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Random thoughts while getting ready to attend the Oklahoma Sooner Football Spring Game Saturday in Norman and taking a moment to exhale for a few minutes from 'rasslin. Here's a variety of random thoughts on a wide range of topics for your perusal.

Lots is being made of my pending, new broadcast role in WWE. Personally, it is a non issue to me as I know that I will hopefully still  be able to contribute to the broadcasts in a positive manner. Times change, philosophies change, and the constant quest to improve and present the product seemingly never ends. We'll see how it works. I don't plan on stinking the joint out I assure you and I also plan on pushing whoever works with me to raise their game. Time will tell. The new journey will officially unfold after the "Draft" but I start this next phase of my career Friday night on Smackdown. It will be a work in progress but I definitely put in the effort to make it the best it can be.

The Undertaker is still scheduled to travel on the upcoming European tour after his "near miss" at WM25 in the instant classic versus Shawn Michaels. I would easily surmise that both future HOF'ers will be considerably sore for several days after laying it all on the line in Reliant Stadium.  

I'm getting plenty of emails telling me how wrong I am to call the Undertaker vs. HBK the best Wrestlemania match ever. Every one has their opinions but I am not taking any ass chewing for making my statement and have no issue hitting the delete key on my trusty computer from defiant fans with too much free time.  

I had a nice visit with MMA's Josh Barnett at WM25 and he discussed training with DH (Harry) Smith. Smith looks physically great and has all the physical gifts one needs to be a big star in WWE. The son of the British Bulldog just needs to allow his personality to evolve and to become a little more out going. I have every belief that the young man will make it big some day. I found Josh to be a great guy, highly intelligent and looking forward to some day fighting "Fedor." Josh is also a fan of my work which I found to be very flattering.  

Gail King and Michelle McCool had a really solid Diva's bout on Smackdown taped Tuesday in lovely, friendly Austin, Texas and I will be anxious to see how it is presented after it goes  through the editing process. I hope that I get the opportunity to call more Kim-McCool bouts on TV in the future. Divas that get athletically physical make the process work for me. 

Thursday there were even more WWE fans stopping by JR's BBQ in Norman on their way back from Wrestlemania. We had a ton of fans stop by on their way down to Houston or coming from Houston in the past week or so. Being on I-35 just south of OKC at exit 109 is nice and convenient for many travelers. Business has picked up in Norman!

Matt Striker and I visited Lockhart, Texas Monday afternoon and had one helluva meal at Kreuz Market, a BBQ and Sausage joint that has been in business since 1900. Assistant Manager Roy Perez was a wonderful host and the food was unbelievable. The entire experience could not have been better. 

I am deleting all the "Heath Ledger" comment emails for the record. I screwed up, I sincerely apologized and now we are moving on. 

For some emailers, yes, I get the "joke" that Santino and Santina are the same person. Duh. 

Yes fans, Finley can beat people without the use of his shillelagh and, no, I don't know why he seems to use it to the point of overkill in the minds of some fans. 

For the record, there is no official word as to when HBK is going to retire and I also realize on a recent radio interview that Shawn indicated that WM26 "might" be his last one. I hope that we don't wear this subject out between now and an official announcement by Shawn. HBK is still amazing, who's better, and I hope he sticks around for a few more years but if he does decided to retire he's darned sure earned it. Let's not jump the gun because after the draining experience of a Wrestlemania many veterans tend to re-evaluate their careers.  Trust me on that one. 

Happy  for Josh Mathews to finally get a cup of coffee on a main line TV show such as ECW. Josh has earned his opportunity and has the youthful look WWE covets. I am truly happy for this hard working, young man. 

For the record, I do not feel obligated to answer every single question that we receive. Some are redundant, some are regarding topics that I will not dwell upon, and some, to be blunt, are pet coon goofy. When I get an email that says, "You did not answer my last email....or I don't understand why you didn't answer my last question" one can consider those emails deleted.

