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Time for a new blog and we appreciate you stopping by. Also a quick thanks for those of you who are ordering JR's products from and look for some new products to be rolled out soon. It's kickoff time.... 

Yours truly is headed to Tallahassee, Florida this weekend to attend the Oklahoma vs. Florida State, top five showdown Saturday night on ABC. Keep an eye out for the black hat on the OU sideline. Love college football and this game, for us Sooner fans, is HUGE. It won't be easy to escape the Florida panhandle with a win.

Night of Champions seems to be shaping up as an intriguing PPV in Buffalo, New York this Sunday night. It's always better to be in Buffalo this time of the year rather than when the cold weather rolls through. Every WWE title will be defended on this event so that means the card is loaded and comes with plenty of potential surprises. 

Some fearless and prehaps not so bright predictions:

HHH beats CM Punk in the no disqualification bout thanks largely to the stipulation. Not sure how much WWE plans to have HHH wrestle so this is a viable opportunity for fans of 'The Game' to tune in on what could be a rare bout by the future WWE HOF'er. 

Alberto Del Rio has had a somewhat quiet WWE Title reign thus far but ADR can change that by defeating John Cena Sunday night. However, I see Cena winning in what I think will be a PPV closing bout. 

Mark Henry is on a roll and I think he beats Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Title.

Buffalo native Beth Phoenix will win the Divas Title from Kelly-Kelly or so I am predicting.

Air Boom, nice handle, retains the Tag Titles against The Miz and R Truth much to Michael Cole's dismay. 

I see both Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes retaining their titles at NOC as well. 

Let's address a few of your questions: 

No , I never see one, major champion in WWE meaning that I don't think that the WWE/World Heavyweight titles will ever be united which essentially means that I don't see the brand split going away any time soon.

My thoughts on Jack Swagger are that he will be a big time player in WWE for years to come and his best days obviously lie ahead of him. He's still learning his craft but has an unlimited upside if he continues to be diligent in his preparation and in ring work. Swagger, like so many guys at his level, needs to get on a roll to get noticed more prominently.

My observation on WWE PPV's emanating from, say the UK or Australia, have the hurdle of the time zones to overcome. The events must be live in North America for financial reasons. However, I do not know future PPV sites and things are always subject to change with the times.

How do I maintain a road schedule after diverticulitis and colon surgery and three bouts of Bells palsy? First of all, I have a strong work ethic and love of the genre. Call it passion or an obsession if you choose. I never feel sorry for myself as there are many folks who have much worse health issues than do I. Plus, I'm taking much better care of myself and love being a part of the process.

What do I think of Brock Lesnar returning to the Octagon in December? My instinct says it may be too early. I'm surprised that Brock is returning to headline a UFC PPV so soon after surgery and especially against an opponent like Overeem who is a world class striker. I'm a Lesnar fan without question and hope that he can take Overeem down and avoid a knockout.

Yes...I have fond memories of the Varsity Club in WCW and feel that that group  was one of the more underrated factions that I ever saw.

Without question, I would enjoy seeing WWE produce a tag team DVD some day highlighting many of the great duos in the biz while interviewing as many of them as possible.

When are we introducing new products for Very soon...within 30 days or so and before the holidays. We have four, new Beef Jerky flavors and an All Purpose Seasoning just about ready to roll out. Stay tuned.

What products that we produce have surprised with sales? The Chipotle Ketchup and the Main Event Mustard have become excellent sellers and have multiple uses the year around.

Will the WWE title belts ever be redesigned? Beats me. No idea and I'm really not a 'belt guy' as it relates to what they look like. We get this question all the time.

Will Batista and/or Chris Jericho ever return to WWE? Again, I have no info on such but my guess is that yes they will at some point in the future and likely for a limited time engagement. Perhaps that's just my wishful thinking and I could be dead wrong. Both would help score a bigger Wrestlemania 28 number of PPV buys, IMO.

We are asked frequently where WWEShop ships our products outside the USA. Best way to determine that info is to go to and you'll get the info you need at checkout.

