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 Rainy day in Oklahoma. Aside from biggest earthquake in Oklahoma history, we had an amazing weekend. Ding, ding, ding.....

Hard not to enjoy football this weekend. Two man broadcast teams work so much better in the sport's presentation. 

Alabama-LSU lived up to the hype. Physical, 'pitcher's duel' type of game. Im not interested in a rematch any time soon. 

BCS so flawed. Chaos will ensue on December 4 when final BCS poll is released. 

Playing LSU in BCS Title game in New Orleans will be a daunting challenge. It's a glorified home game for the Tigers. It matters not who LSU plays either for the record.

Steelers gave away a game that they should have won. Horrible play calling & clock management but the men in black and gold notwithstanding vaunted, or not, Steeler D getting shredded in 92 yard drive at end if game.

Sooners lost best receiver in college football, Ryan Broyles, for the season with a torn ACL. #85 cannot be replaced. OU loses #1 running back & #1 receiver/player in consecutive weeks.

Oklahoma State is rolling which makes my pal Jerry Brisco happy. Jerry, who recently suffered his 4th stroke in about a year or so, is feeling good and will visit a highly regarded specialist later this week as the search is still on going to determine what's causing the strokes. Jerry is upbeat and positive about his condition and situation.
What a tragedy at Penn State. Coverup on the hideous, alleged sexual abuse if young boys is unforgivable. Heads are rolling but if the powers that be don't largely clean house it will be the never ending story. This isn't about JoePa's legacy but about justice for the children who were violated within the PSU Athletic Department.
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When asked who was the biggest star of the 80's, it's an easy answer. Hogan. No brainer. Biggest star of 90's? Little tougher. I'd submit Stone Cold for that distinction. Austin ruled late 90's. Add Rock, Taker, HHH, HBK, etc to those subjective lists and one has a special roster. My criteria for this distinction is generating revenue BTW.

For Dan Hodge not to be in WWE HOF saddens me. Look at his bio and tell me he doesn't belong. Hodge was best, pure wrestler I ever saw.

Should be interesting to hear Brock Lesnar analyze UFC on Fox this Friday night. Nice promotion for UFC's Dec PPV where Lesnar returns to Octagon after long battle with diverticulitis. I'm still concerned it's too soon but if Brock does lose, he'll get a 'pass.' Brock should be an outspoken, sound byte king. BTW catch 'Next Big Thing' in THQ's WWE 12 video game. Ol JR too..

Many ask me what the Michael Cole Challenge is. I don't have a clue but I'm pretty sure we're going to find out sooner than later.

I mixed our Chipotle Ketchup, Original BBQ Sauce, lite mayo, and sweet relish to make an awesome burger topping. Chicken fingers too.

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Going to be interesting to see how @TheRock and @JohnCena coexist at Survivir Series. Combustible elements in MSG....interesting.

In a lousy economy, WM28 first day of ticket sales setting a record w/ $6M plus is impressive. I know where I hope to be on April 1, 2012.

Enjoy Raw tonight from The King's favorite city outside USA, Liverpool, home of Jerry's all time favorite musical group The Beatles.

@BretHart and @shawnmichaels_ Rivalry DVD is rocking and getting great reviews. It's a hit. Thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit.

Life is good as we all should continue to count our blessings. Boomer Sooner! JR @JRsBBQ

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I've often thought of that question who was the best wrestler of each decade. Biggest star of the 80's to me easily was Hogan in WWE & Flair in NWA. The 90's is much tougher to narrow down but i came up with Undertaker in WWE & Sting in WCW...remember Austin & Rock didn't really get going til' 98-99.  As for this past decade well i'll say the top star was Triple H based on his # of world tiltes won & the success he had from 2000-2009 which no one else including Cena had.

If the Michael Cole challenge is who can be the most annoying than JR may as well throw in the towel before it starts as no one can annoy as much as Cole can.

 Hey JR,

Last yr I made your dip minus relish.. Been making ever since..  Another tasty change is to add a little lite ranch instead of mayo.

Cant wait to try the new spice rub... How many different foods have you tried it on?

Thanks for your hard work

John Petrey 

 Thanks for the thoughts, JR.

I thought THQ made a good decision in scrapping the whole "Smackdown vs Raw" thing for the new game (it was getting old). Can't wait to get it.

P.S.: I really agree with you on Penn State's coverup. If only there was a way to stop this whole tragedy that plaegues our country.

Sexual abuse against children seems to be everywhere now. The churches, the schools, junior hockey and now this. Anyone not familiar with the story should look up a guy named Graham James who was a junior hockey coach for many years and finally had a lot of his former players come forward and press charges against him recently including former NHL superstar Theo Fleury.

Kurt Angle was also very successful this past decade winning his first WWE title in 2000 & winning 9 WWE/World/TNA titles that decade. Then there's the Undertaker who won 4 WWE/World titles, a Royal Rumble & went 10-0 at Mania from 2000-2009. So it's between HHH, Angle & Taker for wrestler of the past decade imo.

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