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i was just wondering, i have a web page in which i would love to put some of your wrestling related items on, you use to have a rss feed, i was wondering if you still do, and if so where i would find it.

mathew edward hanley 111

Hey Good Ol' J.R., My #1 Pick For A Commentary Guy. Maybe even President. LOL-

I don't know how you feel about The Ultimate Warrior, But he is and always will be my #1 wrestler of all time. I really think he is & was under-rated and underestimated. All those who took place on the Self Destruction DVD with negative comments about Warrior just don't get it.

It's not just about stars and others in the WWE, It's about the fans who came to WWF/E shows since day 1 and is and was and will always be how WWE got this far today, Just like any other Fed. or Org. Theres more Warrior fans out there than you think. Even today.

Ultimate Warrior had lots of long matches, storylines Etc. with Undertaker, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Mr. Perfect, Earthquake, Rick Rude, Haku, Dino Bravo, Hercules, Andre The Giant, Papa Shango and so many more that I thought were awesome.  (Including the Ultimate Maniacs storyline)

You know people do change and improve in their life over the years. Warrior had a return match against Orlando Jordan in the NWE and was a long match as well on June 25th 2008 in Spain. After that match when Warrior vacated the Championship belt by beating Orlando Jordan, Warrior was on a radio interview and said he thinks facing Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 25 would make sense. Just like a 25th wedding anniversary. Warrior even said he would find a way to work things out with Vince if he would just give him that chance. Warrior gave props to Vince in that interview about how sucessful he is whether he screwed or found other ways of building the WWE empire it is today. Warrior even said, which I agree with, About wrestlers today who MOCK stars of yesterday is rediculous because they need writers today and can't even make up their own storylines, matches Etc. One he was referring to was Batista. Batista is no (real) Road Warrior Animal or Ultimate Warrior shaking the ropes. But all Warrior said about Vince in that interview is how much he used to look up to Vince and Linda like parents. Warrior really respects Vince more than people think or know. I really don't care nor give two S**ts about how rumors make stars lose there popularity. Like when they made rumors that Warrior died which was BullS**t! to me. RENEGADE is the one who died that was mocking Warrior created by Eric Biscoff. Yeah what a Sucess of a mockery. But no offense on the RENEGADE star. RIP.

Anyway, Whether you or anybody else agrees with me or not, One of the history making matches ever that doesn't get waves which should is when Warrior made history by beating Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6. Then Warrior retiring Savage at Wrestlemania 7, Making an impact returning at Wrestlemania 8 to save Hogan, Then beating HHH at Wrestlemania 12 and so much more. Even having a long storyline and match with Goldust at In Your House 7. As well as in the past Storylines with Papa Shango, Jake Roberts and more. All those Storylines and Matches should'of been included on a Ultimate Warrior DVD, But still can. If those who mocked Warrior would stop and give credit where it's due, Life would be easier. Like I said, People do change. I believe Warrior, Vince and all of the WWE could have a great relationship in the future before they all get to old to understand where they could'of made sense to each other years ago.

I would love to see at Wrestlemania 25...


(After the match, they shake hands and have a friendly and best relationship that they ever had.)

So Good Ol' J.R.

What do you think about that?

Do you think that match could happen?

Do you think a better and 3 Disk Set DVD of Ultimate Warrior could or would be made?

Give me all your thoughts and answers &/or opinions to this post.

Forever WWE and J.R. fan,

Danny Wissert


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