I got to visit with Bobby Heenan at WM25 backstage at the HOF. Bobby has been through hell and the visual affects of his jaw reconstruction surgery are evident. He has trouble talking but still has his magnificent sense of humor. He beamed when he showed me photos of his grandson who is a handsome little man indeed. I love Bobby Heenan and trust me when I say that no one EVER in this business was ever better at wrestling/managing/announcing than was "The Brain." Bobby befriended me when I came to WWE in 1993 and I worked WM9 with Bobby and Randy Savage. Bobby was there for me when many in WWE wanted nothing to do with "the WCW guy." 

Another question we seem to be getting a great deal is when or if Stone Cold is returning to the ring. As best that I know the answer is never. Why would any human being risk spending significant time in a wheel chair and horrifically affecting one's quality of life to wrestle "one more match?" For any one to compare Steve's neck injury and subsequent invasive surgery to every other wrestler's neck surgery is naive and, quite honestly, ignorant. Steve will never step back in the ring to "half ass" it and go through the motions at half or three quarter speed just for the pay day or to make some obsessed, die hards happy. He has only one gear and if that gear is going to put his health at risk then why would he do it? Let's hope that every Stone Cold fan around the world will continue to show their love and respect for Steve when they have the chance to support his film work. Trust me, if Steve could step back in the ring and give it 100% without fear of rising permanent injury then he would. 

Got another question, again, whether I think that either Stu or Owen Hart will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. My answer is and has been, yes. I think that perhaps one of them could go in next year for the sake of starting a 2010 HOF rumor.  

Speaking of the Hart's, yours truly is sending Bret Hart some of JR's Sauces to his home in Hawaii. Bret is a great friend and he and I have to facilitate more opportunities to get together. If you haven't read Bret's autobiography then what are you waiting for? Any fan of the genre of wrestling or who simply likes to read great writings should read this amazing piece of literature. Buy the book. 

Let's try this one more of now the next time WWE will be in Oklahoma will be this September. Raw is slated for the BOK Center in Tulsa on Monday September 28 and SmackDown/ECW in OKC's Ford Center on Tuesday September 29. And no I don't have any extra, comp tickets. 

Not sure why Mickey Rourke needed a physical entourage to accompany him to WM25 that included MMA pioneer and star Frank Shamrock but whatever. I am a fan of Shamrock's work but never got to visit with him in Houston as he seemed a little "distant" or preoccupied while at 'Mania. Nonetheless he is a great MMA representative both in and out of the ring. 

I hope you enjoy Friday Night Smackdown this week and I will be anxious to read the feedback on the announcing even though that isn't why you should watch the show because just as 'OL, Bill Shakespeare said, "the play is the thing."

Thanks for helping support this site with your business in our store. We are soon going to we switching to plastic bottles for our products which will help lessen shipping costs. We are also going to make some significant concept changes in our Moore location which will help us diversify and to focus on our original store in Norman where I spend most of my "free time."  Stay tuned. 

Boomer Sooner!



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what an idiot this 'Boboyoyo' is, JR is in my opinion the best guy in commentary as the emotion he brings really adds to the matches

 you know you guys need to  respect JR and what He does each and every week for you guys.  Thanks for telling me when WWE is coming to Oklahoma and sorry it has been asked a few  times

i don't think anyone has ever said this in a post but I will, THANK YOU JIM ROSS! all these internet fans who want to know the ins and outs of wrestling have you to thank because if there is one true virtue in you, its your honesty. Personally I agree that the Taker/Michaels match stole the show at WM25 (you guys really should have kept people updated on how that cameraman was feeling after that swan dive, I thought it was over the bad way right there and even though the Orton/HHH match I kept turning to my buddies and asking if they thought that he was dead, I DID)

