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Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma home of the Oklahoma Sooners who will play their spring game this Saturday at 2 pm which will be televised on Fox Sports Southwest. Yep...I'm attending if I can do a kick out from this bug that I brought home from NOLA. With that said, lets stop burning daylight...

The polarizing Nancy Grace of HLN really was made to look ill informed and poorly prepared by her staff Wednesday night on her report of the death of the Ultimate Warrior. So much erroneous info was reported as fact that I actually felt bad for her. I'd like to believe that Ms Grace is not a mean person but she let down by her producers and research people notwithstanding those who wrote her script for her teleprompter.

For Ms Grace to implicate Owen Hart into any drug or steroid scandal is egregious and appalling.

Pro wresting/sports entertainment is given little credit by the mainstream news media and, as we have seen, seemingly the only time the genre is mentioned is when there is a tragedy. I never heard anyone talking about the economic impact that WrestleMania had on NOLA or the hundreds of Make A Wish interactions that are granted, the work WWE does with the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer organization, the support done in conjunction with the United States Armed Forces, among other great causes.

Good news isn't news in today's society or so it seems. That's truly a damn shame.

Ms Grace was made to look incompetent by her own people who seemingly relied on old info for the thrust of their story on Warrior and apparently did little new research on the sports entertainment world as it exists today.

I'd like to say that I'm surprised by I'm not. Sensationalistic, controversial journalism is what sells and 'selling' IE ratings is all that matters when it comes to TV news on virtually every network.   

Same goes for Colin Cowherd of ESPN who has had the basic same stance on pro wrestling since he became a shock jock-like TV character on ESPN. Cowherd plays the role of a broadcasting antagonist on television, IE a heel, and he can't be positive about 'rasslin' or show compassion for a dead man's family as it would apparently adversely affect his show biz persona.

Cowherd is a talented guy and likely a decent man but his pro wresting bias act is getting old and stale and comparing today's product to the tragedies of a decade or two ago isn't good journalism and make Cowherd look like he's grasping for ratings with heat seeking remarks.   

I've updated the Q&A's here on the site for those that enjoy reading them.

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Your sympathy is wasted on Nancy Grace. Her unwatchable show preaches about one thing or another, all touting the unspoken premise that she is superior, and entitled to judge. She should be ashamed of the way she makes her living, exploiting the misfortunes of people involved in one way or another in the criminal justice system. It was no surprise she was out to malign wrestlers and wrestling, but she doesn't have the gravitas to make it stick. // I think you, JR, overstate the point about the media. I have been surprised at the mainstream media coverage of Ultimate Warrior's untimely death, which has not been sensationalistic as far as I have seen, but actually been an acknowledgement that regular people do care about wrestling and wrestlers. There were also mainstream media stories about the end of the Undertaker's streak, which pleasantly surprised me that it was viewed as generally newsworthy. // Anyway, the premature deaths of wrestlers from a certain era is hardly breaking news. Even if we had 100% conclusive proof that Hellwig's death was related to steroid use (which we simply don't have at the moment), the choices he made that impact no one's health but his own is simply not newsworthy at this point. It is just another chapter in the Nancy Grace exploitation machine, but fortunately, no one is listening. Before this, I can't remember the last time I heard about Nancy Grace since she was railing on Casey Anthony every day for months. // For the record, I also think DDP did a commendable job at being positive on the Grace show, and trying to make the best of his appearance.
No Jim, she is mean. She bullied a woman into suicide and if you don't agree with what she's saying she kills your camera feed and you just sit there. A very nasty woman. DDP is a fool, so anxious to push his yoga he doesn't check who's show he's going on. BTW, membership AND captcha verification is overkill, tell your webmaster one or the other please.

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