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I hope that everyone is having a great day! If we're above ground we really don't have any thing major to complain about do we? Thanks to all that visit and support our efforts with the JR brand of products at Let's grill...

I'm a NYG lean vs Dallas in the NFL opener. I'd take the G-Men -3.5 if I were a betting man. However, I do love @DeMarcoMurray my former OU Sooner who is the go to running back for the 'Boys. 

Does Jerry Jones remind any one else of Mr. McMahon?

Love the idea of a potential fight between Silva vs. GSP in Cowboys Stadium. Chance for @UFC to sell 100,000 tickets. Same goes for @WWE when they hold a WrestleMania in Arlington some day. I stress some day as it's a slam dunk that there will be a WrestleMania in Cowboys Stadium.

Now we'll get the inevitable questions asking which WrestleMania, who's in the main event and when do tickets go on sale.

BTW...I don't know but I can guarantee you that a beer will likely cost one $10 and parking around $50...or more and none of that money goes to WWE.

#Boomersooner fans freaking out over OU's slow start in a winning effort down in El Paso last Saturday night that I attended. OU wins 24-7, doesn't cover the point spread or the over and fans/gamblers mess the bed. I think the Sooners are rated too high at #5 in the nation but I do think this team has the potential to win the Big 12. WVU looks potent and I never count out Texas, OSU or K-State as the Big 12 is balanced and tough. 

Yeah, I know, the SEC is still the top dog in college football so lighten up Francis. 

Because I came down hard on the immature, amazing athlete Dez Bryant, some called me a racist. Everyone can express their opinions, more power to them, but using phony keyboard warrior names is cowardly. First of all I'm not a racist and I do think that it's sad that a grown man, regardless of his race, has to be babysat like the Cowboys are doing Dez. Without question, Dez is potentially a great football player with amazing God Given gifts but he needs to grow up. I hope that he does. 

On another more pleasant NFL note, Tony Dungy is a brilliant...wise man. I love his insight on NBC and his human spirit. (I think that he is a man of color, too, if that matters.) 

Got a question on the Q&A here about Butch Reed being NWA champion back in the day. I will tell you that Butch was a badass athlete, tough and highly skilled plus a good talker. However, I don't know that the former football star would have liked to have been away from his horses and family for the long stretches of time that comes with being NWA Champion. Plus, in Reed's prime era, unfortunately, many NWA promoters would not have gone along with it. Promoter Bill Watts caught plenty of hell from his peers for pushing JYD to the top of the card. 

Watched the @CMPunk DVD and loved it. One of the best DVD's that I've seen in years. If fans don't buy it because Punk is now positioned as a villain on TV then they are naive and missing the boat. 

Got lots of feedback on my Sleep Apnea. For those that have been diagnosed and refuse to wear your mask or device because it's "uncomfortable" I am sad for you. I truly believe that being diagnosed with sleep apnea saved my life and extended it as well. One cannot stop breathing several times a night, put the added strain on one's heart and expect to live a long, healthy life. When I was told that I stopped breathing 40 times in 60 minutes and had been doing so for years it damn sure scared me straight. Sleep apnea is covered by most insurance BTW.

Grilling tonight...steaks and asparagus using only JR's All Purpose Seasoning. It's the miracle seasoning. 

Of all the wrestlers that I have know to actually say they were "retiring" I truly feel that @ShawnMichaels (HBK) and Edge will stay that way. Don't think that @JCLayfield will return to the ring either but a visit to the announce desk could happen on occasion if the stars were aligned.

WWE has some decent announcing depth sitting out in the bullpen if you stop and look at it. BS'ers in the bullpen...exactly!

Getting amazing amount of traffic on Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding HHH getting a haircut. It's approaching the Undertaker haircut level. Next thing you know @HeymanHustle getting his back waxed will be trending. 

Damn...I'd love to do some promotional work with Whataburger, Subway or Sonic Drive In's. Three of my favorite chains and JR's ketchup, mustard or BBQ Sauce would kick butt there. 

Got a feeling that Montreal Raw this Monday will be compelling as hell. All the elements are in place to make it so. I hope the place is packed as that's another good way to get back in the PPV picture. 

Love that the OKC RAW TV event has tickets starting at $15 and are available now. I'm going to be front and center no matter what happens. :) I dare to try and embarass me!! 

I wonder how many young talents in NXT have studied DVD's this week in hopes of learning more nuances on the art of the mat? Or how many just tanned and went to the mall in their spare time? Just saying....

Would loved to have been a part of the Sooner broadcast team this weekend as the game is on PPV via #FoxSports. I can almost guarantee you that they would get a few extra buys. Would have donated my game fee to charity or back to the university. 

Rasslin guy syndrome has no cure.

I'm making plans to travel to Birmingham, England this November for a sanctioned, invitation only, WWE try out camp. 

Yes..more Legends Roundtables will be produced...just not sure when or what the topics will be.If you have ideas tweet them to @WWEClassics.

@WWEGames is going to be rolling out several pieces of video on the new, WWE13. Check out the roundtable we did now at Funny stuff.

@TMZ says HHH 'shaved' his head...looks to me like he just got a haircut.

JR's BBQ season never ends as our products can be utilized dozens of ways indoors in ones kitchen. ships virtually everywhere. 

