admire the fact that you are able to handle this with such professionalism.  All the best to you and your family

 It would be great if, one future day, being gay is a ho-hum non-story, like being left-handed.  But when teenagers are still being bullied and, in some cases, driven to suicide for being gay, it's good for them to have positive role models like Cooper.  (And the "fruity pebbles" jokes, or similar cracks by Cena, don't help.)

Agree on Dwight Howard.  I recall when some wrestlers pulled similar shenanigans, like, say, when Jeff Jarrett left WWF in 1999.

Mr. Ross echoes his company's party line re a possible wrestlers' union, as he should.  But it only seems far-fetched until it happens.  Some of WWE's employment practices, like classifying the talent as independent contractors and not paying FICA taxes for them when the standard talent contract (I read one of the contracts in a WWE SEC filing) gives WWE exclusive control over the talents' bookings at all times, cries out for a union.

 A few weeks before you were inducted into the hall of fame, a heavyset friend of mine asked you to call me on his cell phone because I'm a huge fan. Well, I panicked and forgot to tell you, "Congratulations." You're the greatest ever, Mr. Ross.