Monday Thoughts or an Editorial of Sorts.

I'm getting ready to head to Dayton, Ohio for the Smackdown taping Tuesday night. I've planned to get their early enough to catch Raw on TV. This is a very important week for WWE TV's as these will be the final shows prior to this Sunday's Judgment Day in Chicago.

The wrestling internet is an interesting animal. I often times learn of things that are going on that one would think I should known before reading it on line. I guess that just proves how disconnected I am from many aspects of the business but at the same time I choose to not be immersed in minutia....or all the dirt. 

Most things people write about me are generally positive, respectful and uplifting but I stand by the right of fans to say whatever they the hell they choose as I can't control it any way plus it's their right to speak their minds. Not that I agree with all that I read but the same goes for what I write, many don't agree with my opinions. 

I have never understood how some, vocal  fans feel that they have "lost all respect for J.R." for doing such things as kissing Mr. McMahon's ass or being a pawn in the Backlash/Santina skit. Many have declared that I should have quit my job and "walked off." I can only imagine that many of these fans are young and have never held regular jobs or have a family to care for. 

These uncomfortable moments on TV are just that and are intended to elicit a reaction. These matters are entertainment based and are fictional. It's like playing a Native American, of which I am one, on a TV western and being scripted to be killed by the calvary. Can you imagine any actor portraying a Native American refusing to follow the script? Me neither. Certainly they could refuse out of misguided principles but they might find themselves having a hard time finding work.

I have also been accused of being a shill for WWE. Call it what you choose but I am loyal to whomever employees me. If loyalty is a fault then I am guilty. I was taught by my parents to be loyal and to work hard. If I'm a shill in some folk's eyes then I suppose I always will be as I don't intend to be any thing but a team player whether I like the play called or not.  For the record, I haven't always liked the plays I have been instructed to run but I ran them to the best of my ability. I don't plan on changing that philosophy any time soon. 

Others have suggested that I will "be kicked to the curb" as soon as WWE can find someone to replace me. Interesting thought process. I have an entirely different perspective of my work and feel I can still carry my share of the water. When I can't do so any longer then I need to be "kicked to the curb." The good news is no one will have to have a benefit for me and my departure won't be like many in the wrestling business where I won't have a pot to p*** in or a window of which to throw it out.

Uh, yes I am aware that I am not "TV friendly" in the eyes of many decision makers.  

Plus, I won't be out of work long if I choose not to be. We are growing a restaurant business as some of you may have heard and it is doing well, thank you very much.

After dedicating 35 years of my life to the wrestling business, one would think that some fans would have a different perspective but that is simply the world we live in. I know my style of work isn't for everyone. I know that some people who hide behind phony names enjoy making fun of my issues with Bells palsy or the fact that I have far from a body builders psychique. Poor me, as Tony Soprano used to say.

For the record I am still having a blast at work because I love "calling" wrestling matches and being around the business I have followed, at times too passionately, since I was a young kid and, yes, believe it or not I was a young kid at one time.

Is today's business my personal cup of tea, not always. But when a guy like me gets to broadcast a HBK-Undertaker match at an event like Wrestlemania that's pretty much Heaven on Earth for an old school guy like me.   

Some day I will not be on Friday Night Smackdown. I understand that this is a young man's game and I'm 57 years old. Come to think of it, I used to own a '57 Chevy but that's another story. I wish I still had that old, classic car. But I'm good with the terms of what age brings us all. It brings change and change is inevitable. 

So for those who feel compelled to write the negative about my ramblings, opinion, or "shilling", have at it and enjoy yourself. I'm not changing a damn thing at this stage of the game for better or for worse. I will dance with who "brung me" until I no longer hear the music. 

Our website was never created to rant on wrestling promotions, my job, or with what's wrong with the world as the site's foundation. Sorry but there are plenty of those sites that do a much better job of that than can I. They'll even let you go on their message boards with pretty much any profane remarks you choose to make. So have at it. This editorial blog should provide those with nothing better to do with plenty of ammo to fire away. 

