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Let's address some Q&A's from this site and from Twitter @JRsBBQ.....

Will Mick Foley ever return to WWE? I don't have a definitive answer but my gut instinct says that he will at some point and it could even be this year. I can't see Mick wrestling regularly but stepping back in the ring for something special seems feasible. Mick has many skills and could be an asset for any company in a variety of ways. 

Will WWE ever relaunch a Cruiserweight Division? I'd like to see it but I don't know what the WWE's stance on Cruiserweights is at this time. I've heard nothing on this topic.

How does being PG affect me as an announcer? Absolutely none. I prepare the same and approach the product with as much passion as I ever did. My role at the announce table has changed as has the presentation of the product but I don't see where being PG has any thing to do with that.

What's the biggest thing that I would change in the business if I could? Adding more developmental programs to train more world class level athletes. With the traditional territory scene being essentially eliminated, having more developmental training programs seems essential. 

Will Oklahoma leave the Big 12? As of today, OU and others are trying to revive the sickly Big 12 and keep it running. Much depends on the politics of Texas football and how they address revenue sharing and their network. Story to be continued.

Will Paul Heyman become involved in the CM Punk issues that are on going in WWE? That would be great with me but I don't think that @HeymanHustle has any interest in getting back in the biz.

Who's the next breakout star in WWE? Could be one of many and I just hope that some of them advance to the next level. Too many fans blame everyone but the talents themselves for the lack of advancement which isn't accurate or fair. However, I do like where Dolph Ziggler is heading and it seems that Cody Rhodes is getting more play. Several talents fit into the same mold as Ziggler and Rhodes which is actually a good thing if they continue to evolve on all levels. Ryder, McIntyre, Sheamus, Swagger, and others seem to all have 'something.' I actually like several, young WWE talents and their varying upsides.  

 Will WWE ever do another Warrior DVD? No idea but if Warrior is unable or unwilling to participate then I'd suggest that any future Warrior DVDS would be considered insufficient.

Was I surprised at the live audience's reaction during the Rock-Hulk WM18 bout? Absolutely. I did not think that Hogan would be the overwhelming crowd & sentimental favorite in that match. It was quite a moment. 

Do I think that the Undertaker will physically be able to perform at a main event level at future Wrestlemania events. Absolutely. However, if Taker is unable, for any reason not be be what he expects of himself, he will never step in the ring and be less than his best. I do not expect that to happen. I expect to see Undertaker attempt to go 20-0 at WM28 but have no idea against who.

How is the King after Monday night? I talked with him today and he sounded really tired and said he was sore but did not elaborate. I'd be surprised to see him be able to work on Raw in Kansas City this week but he's surprised me before. Jerry is 'old school' and will never complain about being injured.

Was Hugh Jackman really a nice guy? Absolutely. If not, I would have simply ignored the question as opposed to throwing him under the bus. Jackman was a fan as a younger man and actually had fun with his in ring activities. I only spoke to him briefly but he was a good dude.

Can folks order our products via phone? Yes...USA & Canada fans call 1-866-993-7467 and all others call 1-717-522-4384. The package deal with the autographed, enhanced card is becoming the top seller. Reminds me that I have to sign more cards tomorrow. 

@TheMarkHenry is the World Champion's Twitter handle for those asking. I never want to physically cross paths with Mark again but I'm proud of his accomplishments and steering a 15 year course to reach the top of his profession. We signed Mark to a 10 year contract in 1995 as he was preparing to represent America in the '96 Olympic Games in Power Lifting.

Who do I have in Saturday night's UFC main event, Bones Jones or Rampage? Going with Jones but as we all know every UFC fight is only one punch from ending. Jones return to the ring after injury will be interesting as he was on a roll before his injury. 

Will the nWo return to WWE? Not sure why we get SO many questions on this one other than many fans seemingly long for content that stood out back in the day and the fact that Kevin Nash made an impactful visit to Buffalo Sunday. My 'guess' would be no but I wouldn't wager on it either way. 

Will Matt Hardy ever return to WWE? That's not my call nor do I have any imput in the matter but my view on Matt Hardy is simple....go to rehab and invest totally in getting clean and sober and then cross future, professional bridges when you come to them. Right now getting healthy and STAYING healthy should be the only item on Matt Hardy's agenda. I've always liked and supported the Hardy brothers and wish them nothing but good health and happy days.  

I'm going to be on the OU sideline Saturday night, BTW the game's on FX at 7 central time, against Big 12 rival Missouri. Mizzou took the Sooners to the woodshed last year in Columbia when OU was ranked #1 and beat my team like government mules. Saturday night will hopefully be a different tale. I don't expect OU to have much of a mental let down after winning at Tallahassee against FSU last Saturday night but if the Sooner faithful can be as emotional and loud as the FSU fans were it would be great. OU -21 is a scary bet from where I'm sitting.

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Follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Heading to Kansas City on Monday morning and full expect the unexpected Monday night on Raw. Perhaps Cole could do the follow up interview with Mark Henry.  

Boomer Sooner!



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It is a breath of fresh air to see someone "new" as champion with Mark Henry. Here's a guy that has been in the business for awhile and has paid his dues but why in Sooner heaven does the WWE keep putting the strap on John Cena??? I don't hate Cena but geez give someone else the ball for a change to run with... I actually want to turn the channel when i see him now.


South Lyon, Michigan

People "long" for the nWo for the same reason they long to see Stone Cold, or the Rock, or for that matter, the Undertaker. The fact that it was a group and not an individual wrestler (you'll pardon the expression) changes nothing.

When Taker returns i can't see him having anymore matches like we've seen at the past 3 Mania's. Last year's match with Triple H took a lot out of the Deadman and i think he needs to take it easy in the future at this point in his career if he's gonna last much longer.

I think WWE should give Sheamus the big push as a face and have him win the Royal Rumble and go on to win one of the titles at Mania. Enough of Cena and Orton already. They've held 12 combined WWE/WHC titles in the past 25 months.