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Editor's Note: Jim Ross of course is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, owner of J.R.’s Family BBQ, but a life long Sooner fan who has written three best selling books and has appeared weekly on national TV for over 25 years.

Firstly, here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Being Sooner fans, we all have much to be thankful for and should count our blessings for the football season that Stoops Troops has provided us.

According to everyone I have been in contact with this week, the Oklahoma Sooners have had an exceptional week of practice in preparation for Saturday’s Big 12 Championship Showdown against the #1 ranked team in the nation, the Missouri Tigers.

The Sooners has been focused and intense in their practices, and to a man are looking forward to flying to San Antonio Friday afternoon for a return match with the explosive Tigers, who OU defeated on October 13. Seven days after beating Texas, by the way, 41-31, in Norman.

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I love this time of the year. It’s football season and it is football weather!! Gosh it is great to be alive and living in Oklahoma.

For almost 20 years, I spend every Friday night during football season wearing an officials uniform and enjoying the Friday night lights of Oklahoma high school football. I had more fun doing it than just about anything I have ever done in my life. I miss it every week during the season.

Former OU player and former Sallisaw Black Diamond Kelly Mitchell stopped by our BBQ trailer before a Sooner home game recently and told me a story about me calling Kelly for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties during Kelly’s senior year of high school in eastern Oklahoma. Football is king on Friday night’s in town like Sallisaw and hundreds of others in the Sooner state.

Kelly was a big, tough lineman who said some “magic words” and got nailed for 15 yards by yours truly. Big Mitchell then picked up my flag and threw it up in the air in anger and disgust. I had forgotten about that play to be honest with you. I asked Kelly what happened then and he said “you walked over very calmly and picked up your flag and threw it again! I got TWO 15 yard, dead ball penalties!”

To make matters worse, the Black Diamonds coach burned a time out to ask me what had been said. I told him and reminded him he had one time out left in this huge district game where a wasted timeout was a no-no. Standing in front of the home team’s bleachers, I felt like a wrestling villain as the curse words and emotion poured out of the loyal Sallisaw fans.

All ended without incident as Sallisaw won the game and Kelly Mitchell was not ejected, I’ve worked with some officials who would have tossed him, and earned a football scholarship to Oklahoma University.

Ah, the good old days.

I went to Adrian Peterson’s first press conference since breaking his collar bone last Saturday versus Iowa State and AD was positive and said he was praying nightly to heal quickly so he could return and play another game or two for the Sooners. The Wednesday press conference did not address AD’s NFL plans as many in the media thought they “had” to know as if it was a mystery. Adrian’s as good as gone as he will be a top three pick in the 2007 draft and will become a very rich young man before he ever carries the pigskin in the National Football League.

But AD does want to play again with his teammates one or two more times if possible as a Sooner. I admire his burning desire to contribute to the OU program and his competitiveness. Even more, I admire Peterson’s love of his teammates who have become many of his best friends.

Peterson is arguably the greatest running back to ever play at OU even though he has had injuries hamper each of his three seasons here. AD is about 150 yards away from breaking the great Billy Sims’, a Heisman Trophy winner, all time rushing record for the Sooners.

The Sooners play a dangerous Colorado team this Saturday night. The Buffs are 1-6 but it is a deceiving 1-6. I look for OU to win a dog fight with vanted #28 looking on from the OU sideline. OU by less than the spread of 12.

OSU pulled one out of the fire last week in Kansas and I look for the Cowboys, who finally get to play at home, to beat Texas A&M, in a close game. OSU is favored I assume because they are at home but the Aggies are playing for their coaches job and are talented. This one really could go either way quite easily but I lean toward the Orange and Black on this one.

I picked Tulsa to win on the road last week and was right for a change. I stay with the Golden Hurricane this week who travel to Memphis. Tulsa wins again and Coach Steve Kragthorpe becomes an even more attractive candidate to lead someone else’s program next year. If TU fans were smart they would start buying tickets to Golden Hurricane football games and filling up Skelly Stadium.

