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 Writing this blog on SW Airlines flight from Orlando to Pittsburgh..typing like a scaled dog....!

NXT Thursday night in Orlando was excellent. Great atmosphere at Full Sail University's 500 seat arena. 

Impressed with NXT Champion Seth Rollins who wrestled Jinder Mahal in a title bout. Rollins continues to improve, raise his overall game and up his intensity.

Michael  McGillicutty had a helluva bout with US Champion Antonio Cesaro. These are two of my favorite talents on the roster. Not wild about the McGillicutty name but the 3rd generation kid can be a player. Cesaro is a polished in ring talent who can have great bout with a multitude of wrestlers w/ varying skill levels.

Roman Reigns reminds me of a young, early day Rock. Same heritage, 6'4"-265, great presence. The kid has "it" and should be a star if he totally commits in doing so. Smart too with his Georgia Tech education.

Thought Tyson Kidd, who I feel is vastly underrated, had a stellar night vs the talented Leo Kruger. 

Sarah Del Ray doing an excellent job working/coaching the Divas. IMO I was the best in ring Divas bouts Thursday night as I've seen in WWe in a while. Layla, Alicia Fox, Paige and newcomer Sasha did well. 

Loved Big E Langston's intensity and overall presentation. Big E has a shot at being special. All depends, like every talent in NXT, how much of a commitment that each individual is willing to make. I'm headed to Morgantown, Wv to take in the Oklahoma vs West Virginia Big 12 football battle. It's OU's first ever trio to WVU. Gonna be on the Sooner sideline so keep an eye out as the game airs on Fox at 7/6 central. Flying home after the game with the team and plan on e Watching WWE Survivor Series on PPV at home. I'll be pleased to be home as I assume that Cole, Lawler, and JBL will handle the PPV broadcast. Should be an interesting show. Got a feeling some intriguing days lie ahead. Seems like the time is here to consider a reshuffling of the deck. Just my opinion. I expect CM Punk to retain the WWE Title, Team Ziggler to win their Elimination Tag and Big Show to squeak by Sheamus. Speaking of Big Show, the Workd Champ wrestled Bo Dallas on NXT Ina made I called with William Regal. Show being there in Orlando was a testament to his commitment to WWe and the Developmental System which is going to get MUCH bigger and better in the near future. I'm legit excited about where Talent Development is headed. Remember that for fans in the UK part of the world that manchester's @americansoda ships JR's products. WWEShop.com @ http://www.wweshop.com has some great "deals" on our family of products which I ask you to consider for holiday gift giving. After all my recent travel and working on a variety of WWE projects, I'm ecstatic to be taking the weekend "off" and supporting #Sooners vs the Mountaineers Saturday evening. Our Q&A'S are updated. Check them out as they are all quick reads. Thanks. Boomer Sooner! J.R. @JRsBBQ

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Never seems to be any mention of Dean Ambrose. I've seen all the footage , the guy can work a mic and for my money....can wrestle. Makes me wonder if his attitude is where it needs to be. From what i've seen of him, he is a perfect fit for a loose-canon type character that would go well with NC-17 programming   :)  see what I did there ?


   Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the WWE Legends of the Ring discussions. Recently I decided to blog a little about my love of old school wrestling, and those conversations have triggered lots of great memories! Thanks for sharing so much with fans of the sport.



 Hey JR. Great blog as always. I attended the NXT Tapings in Orlando for the first time and I gotta say you hit the nail on the head. The atmosphere was amazing, Kidd vs. Kruger was great, and Rollins vs. Mahal was really good as well. The women's wrestling WAS the best in a WWE ring in a while, Paige is amazing. Big Show taking time out of his busy schedule to appear at the show was really cool too. Definitely not the last time I attend, I'm already trying to make plans to be there next time on December 6th!

It was great to see you in person for the first time as well sir, really enjoyed your interview segment with Rollins and Corey Graves also.