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What a week and we have a lot of ground to cover so let's kickoff this piece of business.

Monday night in Lafayette was as surreal a night as I can recall on Monday Night Raw. Taking part of the walk out in protest of how HHH is managing Raw was an experience that I have never had in all my years in the business.

Describing how it felt to be the last one to leave ringside is hard to put into words but if I had it to do over again I would re-think my decision. 

I did what I thought was the right thing to do at the time but within a few hours of doing so I had second thoughts. 

With that said, I will be in my home state of Oklahoma Monday night out of respect for the state and for the WWE Universe who have supported MNR and my career for many, many years. Whether or not I return to RAW the following week will depend on HHH stepping down as the man in charge of Monday Night Raw. 

I know that several WWE Superstars will be competing Monday Night in OKC including John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, the Big Show, and CM Punk.

I've also heard rumors that the Superstars who walked off Monday night in protest may travel to OKC and might even protest outside the arena. 

Nonetheless, its the last WWE event in Oklahoma this year and the first Raw following this past Monday's controversial night and shapes up to be a compelling evening. 

I owe the fans of my home state and the WWE Universe a great deal and out of respect to all the aforementioned I will do all I can to resume what I love doing. Indeed, Monday will be a most interesting day and MNR feels as unpredictable as any broadcast that I can remember. 

Let's address a few questions sent to us at our Q&A section of this site and via Twitter @JRsBBQ...

No...I had zero to do with the 'JR commentates UFC You Tube video' that was making the rounds recently but I did get a good laugh out of it. Someone did a bunch of work on that project.

Yes..Mark Henry has made a definitive impact in WWE and I would be shocked if Henry loses the World Title any time soon. However, I also don't feel that he's unbeatable because no one is. Mark Henry has upped his game as much as any one I can name in recent times in WWE. Could the new and improved Mark Henry possibly face the Undertaker at WM28? Any thing is possible.  

Will there be more Legends Roundtables taped? Yes and I will be on the panel for the next taping which is set for mid October. I don't know the subjects to be discussed but assume that we will produce two programs that will be airing at a time to be announced. As I write this the complete panel is still being comprised. 

Comparing the WWE Title and the old, NWA title is really an 'apples to oranges' type of thing. The NWA Title was at its strongest when there were many, viable wrestling territories worldwide and international business, especially in Japan, was strong. Those days, at least for now, are non existent. With that said, I really haven't thought too much about John Cena breaking Ric Flair's record for most title reigns with the WWE Championship. It certainly seems possible as I don't know how much longer Cena plans to compete but safe to say it won't be as long as Naitch has been lacing his boots.

Excluding the USA, the UK is the #2 area of the world that buys our products from Overall, our on line business is really growing nicely as we prepare for what we hope will be an ambitious holiday season. We will also be adding four, new flavors of Beef Jerky and an All Purpose Seasoning to our inventory within a week or so. The products are done, shipped and are with WWE and we are just waiting on WWE to go through their processes to launch the new items. I hope that you give them a try. 

Those that have seen an advance copy of the Bret-Shawn DVD that is available on October 25 have raved about it. I stand by what I said in that conducting that interview with both men sitting side by side across from me was one of the most memorable experiences of my career. I have immense respect for Hitman and HBK's honesty and willingness to tell an amazing story of their rivalry and relationship.

Yes I do believe that tag team wrestling has a chance to make a come back in WWE based on what I have seen recently. Time will tell but there are some positive signs that would indicate that WWE is more committed than in recent years to develop more viable tag teams.  However, for any one to think that today's tag team scene will soon rival previous eras when teams stayed together for years and refined their skills isn't likely, at least that's one guy's opinion.

Some are confused as to why my voice was heard on some WWE content in some bouts that originally aired in 1992 specifically along side Gorilla Monsoon. We re-voiced the bouts likely due to legal issues with the original call or to simply have a fresh take on certain bouts. 

Speaking of Gorilla, this is the anniversary of his death and there is rarely a day that goes by that I don't think of him. I can truthfully say that if it had not been for Bob Marella's friendship and support when I first arrived at WWE in 1993 from the 'enemy' WCW that I seriously doubt that I would have had the Hall of Fame career in WWE that I have been blessed to have. Gorilla Monsoon was one of the finest men that I have ever known in any walk of life. His organic, on air chemistry with Bobby Heenan was unmatched. This business that we have chosen for our professional lives is tough in so many ways and, quite honestly, isn't conducive for cultivating long term, true, friendships. I can look any person in the eye and say that 'Gino' as he was called was a great friend and mentor to me who will always hold a fond place in my heart. It's too bad that the young wrestlers of today never got the chance to get to know Gorilla Monsoon and to sit under his learning tree.

