Great Sunday here in Norman, Oklahoma after a busy week for yours truly that included trips to Orlando/Winter Park Florida and then spending Saturday in Stillwater, Oklahoma. More on both in this blog. Let's Grill....  My observation, in general, on the NXT taping Thursday night at Full Sail University was that the four, one hour programs were as solid and as full of energy as any we've done in the ever growing developmental program.  The taping started at 6:30 P.M. and ended just before 10 P.M. local time which was efficient and kept the capacity crowd engaged throughout the evening.  Lots of talents continue to develop in NXT and many have, seemingly, a date with the WWE main roster in their future at some point in time. Continued hard work in the effort to improve one's game and making the right decisions both in and out of the ring are imperative for those dreams to be facilitated.  Lazy, immature, overly insecure, problem children need not apply.   I like the duo of Adrian Neville and Cory Graves as they have the potential to compliment each other well and to grow as a team for as long as they are together. The new Ascension duo also has potential.  Bo Dallas and Leo Kruger both had solid nights, among several others,Thursday evening as I don't recall seeing any bouts that were cringe worthy.   Arguably, the 'stars' of the Thursday NXT taping were all the Divas who had a series of fundamentally sound bouts including many within the first ever, NXT Womens Title tourney.  Sara Del Ray has done a marvelous job in coaching and teaching the females in NXT and her efforts are certainly obvious to any fan of the genre. Ric Flair was on hand to see his athletic daughter, Charlotte, make her in ring debut and Charlotte did well for her first outing. She's approximately a 6 footer who has a viable upside.    The Wyatt Family had a strong night and they are ready for a successful entry into the WWE sooner than later. Luke Harper had an especially physical and solid match with WWE Superstar Sheamus on one of the taped programs.  The new, WWE Performance Center will officially open on Thursday July 11 which is also the next time we tape NXT at Full Sail. This grand opening is not open to the public and will be via invitation only to the media and a variety of WWE business partners, etc.  The Performance Center begins a new era in the development of WWE talents that is truly exciting. I went through the facility again last week and it is amazing. There is not a NFL training facility that exceeds what WWE has done with this facility. With that said, the training of these future WWE Superstars will be amped up and the expectations raised not only for the athletes but for the coaches as well.  The higher expectations also include the number and quality of young athletes that are recruited and signed to begin their WWE journey in NXT.  Speaking of recruiting , Jerry Brisco and I spent the day and most of the evening Saturday in Stillwater, Oklahoma observing the United States World Wrestling team trials to determine the Free Style and Greco Roman teams for the World Games to be held in Hungry.  We have a top recruit who has tried out with WWE in a recent camp and who did well in the Stillwater competition that we hope to sign in the next few weeks. Gerald Brisco and I met with many coaches and amateur wrestling officials who are  supportive of their athletes getting a chance to make WWE their next career move. Being a star on WWE TV on a Global basis, helps promote amateur wrestling in a significant way. Any student of the genre can look back in history at the great number of amateur wrestlers that have made successful transitions to the pro's since the 20's and 30's. For the foodies out there, we had to have lunch at the world famous, Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater which is a must if one is in the area. Interesting seeing former Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner enjoying Eskimo Joe's and Rulon, at one time, was interested in trying his hand in WWE but it never could be worked out. Nice, BIG man though with who had a nice visit.        There is no area of athletics that WWE will not scout for physically gifted athletes who have the aptitude to potentially become WWE Superstars. The collegiate wrestling ranks perceives the sports entertainment genre much differently than in previous generations as many coaches embrace the opportunity to see their wrestlers make WWE a career. For those devout fans of indy wrestling, WWE will continue to be aware of the independent wrestling talent and look to sign the best of the best from that world too.   Actually, next year's class of seniors at the collegiate wrestling level is greatly anticipated as several top amateur grapplers have demonstrated a strong interest in seeing if they can transition from college to WWE. I feel that 2014 will be a banner, recruiting year for WWE in this particular area.  Plus, WWE will continue to cultivate a relationship with the NFLPA in hopes of finding a handful of former football players each year who want to begin a new career using their natural athletic abilities and charisma. It's amazing how many life long fans of WWE that there are in the NFL.  Interesting days are on the horizon for WWE fans if last week's Payback PPV, RAW and Smackdown broadcasts are any indication. The show's are feeling fresher, new talents are getting more established by the week and more, new talents are on the way. Plus, some of the new rivalries are intriguing for the fan in me. WWEShop.com, http://www.wweshop.com, is having a HUGE sale on JR's products just in time to stock up for July 4th and the summer grilling season. Save BIG and ordering is safe and easy online with delivery right to your home. Check out my page at WWEShop.com for all the bargains.  Hope to get an update tomorrow on how tickets are going for my first ever, Spoken World Tour which will debut in the UK in late August hitting cities such as Cardiff, London, Manchester, and Glasgow. Tickets can be purchased quite easily online at http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/. VIP tickets include a private meet and greet with autograph and photo ops but are sold out already in London and Manchester and are selling quickly in Cardiff and Glasgow. I'm going to talk about my career from the beginning of the unlikely journey through the present and then do a lengthy Q&A session with those present in what will be an entertaining and intimate environment.  Join me if you can.  For fans attending my shows in the UK, http://www.americansoda.co.uk or @americansoda on twitter will be on site selling JR's products which will save everyone on shipping and provide a nice opportunity to stock up.  I'm working on updating he Q&A's elsewhere on this site so check them out and throw me your questions if you'd like.   You're invited to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ.  It's a great day for grilling here in Norman and that's where I'm headed! Have a great balance of the weekend.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.      @JRsBBQ
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When can NXT be shown on cable?  I would like to see it because sometimes it can get old seeing the same people week after week on Raw and Smackdown.
NXT will air in America at some point to be determined on a network yet to be decided upon. Stay tuned and be patient.