Aside from that, in general, you have always been honest with us the fans. Hell I can remember the first Shotgun saturday night I ever stayed up to watch where the 1-2-3 Kid pinned Razor Ramon. No one saw that coming and you were just screaming about this kid took down the RAZOR, it was amazing. I respect every aspect of the wrestling business, including the Kayfabe of it all, which alot of people lose sight of these days, its not reality TV, its WWE TV! (and how you havnt gotten a metal for being able to deal with the McMahons for as long as you have is astounding)

i wish i could come up with more to thank you for but this isn't thanksgiving and I havnt eaten turkey with BBQ sauce in 6 months. BUT ONE MORE TIME.... THANK YOU JR

Nevermind the haters, JR! You rock and hopefully you know it. Your blogs are the highlight of my day sometimes and I've got nothing but respect for what you have to say. Keep going strong, peace!

JR, I know u don't want anymore comments about Heath Ledger, but ignore the real imbecile who just won't accept you didn't mean it the way he thinks you did. You made a mistake and have been man enough to admit it. I am a fan of Ledger, but I was not offended by your comment personally becuase I realised what you meant and it wasn't a dig at him like some idiots thought. I saw it as a comment about Rey being at the top of his game, but as you said you had a poor choice of words. But as far as I am concerned and I'm sure every fan is concerned you are stil 'Good Ol' JR'

Thanks for helping to make another enjoyable Wrestlemania

Stone Cold has made fantastic contributions to the wrestling world, and for that, I am thankful. It's hard to imagine what the WWE would be like today without him. Even if he doesn't do it, there's nothing like the sound of tens of thousands of people screaming "One More Match! One More Match!" However, I understand the risks, and Stone Cold is one of the few men that I just cannot visualize in a wheelchair. Good luck to Steve in his film career.

Speaking of wheelchairs... Shawn Michaels seems to strike me as a man who would wrestle in a wheelchair if he thought he could get away with it. He's just got that mix of intensity and charisma that suggest he isn't going anywhere anytime soon if he has anything to say about it.

As far as the Harts go, why not induct them as a family? It worked for the Briscoes and Von Erichs.


You know, it's guys like the possibly intoxicated boyo that give the rest of us respectful fans a bad name. This person has nothing better to do than spam and troll forums and such ruining it for the good people who post here because they actually CARE! I'm sorry about the spammer J.R. In the event that he or she doesn't stop flamming, I won't be upset if you disabled the Q&A or the comments. It's really sad that someone has nothing better to do but insult someone like you who actually takes the time out if his busy scedule to address faithful fans. I offer this bit of info to the spammer: If you don't LIKE J.R. then quit watching Smackdown. No one's forcing you to watch and the words of 'The Great One' - IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

Now then, as for the rest J.R., I'm really psyched about this Monday night as I will be in attendance in Atlanta! I hope if I get there earlier enough (I got about a 3 hour drive ahead of me) maybe I can catch you for a picture. i won't trap you or be an annoying fan. If I see you're alone and not busy I will harass you for a picture :D Also, I live in Georgia but I rarely visit Atlanta. Like, I'm sure this will be the 3rd or 4th time in my life visiting the place. (I'm 23 and I live in the country) Anyway, you know any good spots to eat at?

I hope all the wrestlers and wwe workers traveling overseas have a safe trip there and back. You guys did good tonight. (Currently watching now) Keep it up. :D


I will NEVER refer to HBK or any of the WWE Superstars as just mere 'Entertainers'. They are hard working, respectable wrestlers that deserve respect.~~~Miss T


You don't have to answer this comment.  (LOL)

I can't add anything to what you just wrote in any of the various topics that other fans have not touched on...So I will just say thank you for doing such a wonderful job and for giving all these years your absolute best.  I know you will be the first one to say that your hat goes off to other great announcers from years past, Gordon Solie, Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenen and maybe even Ed Whalen or Marc Lowrance (I am an old school identifier) but for MY MONEY it doesn't get any better then Good Ol' JR and Jerry Lawler.

Although, and as much as it pains me to say this but...the JR and Michael Cole incarnation is growing on me.  :-)



Hi Jim,

Always a pleasure to read your blogs.