Another important person in my life died this week many years ago even though it only seems like it was yesterday. Brian Pillman was one of a kind. A classic overachiever with a brilliant mind for the business and the brazen guts of a riverboat gambler.  When Brian sustained a mangled foot in the Humvee accident, I truly believed that his life started to head in the wrong direction. Brian knew that after ankle fusion that he would never be the in ring performer that he longed to be. No one that I have ever known had more of an obsession to be a major, wrestling star that Brian Pillman. As hard as I tried, I could never get Brian to regroup and to focus on being a great, color commentator in wrestling. Every time I travel to St. Louis, I think of where I was when I got the news that Brian had been found dead in a hotel room in the Twin Cities. A little piece of me died that day too. Brian Pillman was a special person and another who left us much too soon. RIP, buddy. 

I'm traveling to Dallas to attend the Red River Rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas Saturday at noon eastern on ABC. I'm excited to be riding down and back in an Oklahoma State Trooper black and white with the security detail. I've been in a black and white a time or two but never got to ride 'shotgun.' Keep an eye for the black hat on the Sooner sideline. 

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Be well every one and count your blessings. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so life every day positively and to the fullest. 

Boomer Sooner!



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It might have been strange, but that was the most compelling ending to Raw I can remember in a long time.  You agonizing over what to do before ultimately walking out was great television, despite the crowd giving it to you.

Confirmed Crimson Tide fan, but Boomer Sooner this weekend, as I don't care for Texas at all.

Ray Steele

Savannah, GA

I Hate Dirt Sheets: A Wrestling Fan

JR that was not very classy of you on Monday night by walking out on Triple HHH. He rehired you and even fined Mark Henry for trying to hurt you on Raw. What you did was totally uncalled for Monday night. If I was Triple HHH I would fine you and make you stand before the OKC crowd and apologize to him. Nothing personal.

I understand the walking out part. If your union feels that workplace is unsafe a protest is the right way to go.

Whats up with the treatment of Christian lately..why treat a Top 5 overall talent the way they have. Easily the best Performer and Talker on the Smackdown roster, and they stick him with a no win gimmick, people wont get into him if they contiue to do this, and he cant rely on the old school fans because there arnt many of us left.  Also they didnt give him enough time to showcase his talents.  In TNA when he was the most memorable champion and really the only time i watched it was when he was on it.  Can you elaborate on why the WWE just doesnt like the man??

"Life is what you make it"

JR, At one point in time, I had the utmost respect for you, but after Monday night, that changed. Actually, it had been changing before that fiasco. I will say, it SEEMED to be a very well orchestrated story line, but then again, the WWE has always thought ALL the fans were gullible ! And you, Sir, trying to act the "I don't know" crap, when in fact, you ARE a part of mentioned storyline. You know it, I know it, and you can say what you want to deny this. It's all part of the game.And btw, this horse crap with Mark Henry is another sorry a** excuse to pump up the ratings. If he were such a good wrestler, then why did the WWE wait so long(15yrs) to push him? Deny this too, but remember, you were the man in charge of talent at one time




I know it's just a story line but it makes no sense. Many of you said it's not HHH's fault and that you know it's someone just trying to bring HHH down so why turn on HHH, hence helping out  the creep behind everything that's happening?

Really foolish story line in that sense


I am 33 yrs old. I have been watching pro wrestling/sports entertainment since 1983. I grew up watching the business grow. I also have watched and studied all of the history of the businsess going back inot the Gorgeous George era.

There was nothing at all compelling about this past Monday night. In all fairness this is a storyline that by design is an attempt to blur reality with story. For younger fans this might have worked. But for older fans who still tune in it was an insult and laughable.

For older fans we remember what happend to Jesse Ventura when he actually did try to unionize pro wrestling.

First error was the idea of a locker room of the "worlds best athletes complaining of an unsafe work environment and the use of laws that apply to employees. WWE superstars are independent contractors. Essentially those rules don't apply. They also are WWE Superstars who perform in the best arenas and in the best rings in the business. It is no secret that many of the talent are not pulling a Mick Foley and sleeping in cheap motels. It also is no secret that many of the top tier talent now travel by tour bus whenever possible. The unsafe work environment is a fail.

Also, it was very clear that many of the talent that were assembled around the ring were midcard talent and heels. That was a huge discredit to the cause.

I know the days of Kayfabe are all but over. But to have WWE wrestlers who have been rivals all of a sudden together like that was like shooting a leg off with a double barrel shotgun when it comes to who is wrestling who in my opinion.

It also made no sense for you to walk out. I can only assume that by design it was to hit home hard because it was you. But Hunter recently "gave you your job back" on Raw. And while Henry had put his hands on you it was nothing compared to what has happened to you before.

Steve Austin stunned you. No walk out.

During the Monday Night wars WCW was "where the big boys play". WWE countered that in huge ways. The endings of RAW and Nitro once were legendary. Now Raw ends with a "vote" and no wrestling?

