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Happy Holidays to all and thanks for stopping by our site. Going to attempt to answer some of your Q&A's in this blog. They came from our site and from Twitter @JRsBBQ. Let's sauce it... 

To what countries does ship our products? One has to check with WWEShop as every country has different rules and regulations that might prohibit the importing of food products especially meat ala Beef Jerky. These are local rules and not ours. However, our JR's Cookbook is good to ship virtually any where and I've signed every copy that WWE is selling.

Are our products gimmicks? No...they are all products developed by my family especially the Original BBQ Sauce which is a spinoff of my Mom's homemade BBQ sauce.

What did I think of Kane's return to WWE at Raw during the closing moments of the Slammy's? I thought it was an excellent surprise and it made an impact. Where it goes from here is anyone's guess but getting back a star with Kane's name identity is viable for WWE. He also looked to be leaner and in great physical condition. I'm still amazed that many fans thought that it really wasn't Kane but an imposter or a 'new' Kane. Some even thought it was the Undertaker dressed in Kane attire.

Will Kane wrestle the Undertaker at WM28? I don't know who will compete on Raw this Monday much less who all will be on the card for WM28.

Are Wrestlemania rematches always a bad idea? Absolutely not. If that theory was accurate then we would have not had Taker vs. HBK 2. Every match comes with a different backstory, or it should, and therefore having bouts at Wrestlemania that fans have seen before always being bad doesn't hold water. Return bouts have been in the morm for years in the wrestling biz. Plus, entities like the NFL couldn't stay in business without some teams playing each other more than once a year. Yeah, I know, that's legit sports vs entertainment but even entertainment features multiple part films, sequels, etc.  For return bouts, it is always about the reason for the rematch and what new wrinkles are added to the equation. 

Do I want to be a manager? No.

Do I want to be a ring announcer? No.

Would I return to Raw as a braodcaster if asked? Of course.

Why has JR retired from commentary? I haven't. WWE simply has made a business decision to go in another direction. I'm still a proud member of the WWE team. My experiences allow me to contribute to the continued growth of the company in many areas.   

Was Monday night's rap off blunder one of my most embarrassing moments on TV? Yes, one of them, and it was all my fault. I forgot what I wanted to say. I fumbled. Next.

What's my favorite aspect of the new, Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD? It's overall honesty and specifically the alternate commentary that Steve and I did on three of his hand picked, Wrestlemania bouts vs Bret Hart, HBK, and the Rock. One of the most fun things I've ever done on any DVD.

Will the Legends Roundtables be a part of the WWE Network? I have no idea what programs will air on WWE's new network set to debut on April 1, 2012 but I personally think that the Legends Roundtables would be an excellent addition to the new network. I do like the thought of freshly produced, first run, reality type programming as I'm a reality show fan. WWE seems very focused on developing several new programming concepts for the WWE Network which I think is smart strategy.  

Is it fair to compare Michael Cole to Bobby Heenan? Obviously, hell no. Cole is still somewhat new in his current role. Heenan had years to master his spiel and to refine his craft. Plus, Bobby Heenan was the most all around talented performer ever in the business when one considers wrestling, managing, and commentary. Being a great, wrestling villain is an acquired skill and a true art form. Heenan was a genius and influenced many ala Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman, among others. Heenan was a product of a variety of wrestling territories plus the bottom line is that Bobby Heenan was simply a naturally gifted, entertaining, talent.

Thoughts on Tag Team Wrestling? What thoughts are there to have? Tag Teams are seemingly an afterthought and not a high priority, by and large, with most wrestling companies. Many fans, especially long time fans, miss the many great tag teams of years gone by as do I. However, I don't see the current trend changing but I hope that I'm wrong on that one. One thing is for sure and that is if several, legit teams were bonded together that, for many young fans, the tag team aspect of the genre would be new.  

Am I really a fan of @storagewars? Yuuup. Yes, I said on Twitter @JRsBBQ that Jared outpunted his coverage regarding his wife Brandi.

How can JR's products be used effectively during the holidays? Many ways actually but the simplest is to use our new, All Purpose Seasoning ala a dry rub on your turkey, chicken or ham. It's lights out and takes food to the main event level. 

Am I attending the Insight Bowl in support of the maligned Sooners? Absolutely. My loyalty to my team or any other entity that I'm associated with should never be questioned...for good or bad depending on one's individual perception. 

Do I think that @ZackRyder will be a WWE HOF'er? Slow down now...Ryder has earned his shot on the TLC PPV this Sunday which is a positive for him. Let's take it one big match opportunity at a time. I do admire his ambition and drive. 

Do any current WWE stars excite me as a fan regarding their future? You bet...several do including Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan. Plus, Mark Henry has had an amazing 2011 considering where he was when his run started.   

Who should be called up next to WWE from FCW? That's hard to say but the cupboards aren't bare in FCW. Lots of good prospects. It's perhaps more important for WWE to be ready for the called up young performers as any matter in the equation. Analogy...think NFL Draft but the team selecting the player doesn't know what position to play the draft pick. What one does from the get go with a new talent is imperative.   

What is my announcing philosophy? Short answer is that embellishing the skills of the in ring talents comes first, why said talents are in a given bout follows, and always avoid using negative/negative analogies to describe the stars. Every performer has to have their redeeming qualities re-enforced no matter their TV persona. It's a delicate, balancing act for broadcasters. Even villains, once clearly identified as villains, have positive attributes that need underscoring. Plus, the various titles have to be made to be special because they are intended to be and that will never change. Society understands championships.     

