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It's a beautiful day here in Norman. Happy you stopped by. Remember you can save 25% off $60 orders of JR's products thru Tuesday at Random thoughts....

Tonights Montreal Raw should be loaded w/ emotion in the arena. Montreal native and WWE HOF Pat Patterson will be recognized. One of the smartest wrestling minds in history. I learned so much from Pat when I came to WWE. Along w/ Bill Watts & Vince McMahon, Pat ranks up there in a small group of brilliant strategists. Eddie Graham also comes to mind on a debatable short list.

Plus, Patterson was an amazing in ring talent. Amazing. His tag team w/ Ray Stevens was arguably the best duo ever. Always top five in my eyes.

Bret Hart returning to Raw in Montreal for 1st time since the controversial 1997 Survivor Series should elicit an amazing, loud, sustained standing ovation. Key word is respect as the Hitman has earned it many times over. I'll never forget that fateful November night that seemingly many fans won't either.

WM13...Bret-Austin was magic. Those two HOFers put on a clinic. It was one of my favorite, all time bouts to broadcast. I still feel honored to have been there. If young wrestlers don't have this match essentially memorized then they really don't want to be stars. Plus, not a stupid, ill timed spot for spots sake in the entire match. The story that was told and the build up to the payoff at WM13 is what the biz should be about.

I'm very humbled that WWE will honor yours truly at the Monday October 1 Raw in OKC. I've had some unique experiences in my home state w/ WWE. Very much looking forward to seeing what Oct 1 will bring. It won't be boring that's for sure. Hope we have a full house which might earn OKC another PPV down the road.

Excited for WWE13 from THQ. OCT 1 will be here before we know it. Pre order now.

Every week I become a bigger @Sheamus fan. Love his toughness and work ethic. He's the cornerstone of SD in my opinion. Young talents can learn from Sheamus journey and character. His best days lie ahead of him as he's still got plenty to learn. 

I'll be tweeting @JRsBBQ tonight during Raw. Join us.

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Are my Sooners really #5 ranked team in CFB? Not sure. K-State at OU in 2 weeks will be daunting to say the least. Is Alabama #1? Absolutely...but injuries are becoming an issue at Bama.

Anxious to see if we learn what @CMPunk perceives being a 'Heyman Guy' means. I do know that any relationship w/ the @WWE Champion & @HeymanHustle should make for compelling them or not.

Great heroes are only as great as are their adversaries. Punk and Heyman have the opportunity down the road to anoint multiple antagonists to help keep things interesting. 

The last Raw before this Sunday's NOC PPV should be intriguing. I have high expectations.

Lots of exciting things on the drawing board for WWE Development. I'm so excited to be working with this team. Big things are coming. Hopefully any prospect who is set for upcoming WWE tryouts will come in in great cardio shape. Don't worry about your fake tan or the size of your 'guns' just yet. :)

Thanks for the visit.

Boomer Sooner! J.R.

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Hi JR,

It's great to hear that the WWE has decided to honour you at the 10/1 Raw in OKC. I truly hope that's the case as I can't bear to watch the WWE embarrass or humiliate you again in your home state like they have done so many times in the past.

I'm a long-time WWE fan and I know that it's an entertainment business but I've never found it entertaining whenever you've been treated that way as you deserve respect and I've always changed the channel or turned off the TV in past whenever something like that has happened.

Here's hoping that you'll get the respect you deserve on 10/1.

Josh from Toronto

 Hi JR,

It's great to hear that the WWE are giving you your own night in your own home town. Not only have I been a fan of you but so has my father and I bet he would be happy to hear your getting such an amazing thing.

Plus can't wait to hear CM Punk and Paul Heyman talking to incredible promo men working together should be a few pipebombs dropped from those two.

Mad respect to you JR,

From Luke all the way in New Zealand

I've often wondered how things would've turned out for Bret Hart if the Montreal Screwjob had never happened. How many more WWE world titles would he have gone on to win? How much longer of a career would he have had (the career ending kick to the head from Goldberg and the resulting concussion would've never happened)? How would he have fit in during the Attitude Era? And how great would it have been to see Bret vs Kurt Angle, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, etc... had he not gone to WCW after the Screwjob?