I know the product has changed. I have been watching it do that my entire life. I do get it. But having watched for 28 years now it ws impossible for me to suspend any disbelief or buy into this storyline.

It made everyone look weak.

However, I was stunned when I tuned in for Smackdown tonight. A major WMD sized shot in the arm appeared in the form of The BIg Show. He is rested and ready. He is deserving of a title run that lasts for sometime and establishes him as the legend and veteran that he is.

He allowed Henry to appear as the cowardly heel.

In the end, for a few brief moments WWE returned to some of its past glory and to what put "asses in the seats every 18 inches" and that is Two big men going at it for a world title.

Aside from the tag team division being DOA and titles changing hands every 2 weeks, there is a lack of big men in the business now. The big 300, 400 and 500 pound big men of the 80's and 90's made the business.

Hulk Hogan made his legacy by managing ot overcome, Bundy,Quake, Andre, Typhoon, tangling with Yoko and also toppling Akeem/One Man Gang and Big Boss Man.

I am all too keenly aware of how the type of WWE wrestler has changed and reasons why that change came to be.

It is still hard to get behind the idea that a wrestler who is smaller than some of the jobbers of the 80's and 90's and smaller than some of the midcarders from those era's who were some of the best workers and talent to ever wrestle, could be world champion now a let alone be part of the top talent that makes the business.

This whole arc has been botched from the beginning. It is obvious to everyone but Hunter that Laurinitas is sabotaging things. Hunter who is the "Game", the Cerebral Assassin, and who knows the business better than anyone can't see that now? That makes the COO look weak. It also hurt this arc the way Nash was used.

This all reeks of a hot shot angle that is lost and taking way too long.

I hope this all ends soon because what was starting with such promise has been reduced to a mockery of the profession.


 Hi JR,

I just wanted to say that your comments on Brian and Gorilla Monsoon genuinely moved me. To hear you speak so openly and emotionally, about Brian in particular, was a humbling experience.

God rest both their souls. They gave so much to make the sport what it is today.

Matt, UK

Hello JR, I am a long time fan of yours and I am disgusted with what happened at Raw. I dont care about any storyline, I cant stand the way this company keeps treating you, the best announced in the history of the business.

A few days ago I was watching Hell in a Cell, and I was amazed at how much better your commentating made the mayhem with Miz and Truth at the end of the PPV. For some minutes there you transported me back to the good old days, and I loved it. We all loved it.

And what do they do now? They "fire" you, essentially removing you once again from the job you were born to do.

Most of us old fans have lost hope with the WWE nowadays, BUT we keep watching from time to time because of  "sparks" like your return and the summer punk angle. But I dont know how much more my interest can be sustained, when they do such stupid things.

The product is bad nowadays, but your voice and commentating makes it bearable, if not interesting. And now we are back to Cole and King, who although I respect for their efforts, they sure as hell cant touch you.

JR If I were you I would have really quit WWE (for real) after all these years of mistreatment, but I realize that you love this job and are ready to jump to any opportunity like recently that HHH brought you back.

You are a legend and thank you for all the awesome moments you have given us. I hope this whole thing is just an angle and that you will return to your position. If not, their los, though I doubt they realize it, they have showed many times that they have no clue about what they are doing.

Spyros K.


JR now you can attend the OU game on Saturday night now and not worry about the Raw taping in Mexico City now. I saw this story line coming a long time. It was the idiot John whats his name behind the walk out and getting his job. He forgot one thing though, Triple HHH now can wrestle full time again and end up kicing butt and taking names.

Hi J.R,

I hope you have the opportunity to read this. I am writing to express my total disgust at the treatment you receive from WWE. I do not know whether you possessed any advanced knowledge of how you were to be treated on RAW. But there appear to be two scenarios, both of which reflect appalling judgement from the company,

1. You were told in advance that you were to be 'fired' on RAW and your dismissal was simply part of a storyline. Even if scripted, with your involvement, your removal from the announcing position on RAW will negatively affect the quality of the show. It is a tired, worn-out storyline trotted out by the WWE ad nauseam. It is commonly acknowledged that you are the best announcer around. Why WWE do not want you permanently on their product is beyond me.

2. You were not told in advance and were publicly humilitated in your home state. From what I've read this appears the more likely scenario. It reflects an appalling lack of professionalism from the WWE. It is also indicative of a broader theme emanating from the company, which is that WWE considers it desirable to embarass you in your home town. Again, the benefit is totally lost on me.

The direction of the WWE is worrying me as a long-term fan. There appears a total absence of long-term planning. The CM Punk storyline excited many fans, but was utterly ruined by appalling mismanagement. I think the company could be in real difficulties in the future. There must be a part of you that, on occasion, resents working there.

Wishing you happinness and good health,