Monday in Pittsburgh..Q&A's updated..Random Thoughts

 Hello from Pittsburgh. Been visiting family here. Excited about Raw tonight from Dallas. Jinz's ready? Let's go

random thoughts...

Expect The final Raw before Summerslam to to a hot one. HHH/ Lesnar issue has piqued my interest. WWE Title bout, too. Anxious to see how the build for the PPV unfolds. It's crunch time for all involved. It's nights like this that make me miss being at the announce table.

AW's release was unfortunate. He's a talented guy who made a costly mistake. One door closes another opens. I hope AW regroups and finds success. Speaking from experience, one has to put issues such as this behind them and move positively forward. I wish AW the best.

Same goes for Sofia who I really liked, too. Only advice I'd provide both talents is to move forward and depend on their skills and passion to find happiness and success. Life deals all of us challenging hands.

Im headed to LA later in the week for some THQ functions but am excited to be able to watch Summerslam in person. I think it will be a kick ass PPV.

JR's biz at is growing daily. New website makes shopping & ordering easy. Remember BBQ sauce isn't seasonal.

Q&A's are updated. Diverse collection of questions. Longer blog Tuesday.

Boomer Sooner!


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In my opinion, AW was caught up in the heat of the moment, and had a "brain fart". It happens :) I can't wait for summerslam. I haven't been able to sleep thinking about Triple H and Lesner, and what's going to happen when they both see each other in the ring!

Hopefully you come up with more sauces. I saw you have chipote ketchup! I got to try that one and order a bottle or 2!!

I agree AW's mistakes on air and Twitter seem trivial, but WWE do have the right to fire and hire whoever they want and to protect their company and family. Lesson Number One: Don't make fun of the boss' wife. Lesson Number Two: Mr McMahaon seems to be a 'Do as I say, not as I do' kind of guy. If you can't deal with it, don't pursue a career at WWE. One thing I do hate is this affecting Titus O'Neill and Darren Young : /

AW's joke would've been edgy and possibly funny on a late-night stand-up comedy show, but was inappropriate and offensive in any other setting.  AW compounded his mistake with a bunch of stupid Twitter comments.

WWE is hardly a paragon of consistency, though, as they have Mike Tyson in their Hall of Fame, and several active members of their roster are constantly making juvenile penis jokes.

I like these shorter blogs and personally i'd rather read a short daily blog like this than the long ones. My comment on the last blog needs an adjustment so here it is. "WCW died either on the day Kevin Nash ended Bill Goldberg's streak at Starcade '98 or 2 weeks later on Monday Nitro with the infamous Fingerpoke of Doom finish where it was supposed to be Goldberg getting his rematch against Nash but instead Nash laid down for Hollywood Hogan". And who was the booker at the time for both of this...Kevin Nash himself. And i always look back on that specific time as the beginning of the end for WCW. Had Goldberg beat Nash on Nitro to win back the WCW world title maybe WCW would still be around today. Instead 70,000 fans who turned out at the Georgia Dome to see their hometown boy Goldberg win back the WCW world title and millions more watching at home on tv ending up seeing Goldberg get "arrested" because of a NWO plot and then one of the worst finishes in wrestling history with Nash laying down for Hogan and the subsequent short lived NWO reunion. You don't treat fans that way or they'll turn away from your product as Nash and WCW found out soon thereafter.