So have at it while I will continue to count my blessings and be thankful for having the gift of good health when things could have been much different for me. Thanks for reading.              

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Great blog JR. I never thought you were completely unbiased. But as you said, of course you are going to be pro WWE more often then not. It's your job to do so.

I do really appreciate your candor and openess. And the fact that you answer questions from us wrestling fans.

Keep up the great work, and i'm still holding out hope that you add a signed pic to your web store here so i can buy one of em, along with some sauce!

Bang Bang

From a guy who's been following the grappler trade since he himself was a kid in the '80s, thanks for all these years of consistent entertainment.

And for those who rank on J.R.'s age, I ask that you remember this: It will come for you one day too, as it comes for us all -- and it arrives a lot sooner than you think.

JR to some of us younger guys (56) who are big, long time fans of wrestling what they say elsewhere is looked at as a airplane fly-by of king kong on the Empire State building. They can keep buzzing by but they are never and I mean never going to get you down until you decide to come down yourself. We respect you doing what you have to do and know why you do it. The babys crowd are going to have to learn respect of those like yourself and appreciate all that you have done and still can do yet. 

Thanks for the encouraging words. There's gas left in this tank I assure you.

Hang in there J.R. You are the Babe Ruth of the 'rasslin' business- 50-100 years from now you will still be the standard by which others are compared.


    I loved your blog about what many "kids" write and and tell you.....Like you, I would ignore most of it-respond to some of the really stupid ones and occassionally get frustrated as most readers miss the point of what you are doing.

I have disagreed with you in the past and you handled it like a gentleman, infact I called you on something and later responded with some regret.  I garnered even more respect for you because of your attitude.

Honestly, I think you ARE a shill for the WWE and there's nothing wrong with that.  Would I really LOVE to read your honest, unfiltered opinion of some WWE topics?....Sure, but as you indicated-I respect your loyality.  I would do the very same thing-as you have a tremendous job.....Hell, most anyone with a brain would be loyal-I do the same thing at my job too.

 I wouldn't purposely or inadvertently say something publically  that VKM wouldn't appreciate either.  I have noticed you deflect EVERY question regarding him or his decisions and it shows that you do so based probably on learned protocol, which I have learned in my own political system at  my work place too.

Like you, I have never thought the announcer selling an angle or a wrestler ever amounts to all that much.....its each talent's personality which will ultimately decide if he gets over....but you have positioned yourself much like a "Keith Jackson" who only came in for the really big games....right now, you have that credibility, so you should use this while you can.

Perhaps, when you are no longer "on the clock" at the WWE, I can come by your restuarant-enjoy a cold beverage and ask a couple of insightful questions which you may be more interesting in answering than perhaps you are now.

How 'bout them HOGS in 09?  If Petrino can keep Mallet out of jail and on the field-perhaps we can be competitive again?

God Bless,


The beauty of having age and wisdom is that older folks have the ability of thinking before they open their mouthes.

Problem with today's society is they don't understand or appreciate the nature of having an opinion, nor do they understand that we should respect one anothers.  Whether that incites intelligent debate or fool's jaw flapping, you can never predict nor protect from those things.

As a matter of fact, yours is the only blog I actually read on the Internet because it gives me the wrestling goss I want, the opinions I want and the debate I want.  Which is exactly what these things are meant to do, otherwise you wouldn't have a comment option.

I dare say, if that music gets turned off where ever your speakers lie another dance floor would beckon you immediately.  Saying that you're not "TV friendly" is an absolute mis-truth though JR, because whether you like it or not... many fans would consider you one of the faces of the WWF / WWE.

I know I do and the thousands of other readers here would probably agree.

Keep up the great work where ever you're doing it.

I will dance with who "brung me" until I no longer hear the music.

Beautifully expressed, as was the entire blog.