Texas is favored by only 6 1/2 at Nebraska. Mack Brown can out coach Billy Callahan in his sleep and the Horns are tough and seasoned, except at QB but Colt McCoy is playing like a veteran. if Tom Osborne were on the Big Red sideline I could see an upset but not this Saturday. Texas wins big.

Texas Tech with the mad scientist Mike Leach at the helm has been a little unpredictable this season especially after scoring only 6 points last week against Colorado (beware OU). Leach will light a fire under his guys and win at Iowa State who doesn’t defend the pass too well. Tech wins a close one on the road or Dan McCarney proves he is indeed one of college football’s best motivators.

Alabama at Tennessee only needs the legendary Lindsey Nelson or Curt Gowdy to have the call of the game to be a classic SEC autumn classic between two storied programs. Offensive coordinator David Cutcliff has saved Phil Fulmer’s job it would seem for the Vols and I look for Tennessee to win at home by two TD’s.

Hopefully the Sooners can hammer Colorado early and often with a surprising running game lead by as many as three new faces at the running back position. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson called a masterful game last Saturday against ISU mixing up the plays and taking what the defense offered. I look for that exact philosophy this Saturday night on Fox Sports.

This Saturday night the defense must swarm, smoother, and harass Colorado as Sooner defensive team’s in the past have. HOpefully the Oklahoma defense will play with continued passion and tackle as they are taught.

OU cannot give Colorado hope and allow this game to be close going into the 4th quarter.

I talked to Dusty Dvorachek and to Tommie Harris both of the Chicago Bears this week. The former OU defensive tackles and two of Coach Jackie Shipp’s star pupils follow every move the Sooners make while earning big bucks with the Bears. harris has been virtually unblockable this season while Dusty is on the IR and will be a starter at D-Tackle next season after undergoing season ending foot surgery. Tommie may be on the Sooner sideline this Saturday night in Norman. I will see both the ex-Sooners this Monday night in Chicago for our WWE TV broadcast of Monday Night RAW on the USA Cable network. My guess is that the Bears will have great seats.

If you are in Norman at the game Saturday drop by our BBQ Trailer which, as always, is set up in front of the old field house just outside the north end of the stadium. Take care and enjoy a great weekend of football no matter who your favorite team may be.


OK so OU lost the advertised “Texas Death Match” last Saturday in the Cotton Bowl but contrary to what some pundits and a few OU “fans” are saying this season is not over and the Sooners still have a chance to have a great year with 7 Big 12 league games remaining on the schedule.

Wise guys like ESPN’s Chris “I Love Mirrors” Fowler who seemed to pride himself by constantly referring to Coach Bob Stoops as “Big Game Bob” last week after the Texas loss and the Tulsa World’s Dave “Thank goodness my last name doesn’t have an H in it” Sittler, who is a talented writer, used the term “Big Bust Bob” in a recent article. It is easy to pile on when someone is vulnerable and that’s what these two pundits have done in my opinion. They have the right to their opinion as do I in this space. After all, this is my website.

Bob Stoops is a class individual and arguably one of the top five coaches in all of college football. For my money he is #1 but I am a “blind loyalist”. That trait has been an issue with me plenty of times in my professional career in the crazy wrestling business the past 30 odd years. I am lucky enough to live in Norman and personally know and associate with the head football coach of the University of Oklahoma. I also feel I am a decent judge of people and Bob Stoops is as first class as they come. Bob’s personal character notwithstanding, Coach Stoops track record his entire coaching career has been one of successes. We have all seen and experienced the success that Coach Stoops has led the Sooners to at OU. I personally would not trade Bob Stoops for any coach, college or pro, in the game. Bob never asked for any nicknames. Scribes and the talking heads did that for the Coach. And to think these intellectual geniuses in the media are the same ones who make fun of pro wrestling nicknames but when they can use the some philosophy in their work it is OK

Bob Stoops, as the Head Coach, knows he is accountable for the success or failure of his football team. Bob makes no excuses when the team loses and is quick to compliment the winning opponent. The buck stops with Bob but the son of a coach knew that when he signed on at OU.