Lesnar vs. Overeem prediction for December 30? I can't pick against Brock so I won't. I'm a Lesnar fan but I will say that if Lesnar doesn't destroy Overeem's vertical base quickly and aggressively, Overeem can and will knock Brock out. The former WWE Champion's standup/striking defense has to improve. Lesnar needs to dance with what 'brung him' and that is wrestling. Take Overeem down and then pound. Overeem's hand strikes and knees are toxic. Don't see this fight making it out of round two. Another question mark is if Brock is returning to the Octagon too soon after battling illness? That question will largely be answered on December 30. I am predicting a Lesnar win via stoppage.

Tim Tebow thoughts? The Denver Broncos QB reminds me of when Rocky Maivia debuted in Madison Square Garden as a young, smiling fan favorite and got booed like he was Hitler. Tebow is today's John Cena in many ways. Bottom line is that much of the backlash on Tebow is that we live in a defiant society, by and large,  and that many people resent Tebow's religious stance, literally and figuratively, plus he is being force fed to sports fans by opportunistic, national media outlets and fans are spitting Tebow back at said media. I'm not a Tebow hater but I'll admit that I wasn't a big fan of his after he lifted the Gators to National Title win over the Oklahoma Sooners down in Miami back in the day.

We get lots of Twitter questions on how can  folks work for WWE. Rarely does anyone say what role it is that they are seeking but I assume as a wrestler. I also assume these questions come from guys who are still teens and are living at home with their folks. For the record, I think that it is easier to make it on a NFL roster than to become a Wrestlemania level, main eventer in WWE. So, that's why I always encourage wannabe wrestlers to have a back up play IE a college degree or another, established skill set. Getting fundementally sound training by a legit coach is imperative as is getting plenty of low paying, independent wrestling gigs. For wannabe executives, etc, if you're not smart enough to figure out how to apply for a job via WWE Human Resoruces then your chances of being hired aren't too good.

When will Undertaker return? Weekly update...same time to roll into WM28 to defend The Streak is my two cents on the matter. 

But JR who will Undertaker face? Please, stop the pain. I don't know but I do know that The Streak is as important to WM28 as is Cena vs. Rock....IMO. 

TLC PPV is this Sunday from Baltimore. Great, personal memories for me of Baltimore. including outstanding Great American Bash events, an unforgettable (sad to say) Scaffold Match, having a kidney stone fragment during a WCW PPV and I suffered through the particles exiting my body during video packages by exiting off the stage at the Arena in Balitmore to a waiting men's room where I could likely be heard screaming like a child. That experice was followed by a hospital run but I finished the PPV. Superstar Billy Graham beat Bruno Sammartino in Baltimore for the WWWF Title once upon a time and Ron Simmons won the WCW Title there on a historic night. Plus, a few nights at Sabatino's in Little Italy with Ric Flair are foggy memories but memories nonetheless. 

Checkout the daily deals on JR's family of products at From our family to yours, we appreciate each and every one of you. Many blessings...

Boomer Sooner!

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I think the streak match is more important than any other at Mania nowadays including Rock-Cena. As for Cole i just think he's aweful...i mean really bad as an announcer. Guys like Paul Heyman, Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan all played the heel announcer very well but Cole is just plain annoying and the harder he tries the worse he is. And here's a thought...since this is probably Taker's last Mania why not have Triple H and Kane challenge to end the streak one last time in a Triple Threat match given the history all three of them have together.

HI Jr!&nbsp; without a doubt are the best superstar in the wwe now!&nbsp;and i hope i am doing this correctly to ask you a question ....I understand that the divas division is not at its highest ...but there are fans who love them! do you think WWE will ever make a history of the womens championship dvd? I&nbsp;want to learn about moolah, and all the awesome women of the past? and I really liked Michael Cole as the &quot;voice&quot; he is getting on my nerves! and where do you see booker t going after his feud with cody rhodes , is he gonna stay announcer or is he back full time in the ring!! thanks for reading Nathan </p>

So what about the rumor that at 'Mania it will be;

Undertaker and Good Ol'JR vs. Kane and Michael Cole

Could Undertaker's 'Mania streak end by JR getting pinned?  I guess its one way to end the streak without really ending it

I enjoyed hearing Hornswoggle actually talking on last week's Smackdown. I'd like to hear him sing sometime. He might have a pretty good set of pipes.

Things are heating up between Josh and Michael. I'm seeing some ring time in the future for this antagonistic pair.

Cole is not even in Hennan leaugue when it comes to a heel comentarry. Brain had a Moonson as a face for him to draw the Line. JR had the King as a heel comentary. Cole is more of a poor man's Jessie the Body Ventura. Cole has his moments.   Raw needs JR and JR Needs Raw. JR made Raw sizzle. I give Cole as a heel comentary 3 and half stars still needs more improvment

 Shocked to hear about your wellness policy violation and subsequent suspension. Honestly kind of disappointed. Anyway what as fans can we do to ensure that zack ryder never appears on our tv screens again? Honestly fans get on Cena's case about his persona appealing to little kids yet ryder has got so called adults a term I use loosely yelling woo woo woo. Back to Cena for a minute. Everyone says he only appeals to woman and kids yet he seems to have quite a military following as well. So I guess the fans who boo cena and boo all of cenas supporters are also booing the united states military as well. How patriotic.

Fighting a striker from Holland? Oh boy, Brock will find out the hard way. This time his big mouth won't help him out. Alistair is no Frank Mir.

I totally agree with your announcing philosophy.  IMO, the announcers are there to put the talent over, PERIOD.  I know there are reasons for Michael Cole doing what he does, but listening to him still goes against my grain as an announcer myself, working for Killer Tim Brooks.  Whenever you work on RAW, you can still call circles around everyone else on the mic.  WWE should realize how lucky they are to still have you.