There are few individuals who have been as intimately and significantly involved in professional wrestling as you sir, who would put so much effort into connecting with fans of yours and the business. That requires some sense of gratitude on the part of the visitors to this site. As for the "shill" accusations, I don't see how any serious person could have anything but the utmost respect for what you achieved and continue to achieve in your career. These conspiracy addled Wrestling As Seen Through Orwell characters need to stop watching so much Oliver Stone and understand that not everyone is going to get on with everyone all the time. Not everyone involved in the WWE lives happily in the same house and sometimes you have to eat crap in your job. These are people who would most likely have trouble exercising the most limited expression of "free speech" or "dissent" in the Real World without anonymous usernames and with actual repercussions.

You elevate the art-form. You avoid the common bitching and mud-slinging that informs so much of the internet wrestling community and you speak honestly and eloquently on why professional wrestling has meant so much to you in your life. It is the TMZ/Perez Hilton impulse in people to pick the bones of those in the public eye. People want you to stand up for their fake cause only to chortle at the stupidity of a man who would actually listen to their odious little criticisms. These people don't want honesty and authenticity, they want ammunition to soothe their egos and that really they know more about the wrestling business than someone who has spent most of their lives in it.

So please don't pay any attention to those people. Just keep doing what you're doing

Timothy Kendrick

I put you up there with Solie.

From one warrior to the next, I say Thank you.

I too have had to chap my lips during my career in order to accomplish many a mission. I too have pizzazed off many a commander for my desire, commitment and sometimes beligerence under fire. <br>

I remember you saying once something to the effect of "if a fan buys a ticket and goes to the show he can pretty much say whatever he wants".

I own a small amount of stock in WWE and am finding it more difficult to enjoy RAW.  I have stock I go to shows (I buy my own ticket), I'm allowed to bitch about the product or Rave about it.

I have loved the industry since I was a 5 year old kid in Ohio watching JJ Dillon and Wild Bull Curry. Dayton Ohio, Friday Nights

Loving Smackdown at this moment.

Just wanted to rant my brother

Honored as always to read your blog

JR, I think too often in this life, people are asked to "move on" without careful consideration as to a replacement. I'm all for changes when they are required and if they are of some benefit, but I am not one for change for the hell of it.

JR, you are the voice of wrestling. You are the only announcer in the entire business capable of calling a "5 star" match the way it should be called. You bring passion, emotion, and insightfulness to any broadcast, and at the right time. You don't scream or yell at the viewer the way some in other companies do, you don't insult the viewer's intelligence the way some of your colleagues do. Put simply - you are one of the best broadcasters of all time. Not just in wrestling.

I hope you never feel pressured to leave the game before you are ready. It would not be fair to you, or us.

Also, I hope you are given the chance to mentor Grisham and Matthews, because they are true fans who deserve their places. I think Josh Matthews could become the "JR of the next generation".


I have no idea why some people are making such a big deal about Santino's comment about JR at Backlash. It's just the kind of thing the Santino character would do when he's in a "pinch."If the comment would have been directed at Matt Striker would anyone have thought that  it was some secret shot from Vince?   

Also, anyone who gets on here and takes "low blows" at JR is a loser. Get a job and a personailty. This guy takes time out of his day to give fans a closer look backstage (which is what we all really want) and some have the nerve to try and make fun of him. WEAK.

Like they say on the street JR, Keep doin your thang.

Well I came late to the dance as it seems like the rest of the Old Farts posse have preceeded me. Yeah, I'm another 50+ who rankle at ageism comments. And like you, JR, I generally don't let ignorant comments rent too much space in my head – but sometimes the bastards can wear you down.

You have been and are- simply, the BEST at what you do.

In time, some of your critics, those who learn and mature, will come to realize that. And the others will be off bitching about someone else because they tend to have the attention span of a house fly.

Pyros, Titantrons, graphics, music are geat enhancements. Meat and bones of televised wrestling is solid mat action, great ring psychology and telling a compelling story. Wrestlers provide the action, announcer provides the sound. Period. You are the best.

Speaking of meat and bones – any possibility of ever opening a restaraunt on the east coast?

