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The weekend is upon and we hope everyone enjoys their's. It's always a good weekend to go online and order JR's products from or from our British friends in Manchester at If you are in the Norman, Oklahoma area you can get JR's at the four, Norman @HomelandStores and save on shipping and handling. We are still attempting to make a variety of deals to get JR's products into grocery stores and as soon as something positive occurs I will let everyone know. With that said.....Let's Grill! I'm getting hammered by SEC football fans on Twitter @JRsBBQ over comments that were casually made by my friend and OU head football coach Bob Stoops this week where he acknowledged the SEC's dominance in college football, especially the top half of the SEC, but also added that the Big 12 wasn't so shabby either.  CFB pundits, especially those in and around Alabama, have taken strong exception to Bob's casual, factual statement as the well earned legacy and reputation of the SEC does receive ample and positive PR from many media types. That's really no revelation sports fans. The media loves to follow the big winners.  The irony here is that Stoops and 'Bama coach Nick Saban have great respect for each other and are friends.   It's another case of the college football media, on a slow news day, shooting their own angle that they can't pay off.   Craziest question I've gotten today...what type of cell phone does the Undertaker use? Following my Twitter timeline @JRsBBQ is actually pretty entertaining.  We get some 'beaut's.'  Happy Birthday today to Darren Mathews  aka @RealKingRegal who is one of the most valuable assets within WWE not to mention one of the funniest, most organic/natural performers in the entire company. Very few wrestlers can pull off a comedy skit on a wrestling show but Regal can as good as anyone I've ever been around. He's also a treasure as it relates to WWE Talent Development. We've been down many roads together and I consider the Blackpool lad one of my best "wrestling friends."  Tough dude too...not to be trifled with.  In case some of you are wondering, I don't direct message (DM) strangers on Twitter as I don't want to get indirectly implicated in BS that is none of my business. I also don't want to see my statements taken out of context and then used in the Internet Wrestling Community. I can be reached at Contact Us which is located on the homepage of this site. Who's the NXT big star to matriculate from developmental to a main, WWE roster? No one knows for sure. No one. Too many variables involved in the situation to adequately answer to the satisfaction of any one with an average IQ. However, @WWENXT has several young talents currently training that have a legit shot to make it to the next level. Many don't want to hear this as it's not as exotic a story as the" mysterious, powers that be holding someone down" theory but success is largely dependent on who one sees in their mirror. Irresponsible, young wannabe stars who keep shooting themselves in the feet aren't gonna win any races. It's really simple...essentially "Do Right" and devote ample time outside the facility to better prepare for what hopefully will come in time. I wonder how many DVD's the majority of the NXT talents studied this week. Hmmm.  Been asked a lot lately with the weather warming up but, YES, ships JR's regularly to Canada as we have NO retail outlets in Canada at this time. Shop safely and efficiently online at Best former NCAA Champion turned pro wrestler? Easy for me but I'm biased...the late, Jack Brisco who lost one match in college was a two time all American at Oklahoma State, National Champion and then had the mountainous task of being the NWA World Champion when the title was arguably the most prestigious in all the biz. No former NCAA Champion Wrestler traveled more miles and had more great matches than did "Handsome" Jack who is considered by any aficionado of the genre to be Rembrandt-like and the wrestling ring was his canvas. That means that I respectfully go with 'BRISCO' over Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar who I both worked closely with at WWE from their star in WWE.  Next week is my feral hog hunt with @ShawnMichaels for his Outdoor Network TV show. Unlike those folks on 'American Hoggers' I'm not hobbling any wild pigs just so you know. Should make for some fun TV.  @OKCThunder MUST win a game in Memphis to live to fight another NBA series. Not sure that OKC's interior can hold up against the Grizz.  Here's a dandy match idea for you fantasy bookers....Chael Sonnen @sonnench vs. @TimTebow as a special attraction contest at WM30 in New Orleans. @NFL @ESPN @UFC entities would claim blasphemy of sorts. Anyone else get the feeling that @UFC is hoping that one of their talented heavyweights picks up the pace on the media side to create a little more interest in what should be their most marketable division? @DanaWhite is teh best salespeson in UFC whichis akin to the old school promoters being their own star because they knew that they could always depend on themselves. I find that marketing strategy to be on the money/  Grilling idea...grill the fish of your choice and when the fish has been turned and is about a minute or two away from being finished, drizzle on some JR's Main Event Mustard. If you season the fish with JR's All Purpose Seasoning you have done enough but by adding a drizzle of our mustard you have made the grilled fish even more special.  I will be doing the @steveaustinBSR podcast soon. Download them all. Good stuff from Steve.  Thanks for stopping by and please check out the Q&A's here on our site. Feel free to ask your questions there too.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ        
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adrian neville and mason ryan to main roster!
I agree with you totally about Willaim Regal, sadly classic comedy is getting to be a thing of the past. *sigh* i just wish Regal would stop calling himself an old pro, he's timeless, his style is timeless, he's the last "funny guy" we got
 I cannot wait until current NXT divas get moved permanently to Raw. Business will likely and definitely should pick up! (ty JR) Paige has high expectations on her head I feel she will exceed. Bring Natalya back full time to the division also.
animal killer.
Always good to hear your positive feedback in it's most succinct form.

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