Yes....customers can order JR's products via phone at 1-866-993-7467 for USA and Canadian customers and at 1-717-522-4384 in all other locales.

Would I like to see Kane return with his mask? Personally, I liked the mask and would think that by wearing the mask it would be new to many younger fans and re-engage some older fans but that's, again, just one guy's opinion.

I am not egocentrical enough to say where I think I rank behind Gordon Solie but I've always said that 'The Dean' was #1 and the rest of us announcers would always compete for #2. Gordon's style of doing actual play by play is no longer in vogue as story telling has taken over hold by hold calls. Nonetheless, Solie set the bar high for everyone who followed him. do I like it? I think it's a great way to communicate with fans and our followers exceeded 220,000 this week and seems to grow daily. Twitter downsides include the fact that I can't physically answer every Tweet and the fact that some idiotic cowards grow big Spauldings on the social media outlet. You're personally invited to follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support on all fronts. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Boomer Sooner!


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Always enjoy reading your updates JR. I really wish I was as enthusiastic about the Night of Champions PPV as you. I am a long time fan of 20+ years and my interest has declined that much in WWE I have stopped watching now. John Cena, Del Rio, Mark Henry etc. I just don't find entertaining I would rather put a tape/dvd from yesteryear on and be properly entertained.

lol, AGAIN Brock Lesnar (this was number 234) and AGAIN no Fedor.

We get it: He's in a mismatch in December, he can't surprise Alistair with anything. He'll get whipped worse than against Velasquez.

Alistair Overeem vs. winner of Velasquez/Dos Santos, THAT'S the fight everyone wants to see.

I agree with Carl.  Been a fan since the days of Hulk Hogan's Rockin Wrestling cartoon was on and have to tell you, I still watch but could care less one way or the other who wins what.   I still watch it don't get me wrong but am just not as into it as I was.

Hey JR --

I sense that you probably don't want to address the whole "three man announce team" controversy anymore, and I'm cool with that.  I've already made a few comments here in past weeks -- but I know you all are working on it.

However, Cole still bugs the hell out of me sometimes and I really need to get it off my chest as a fan.  He has this annoying habit of dreaming up one particular line, and then beating it to death literally for months.  Currently the best example of this is what always inevitably flies out of his mouth whenever he talks about Sheamus.  As sure as the sun comes up in the morning, I know that within seconds Cole will say "THE FIRST EVER IRISH-BORN WWE CHAMPION."  Oh wow!  Really?  He only tells us that every week for the past 60 weeks or so.  And he says it as if it's some kind of major accomplishment, like winning a Nobel Prize.

He used to do this with The Undertaker when he would always refer to him as "the best pure striker in the WWE."  What the hell did that mean, other than perhaps to pander to the UFC/MMA crowd?  What value did it add to the broadcast?  And why say it every single damn week?  It was such a deeply profound observation that it bears emphasis on every show, every week?

Is this some lame attempt at reinforcing a "brand" or "image" when you think of a particular talent?  If it is, it's highly irritating and a little condescending -- that he has to repeat it week after week, as if we don't get it...or we forgot.

For the love of God, if you have any influence with him at all, please have Cole put some variety in his announcing, and tell him to stop with the incessant repitition of these trite, meaningless phrases week in and week out.

 Another week of college football and another tough loss for the sooners. I don't think anyone envisioned them starting 0-2. On the bright side my Jets starting a solid 2-0. By the way with Night Of Champions a mere hours away let me be the first one to comment the ppv was poor. Thanks.

Wasnt sure where to place this, so I am here. I went to Harley Races WLW card Saturday night in Keokuk Iowa. It was interesting that they had a raffle of these items. A Rey Mysterio autographed photo, a legends T-shirt, some DVDs and an autographed picture of You,  Jim Ross. The first number called and the winner picked the JR photo. My 14 yr old was disappointed, informing me he wanted to win that photo, because he wanted to surprise me by giving it to me. The popularity of JR lives on. Why..... You treat the fans great, and provide insight that nobody else does, except maybe Lawler. Thanks for the memories over the years. A fan from the Superstation TBS days~