Mark D

Amen. Jim, you're a realist, plain and simple. Lots of folks confuse that with defeatism. You aren't giving up your dreams or principles, you simply adapt and thrive, which is Darwin at its best. Making the best of the hand you are dealt is a lesson to often lost in today's point and click world. Things often come too early or too fast, and an appreciation for the small successes gets lost in the shuffle.

You keep on calling them wrastlin' matches and I'll keep listening and watching. (I bet I am in the majority on that one) Good luck to your Sooners in 09, my Orangemen will need more than luck.



Well said. I have nothing but respect for a man who, to paraphrase NE Patriots HC Bill Belichek, "is what he is". You make no apologies, nor should you, for who and what you are and believe you me there are PLENTY of fans out here who appreciate what you bring to the game and love you for it. Keep up the great work, keep being yourself and we'll keep supporting you.

-Sean Olson

Mr Ross, sir

I hope that helped you - getting it off your chest, because I don't think you need to worry about those who knock you, because clearly - they have no real idea about you.

Yes, I know I don't know you personally, but I have followed you since the good ole NWA before it became WCW, and all through your career up until now.

God rest his gracious soul, I think Gordon Solie would be very proud of you, damned if I say I think you've surpassed him anway.

Your passion is the key I think. Any REAL supporter (I find the term fan so fleeting and fly-by-night) of the wrestling world is all about passion, and you have it in droves.

Thank you, and don't stop, please :)


Huge fan in UK,


Mr. Ross,

I just want to say that I love and support you 100%. I am a huge fan of yours and I just want to say that all the "fans" of wrestling who have anything negative to say about you aren't real fans. I have been watching wrestling since i was 3 and now at 24 I can't imagine anyone else calling matches. Wrestling without Jim Ross wouldn't be the same. As far as those that say you will be kicked to the curb once they find a replacement for you...yeah...those people just haven't realised your irreplaceable. You got into the hall of fame for a reason. Just keep on keeping on, Mr. Ross. Your real fans won't be upset at you for doing your job.

Your loyal fan,

Mauricio Vazquez

P.S. I was still young when you went heel...i just wanted to let you know you did a hell of a job and i was genuinely scared of heel J.R.


If you will, please allow me to comment on something from your blog. 

First, I have to question why these so-called fans (and I question that) make a big deal out of nothing?  What's their problem?  I, for one, believe that you're one of the best color commentators in the WWE today.  You and Jerry Lawler have been the most recognized voices in color commentating, and I think you guys are doing an outstanding job.  My hat is off to you, and I certainly respect what you guys go through, as far as following what you're told to do.  Yes, you (as well as the others who are employed in the WWE) have been in situations that I felt would be very uncomfortable for me, as well as anyone else.  I couldn't do it, but you guys do it, and I respect that. God bless you!  I'd like to ask all these so-called "fans" if they would do a fraction of the humiliting things that you, and the other wrestlers have been asked to do on tv?  Probably not. They should keep their day jobs, and leave the entertainment, and critiques, to the experts. 

Second of all, I would love to try out your bbq sometime! I think I may have to stop by there the next time I'm in Oklahoma City! 

Say hello to Jan for me. It was nice seeing you guys at WM in Houston.  Take care, and God bless you!

Cher in Dallas, TX

I usually write a lot in my comments but right now I'm pretty tired so I'll keep it short. I don't know who could replace JR, he was actually one of the big reasons I watched RAW more than Smackdown and ECW but now that they seperated him and the King Lawler, Raw is just not the same. JR will never...ever...ever....EVERRR be replaced... and if you're not down with that then I got two words for you...