@americansoda in Britain will be selling JR's products soon. Stay tuned and follow them on Twitter. 

The NFL replacement referees, or specifically the officials, will be catching all kinds of hell over the next few weeks but part time workers such as the full time officials don't deserve better pensions than full time, NFL employees. Officiating NFL games and having the chance to earn up to 200K extra bread annually while moonlighting isn't a bad gig. 

When do we hear the term unsafe working conditions being thrown about when it comes to the part time Ref's?  Yesterday?

@MikeTheMiz did as well as one could do Monday night on RAW with likely little notice and preparation. With all the social media info and other data to get in the show, it's a damn tough job. 

@BookerT5x book 'From Prison to Promise' is a helluva read. I'm really enjoying it. It's a story of life not just rasslin. More on it to come. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Boomer Sooner!



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 Hello JR, I was reading on that people were calling you a racist because of your comments on Dez Bryant. First of all, I have been watching you and listening to you every since you were in WCW along with Teddy Long and a certain Phenom in the early days and know in my mind and heart that YOU ARE NOT A RACIST!!!  The people that are saying these lies about you are people that don't know your history in the business and what you have contributed to this business. As for Dez Bryant - I agree with you. He needs to grow up and take some personal responsibility for his actions. Not for the Dallas Cowboys to babysit him like he's 3 years old. Oh, and in case people will read this - let me tell you right now I am a black male and most of black people agree with JR because as a people when one of us acts like a spoiled child because he has money and claim that someone is racist for telling the truth then we are lost as a people. JR just said what most of us was thinking and that shouldn't classify him as a racist when telling the truth.

It's about time HHH got a haircut. Now he doesn't look like a girl anymore. Lol.

Now for some comments on your last blog. I hope the Punk-Heyman alliance leads to Punk holding onto the WWE title til' at least TLC in December which would make him the longest reigning WWE champ since Hulk Hogan's 4 year run in the 80's. And yes Ryback is finally getting over with the fans. I'd put the IC title on him now and have him break Honky Tonk Man's record 15 month title reign. That would lead into early 2014 where i'd have Ryback win the Royal Rumble and then go on to win his first WWE title at WrestleMania 30. I think that would be the appropriate pace for Ryback so he doesn't turn out to be another Goldberg or Brock Lesnar...too much too soon.

i know what you are talking about with the sleep apnea.  i would go sleep just sitting some where, and a few times while driving.  things are so much better with the breathing machine.  anyone who doesn't want to use it is playing russian roulette with there life.

love your blog. am going to order some sauce soon.

 JR -

Truth of the matter is that the announcing bullpen is (in my mind) better than the on-field team. Regal & Saxton are doing a fine job, and only get better when you are thrown into the mix (that is one three man booth that has worked out VERY well). Scott Stanford has a great, recongizable personality, and is doing a fine job calling the action, even though Josh Matthews is constantly trying to undermine him by acting like a child. Matt Striker actually understands "wrestling" and is clearly a fan of it, unlike Cole or Matthews.

I would be delighted to have any mix of Regal, Stanford, and Striker calling the action. Saxton has tons of potential, but needs more mentoring and knowledge of the game before he moves to the big leagues. At least he has the good sense to let you and Regal have your say, and he only adds his two cents when it is appropriate.


The truth of the matter is that we are lost as a people and as a country. These jerks that are calling Jim Ross a racist only further that truth. We will be set straight soon enough !    My dream commentary crew that doesn't include the GOAT would be Regal.....Striker  with Heyman as the antagonist or  JBL...STRIKER  with Regal as the antagonist.  Some guys that are still wrestling will be Great announcers one day.  Punk....Christian.....Santino...Chavo....Hornswaggle etc.   :)

JR, it was 105 times every 60 minutes for me with the sleep apnea.  Totaled a car at 3 in the afternoon falling asleep at the wheel (walked away without a scratch and more importantly didn't hurt anyone else as it was on a busy Interstate).

Haven't missed a night with the CPAP for over 11 years. I've heard people complain about the mask and the machine, but I got used to it right away.  I was sold the morning after the night in the sleep clinic as I felt better than I had in years.

Guys, if your wife won't sleep with you anymore because you snore like a freight train, get yourself checked out.  It's nothing to mess with.  As the great Double A used to say, "the life you save may be your own."

JR - thanks for highlighting that refusing to wear the sleep apnea mask/headgear because of comfort (or noise) is really foolish.  I am sure our children or grandchildren would agree ... especially with the high percentage chance of an earlier or premature death.  Hopefully, at least one person will take this to heart.

When I was getting my MBA, we did a project with CPAP manufacturer, Respironics in Pittsburgh, PA.  We interviewed some sleep apnea support group members. We learned that when researchers went into elderly care facilities, no one had sleep apnea.  We were surprised to learn why ... “because sleep apnea suffers died before they got old” (stroke or heart attack during their sleep).  It is also linked to depression and many other health issues.  I have been using a CPAP for about 4 years now.   I finally feel rested when I wake up and don't suffer from phlegm and stuffed sinuses in the morning (I thought it was allergies and treated as such for years).  

Hi J.R. We have hardly seen any of Kelly Kelly on TV in recent months. Can you tell us what's going on with her or what she's been doing and when we can expect to see her regularly again?