I recently bought Bret Harts biography and he seems to have certain bleaque outlooks on the wrestling buisness and of life in general. I'm a strong believer that people can change for better or for worse and the same goes for Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon and Triple H. I have so much respect for what Bret did in the WWE, but when he just wont let bygones be bygones for something that happened over a decade ago it puts me off him somewhat. I really don't think what happened in Montreal to Bret was personal and I don't see why he can't just let it be. Otherwise it was a very enjoyable read, well so far at least, it is tremendously well written and easy on the eye.

Thanks Jim,


Timothy Kendrick


  Always an Honor and a pleasure to read your blogs.  Thank you

I agree that the Taker/Michaels match is oe of the greatest Mania matches ever. If anything, it rates number 2, behind Shawn/Bret. I wouldn't have wanted to be any of the performers to go on after Taker & Shawn. They couldn't top that. I remember what the King said, 'I'm exhausted', so was I. I've been watching this industry for over 30 years now, and was totally soldout that Taker might actually lose the streak. I thought I've seen it all, and the WWE proved me wrong with that match. If it is not Match of the Year, I would be totally surprised, and utterly disappointed. Taker and Shawn showed the world, that two old dogs still know some new tricks.

boboyoyo - you are crude and disgusting. we are here to talk about wrestling and stuff, not to be vile , like you. my guess is, you have nothing better to do but, berate people. i will pray for you, to have more compassion, for your fellow humans. i will not stoop to your level of  nastiness.

Now anyhow, on to brighter and better things. The Jeff Hardy / Matt Hardy match was another, OH or WOW MAN ! moment. The Legacy grates on my nerves and I hope, HHH, Batista and  and Shane McMcahon kick their butts, at Backlash. Kobe did well against Big Show. Show is such a force of power. I would like to see Big Show VS The Great Khali at Backlash. That would be what you say is a slobberknocker. Well, I have to go and do stuff , for Easter. May the Lord bless everyone, in this world and give them a peaceful and Happy Easter. Enjoy your time with friends and loved ones.

Tata for now,

With much love and respect,

Mama Kass


Mania was phenominal! We had a huge US Navy party here in the UK celebrating all the fun. This is the US Navy's final year in the UK as we close our base and end over 60 years of presence here. Were looking foward to our final trip to a WWE event in 9 days! Hope we get to see you, but we didnt hear back from your webmaster. Thanks for all the great postings!


 First of all, I would like to thank Jim Ross for all he has done for us fans and WWE. Second I can see why people would get upset on JRs remark as I was wondering about it myself, but i believe JR when he said he didn't mean to make it sound as to disrespect the great Heath Ledger. JR apologized for it so i would leave it alone and we all say stupid things that sounded odd that we wish never said. Oh yeah JR you almost wasted Austins beer that he gave to you, I didn't wanna see him mad because of you not drinking it..haha. Tell my Favorite Superstar that his fan Ben says hello from western mass if ya can boss! Thanks. Happy Easter as well!

Hey JR,

      I agree that the Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker match was the best Wrestlemania match ever!!! I was hoping for Shawn to win because i strongly dislike Undertaker and i wanted his streak to end and Shawn would be the best person to end it. I resect Undertaker but i just really don't like his gimmick. To me that was like God vs The Devil and i was shocked,angry,and sad when Undetaker was the winner.                

Also the Matt vs Jeff match was awesome but Jeff should have won. Jeff has never won at a Wrestlemania and i thought for sure this year would be the year. Jeff should be WWE Champion because he is amazing and one of the best wrestlers ever!!!! When he won his first WWE Championship i was so happy i was crying :)

     There is no doubt about it Shawn is the greatest wrestler of all time. I hope he never retires!!!! The day he does retire will be the saddest day of my life. Im 12 and i want to be a wrestler when im older but im a girl and nowadays WWE just uses the girls as pretty faces like Maria     Beth is the best woman wrestler today, but the best ever is defintily Lita or maybe Chyna.