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Interesting week. Always good to visit Atlanta albeit for a short while. Nice burgers Sunday night at Vortex & breakfast Tuesday morning at Pascal's in ATL Airport. One of our favorite cities is Atlanta. Driving by CNN Center brought back many memories, many more good ones than bad.

Drew a few tough hands while in WCW but I refuse to let a handful of bad days in pro wrestling define my career or life. Thinking about that matter it truly is silly...borderline stupidity. 

So the WCW run, for me, was positive.

Yeah for every ill conceived Bill Shaw-like moment which defied intellect or logic, we had some fun & I was able to do wrestling play by play that was special to me. 

Good seeing Amy Dumas in Atlanta. She's staying busy but was smart w/ her money and owns property in Atlanta and Nicaguara. Still looks great and has a wonderful spirit. A true pleasure to be around. 

'Lita' likely can help the biz in many ways including, perhaps, a short term run as Lita but could certainly help greatly in WWE developmental.

Barry Windham's primary issue is dealing with his recent heart attack but I'm told he's stable and receiving good care. BW was an amazing talent back in the day and at one time was arguably top 3-4 in the world. 

Hopefully more wrestlers will realize today that life in the fast lane is not the way to navigate one's career.

Enjoyed dinner in Atlanta Sunday with 25 year friend Gary Juster. Gary is working w/ROH and is happy and staying very busy.

Busy weekend centered around OU Football Saturday afternoon & Alabama vs LSU Saturday night. Our on line business at with four, new Jerky flavors and the awesome, new All Purpose Seasoning. Our products make great gift ideas for all occasions but order early for the holidays. Seems to me that the 'hook' for Survivor Series is whether or not John Cena & The Rock will maim each other while teaming which could lead to bigger days down the road. Honestly, Miz & Truth winning in the newly remodeled MSG would shock me but who knows? Intriguing and vital night for WWE on tap at their next PPV. Lastly, Jerry Brisco is feeling stronger but doctors still haven't discovered what is causing him to suffer strokes. They will in time as Jerry is a battler plus his Okie State Cowboys are red hot which I know makes the WWE HOFer feel better. Follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. We passed 250,000 followers a week or so ago. Have a great day. Boomer Sooner! JR

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I think the question is not if but when The Rock and John Cena will have an altercation at the Survivor Series. During the match or after? Personally i think Awesome Truth need to win this match and keep their momentum going.

I think Barry Windhams's best run was in WCW in 1993 as "the Lone Wolf" when he held the NWA World title. After his injury that year his career seemed to go downhill and he never really did much after that.

I've always have been a fan of Barry Windham. from his match with Dr Death for the unified TV title at Starcade until his retirement. My prayers are with him and his family.

Barry Windham has always been one of my favorite wrestlers too! He is one tough S.O.B., and I wish him well!