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The reported sale of TNA to a seemingly endless list of potential buyers is getting ridiculous. My friend Billy Corgan is 'allegedly' one of the latest suitors for the company who's own backers say isn't for sale. I have it on very good authority that Billy is not in the mix.

 Is there even a mix?

TNA could utilize a makeover, for the lack of a better term, and a new approach to their presentation of the product in the opinion of some but that's not an exclusive, TNA issue and is something that many wrestling fans regularly say about other TV wrestling companies.

Those that ask me daily on Twitter about me buying TNA get the same answer, No. I should suggest to them that they seek counseling or be drug tested.  

No one has ever produced a perfect, TV wresting show nor will they ever but the goal to do so should always remain at the top of any creative person's list. Every segment should have a reason for being and not be just 'filler' or 'let me up' content.

You know my 'old school' thoughts on poorly conceived, predetermined comedy skits in the biz. Those will always be cringe worthy. If something is funny because it sucks so badly that one laughs, it's far from a 'money laugh.'

 One of the more internally discussed matters in the biz is how the producers, formerly known as agents, function with their assigned talents in the matches that they help structure. Some do a great job but there are plenty who have served in that role that are counterproductive politicians who will never stop believing that it's them that should be in the 'spot' of today's younger performers.

Truly objective, mentoring and coaching oriented producers are a valued commodities within the biz. There aren't many of them.   

Are the Wyatt's fan favorites or villains? I actually don't know but I tend to lean toward the fan favorite side of the equation. What have the Wyatt's specifically done to make them be automatically considered villains? They are a radially cool, unique entity that are loyal to each other and enjoy imposing their physical will on others in the hopes of winning, therefore earning more money in the pro rasslin world, and establishing more actual, professional marketability. 

I do know that in today's world, whether it be right or wrong, generally 2-3 on one assaults aren't considered automatically heinous largely because the 'victim' isn't 'over' and many fans don't care if that specific, creatively neutered individual is maimed or not.

I'll put it this way, if the Wyatt's took on the Shield...I'd say the Wyatt's would be the fan favorites as the Shield are certainly built better to "complain, retreat and re-group" which today's pro wrestling villains must be able to execute.

 I listened to an awesome conversation with Dave Meltzer and Scott Williams online about Mid South Wrestling which actually served as a super sales tool for the recently WWE DVD release 'Legends of Mid South Wrestling' of which I was able to participate. Their memories of Mid South were refreshing.

Cowboy Bill Watts was a great, creative mind who gladly took ideas from others especially if Bill thought that they would work and make his company more money. I named his final, comeback "The Last Stampede" of which we sold a bunch of T shirts....and tickets.  Plus, it was my idea to turn Mr. Wrestling 2 villain against Magnum TA which seemed to work and logically made sense. Bill would challenge these suggestions but if one was able to sell the Big Cowboy on the concept you were in.

At least Bill allowed the pitch to be objectively made which can't always be said within the business.   

Any time a creative person can make timely use of any of the 7 deadly sins they generally have a fighting chance to make it work. In the case of Magnum and Wrestling 2, the sin was jealousy.

Watts always put an immense value on TV time and every segment of our shows served a specific purpose even if it was an enhancement match that was there to create positive exposure for one of the stars. These segments were not throwaways.  

TV wrestling companies could actually utilize the enhancement formula occasionally in today's world and my sense is that it would not be a turn off to the audience especially if the announcers took the matches seriously.

I've updated the Ask JR Q&A section of our site. Some questions did not make the cut, as always, but perhaps I should just list them to show you how insanely curious some people are with their conspiracy theories and the use of their free time.

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