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BHello everyone and welcome to our website. Happy that you found us and we hope that you don't become a stranger. A new, Ross Report drops tonight at 9 ET on, iTunes and here on the homepage of our website. My guest is Bob Backlund, former 6 year, WWWF Champion and  a WWE HOFer plus I will address the comments made about me by Mark Bagwell recently on the @steveaustinBSR podcast about me costing Bagwell his wrestling career. Plus, I will give you the first draft of my suggestions on this year's WWE HOF class, why the great @RondaRousey doesn't need to be WWE Divas Champion and so much more including why I don't think that no matter the outcome that Jimmy Snuka will not spend a day in jail over the charges of 3rd degree murder. Download our show for FREE and we thank you for supporting our efforts. 

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WWE was without a great deal of star power Monday night but had one of their better shows IMO nonetheless. It seems that talents who are still present realize that the door is open for them to step up and take ownership of the fleeting albeit lucrative top spots in WWE and become permanent  residents of the main event neighborhood of the Promised Land.

Think about Cena, no Taker, no Lesnar, no Orton...if talents who love to say that they are underutilized and want to change their scenery then now is the time to take drastic and perhaps even risky steps to get noticed and to make a profound impression on the decision makers then now is the time to rise up.

The 10 men in the Survivor Series Elimination main event did a good job of illustrating what that type of match can be at Survivor Series. The Usos got a nice spotlight and maximized their minutes with plenty of excitement.      

Nice cheating by a quasi cowardly Seth Rollins who left looking strong after the beat down of both Reigns and Ambrose. That's what heels do.

Enjoyable fourway featuring the women of WWE in a a well executed match. Charlotte's promo was spot on and Paige is a compelling villain. Good stuff and I liked how Charlotte's promo sounded as if she was talking in her natural voice.

Cesaro  finally got a RAW win which was well received for one of the most underutilized talents in the company.  For any one to say that Cesaro has no personality is laughable.

I see ADR turning on the villain Zeb Colter some time soon and becoming  the Hispanic fan favorite that WWE desperately needs. It's unfortunate that Alberto wasn't able to keep his commitments to Mexico's AAA after rejoining WWE. That's never a good situation. No one wins in this particular situation.

I'm confused about what  Bray Wyatt is becoming with the purported, super natural powers, etc and need that story explained better to me. Still think that Wyatt will one day be a huge fan favorite. Not today, but after a good, hot bad guy run. Has Wyatt inherited Taker's eerie demeanor?

Cena's absence on RAW was essentially thrown away which seems like a break in continuity.

Congrats to Ric Flair for being the object of an ESPN 30 for 30 some time in the future. Hope I'm interviewed.  I've got plenty of stories.  Trust me.

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I wonder if the rest of the world is watching our presidential debate and laughing at our next wave of leaders? Are they saying, "The new leader of the free world is going to be one of those people, really?"

Some may be surprised at some of my unofficial nominees for the 2016 WWE HOF Class that I release on a new, Ross Report Podcast tonight (Tuesday) at 9 ET., iTunes, and the homepage of this site. I reserve the right to change my mind.

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Hi JR firstly would just like to say I'm a big fan of your work and believe your a vital component that's missing in the WWE universe today. I've just been listening to one of your podcasts reviewing HIAC. I was surprised to hear you agree with the PG direction. Do you think this is what the minority of WWE fans want? People want excitement, they want drama, and above all else they want to see a fight. I grew up watching the attitude era like many other WWE fans. I've stayed loyal to the cause and tune into the show every week hoping for a glimpse of improvement. The show just isn't the same, and It's dispaointing because of the potential and talent within the roster. The talent just seems to be restricted and so scripted. The only guy that makes a difference and makes an impact is Brock Lesnar. Why? Because he's unpredictable, entertaining, and he brings the fight. Can the WWE not see this?