PS I hope I get to taste your BarBQ someday. God bless you very much Mr. Ross


     wrestling would never be the same w/ out your voice.  i grew up in the late 80's loving mc mahan and the body going at it...and still consider them one of the best broadcasting teams ever, but i know that i will never hear that again.  JR...your magic is even rarer, because you can carry whatever load required, whether its part of a 3-man team of broadcaster calling a match ,or just 2, or even the dreaded 3 announce teams at once!...and still be "the guy".  and i'm sure more people than not would agree whole-heartedly.  plus your ONLY 57, that's the "in your prime" age for broadcasters.

your selfish fan,


JR, I've watched a lot of wrestling in my years, and to me, the announcers often made the difference between a great match and a legendary match.  In all my years as a fan, there have only been a few that can bring me along for the ride and make me feel like a "mark" again... Gordon Solie... Gorilla Monsoon... Joey Styles... and of course, Jim f'n Ross.  Given a choice, I don't know that I could pick between the four of you, but you're the voice of wrestling today, and I don't see anyone coming up the ladder that can take your place (unless Joey makes a comeback), so we definitely need you around.

Thank you for all of your years of service.  I look forward to hearing you call many more matches in the future.

J.R., I hope you keep at it until the day you're no longer able to do it. You're the best that has ever lived...heck, they don't call you "WWE Hall of Famer Good Ol' J.R." for nothing! I hope I get to meet you next Tuesday in Cincinnati at Smackdown.

This is a TEST Comment
Salman Khan
Salman Khan


I'm not usually a guy to post comments like this, but i stumbled upon this post you made and just figured I might aswel leave my thoughts as everyone else has.

I'm just a young teenage kid from Ireland. I havent been around as long as most of the guys that probably read this and, admitedly, I know not the WWE of old, even before the attitude era! Therefore, my opinions may be meaningless to most, including yourself, but I'd personally like to show my respect for everything you've done in the wrestling business and for having the balls to post what you think on the net like you do.

I've heard people say "The business is growing and the older guys should really know it's time to leave". I, personally, think that's a load of crap. A WWE with no JR is not a WWE i think people would be as interested to see. I think everyone will agree that you're trademark commentating really adds to those legendary moments, and makes you kind of go "Oh yes... Here we go!"

I won't ramble... Just thought I'd send my appreciations and congratulations for everything you do. You're damn right to stay loyal! What kind of man wouldn't? So again, thank you!

Boomer sooner, and all that jazz


Mr. Ross, I've been watching you call wrestling for 20 years now. Since you were working on WCW Saturday Night on TBS. You and your voice have been a big part of my childhood and for that I thank you! I'm upset that you no longer do Monday Night War because I have a standing appointment and Friday nights and do not usually get to watch Smackdown. Just to sum it up... I'm a big fan. But I do have one question about your blog. You say that you are always a team player, but didn't you defect from WCW in the early 90's because of Eric Bishoff's promotion? I'm not here to start controversy or call you out... I'm just a student of the industry and was wondering if the information I was given was incorrect. Thank you in advance!


HI JR  those who are saying those horable things don't realy know what a play by play comments guy does JR you are the bret hart of commentary the best there is the best there was and the best there will ever will be, just keeping on doing what you are doing JR just forget the stupid critics.

I have at least seen all the different wrestling shows right now as well as past shows, and you are definitely the best play by play guy on any of them. You really put over the wrestlers and improve the match the way you verbally sell the moves. I have no idea why someone would put Micheal Cole in your old chair; you belong next to the King on Raw.

Hi J.R. from NZ.

I've always been brought up to respect my elders and you sir are a person I respect a lot and feel sad that you would be subjected to abuse for doing your job.

You're a good man and I can't imagine what WWE would be like without you.

Keep up the good work. Hope you and your family are good.

God bless

I registered just to say Haters are everywhere JR. I am 27 years old and I still enjoy hearing you call a match. The people who wanna fault you for following a script are the same people who argue how great someone is based on popularity and not actual ability to work. If HBK is one of the greatest inring workers, then you my friend are the HBK of play by play.

As the former Voice of RAW, and the Newest Voice of SmackDown, I can truly say there has been no one better, So really, the negative commment's to me are because they truly don't understand your passion for the business.

I say keep going for as long as they let you. I for one will be truly sad when you go. But I know at least it will be on your terms, and with dignity.