The Sooner Football program is in good shape as will be proven throughout the balance of this season. That is my believe but I am a “blind loyalist” who sees the glass half full rather than half empty. With only 7 seniors on the roster, I would be so bold as to predict that our best days are still to come.

Oh, but wait you say! What about the QB position next year? What if AD goes to the NFL? Well, guess what sports fans, OU is aggressively recruiting a plethora of blue chip high school and JUCO QBs. A competent signal caller will be behind center in 2007. Texas has 3 big time QB verbal commitments. How many will they retain with McCoy being a red shirt freshman and Snead being a pure freshman? Trust me, young QBs know that if they come to OU that the chance to start with a veteran and highly skilled team around them exists. It may feel a little dicey today but OU will have quality signal callers playing for them in 2007.

Regarding AD going to the NFL after this season, why wouldn’t he? I can give you millions of reasons why AD should. Bet the farm on it, #28 is NFL bound after this season.

For those of you “concerned” about the future of Sooner football, relax and exhale. Have a Sanka.

The Sooners win big this Saturday with the lousy kickoff time of 11:30 a.m. (Hey, I’m trying to sell BBQ Sandwiches before the kickoff).

Road Warrior Animal, Joe Laurinaitis, son James wears #33 for Ohio State and is on track to earn All American honors at Middle Linebacker. James is no doubt destined for the NFL but don’t be surprised to see James in the squared circle some day as well. James is a honor roll student and is only a sophomore for the #1 rated Buckeyes. Perhaps the highly paid college football gurus will learn the correct pronunciation for James last name by seasons’ end.

Just a thought but former Ohio State QB and current ESPN analyst for college football Kirk Herbstreit would have made a great Spirit Squad member on RAW. That’s the pretty boy group of male cheerleaders we see on Monday nights. Something about the highlighted tips of Herbie’s hair that makes me think Kirk might fit in with the Squad. The Ohio State alumnus will no doubt do all he subtly can to get Buckeyes QB Troy Smith, a great player, the Heisman Trophy.

Former Syracuse two sport star and pro wrestler Mike Rotundo, “Irwin R. Shyster”, has a 300 pound son, Wyndham Rotundo, who plays offensive guard for a JUCO in California and is being recruited by several big time division one schools. Mike played football and wrestled for the Orange some 20 odd years ago and was an excellent athlete. Wyhdham’s maternal grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan, was once recruited by Bum Phillips and played at UTEP and with the NY Jets when they were in the AFL.

Jesse White, the son of wrestler Big Van Vader, would have contended for a starting job at center this year for the Sooners until an injury cut short his football career. Jesse is still attending OU and helps out with the football team when he can. Jesse White is a great kid and got a terrible hand dealt to him with his injury but Jesse will be successful in life nonetheless.

I was shocked OSU lost to K-State. I would suggest that if those two teams played 10 times the Cowboys would win 8 of them. Mike Gundy’s Pokes have and are recruiting really well but need to shore up their defense (I’m sure that sounds familiar sounds familiar to OU fans) to compliment their potentially high powered offense. QB Bobby Reid has the physical tools to be a great one and time will tell if that comes to pass. The key thing is that OSU is playing a good amount of young kids and that attracts high school stars wanting to play immediately. I have had conversations with OSU alums who are not sold on Gundy but I think if the Pokes’ fans will be patient that Gundy will turn OSU into a contender in arguably the toughest division in college football, the Big 12 South. Nonetheless, OSU will be hard pressed to win at Kansas this week. I hope they do.

Tulsa Coach Steve Kragthorpe is one of the bright young coaches in the country and he will take his Golden Hurricane to East Carolina University coached by Lou “I love myself” Holtz’ son Skip. Yeah, you heard me correctly, Skip. TU after playing on Tuesday and now back on the road with a Saturday game may be day/date confused. This will be a tough one to win for TU but I like this team and am going against the experts on this one and sticking with Tulsa.

Missouri is 6-0, holy Dan Devine, and should beat the coach with the most perfect hair in the Big 12 in the Texas A&M Aggies’ Coach Fran. OU traveling to Columbia on October 28 is looking a little scary.

Nebraska is only favored by 12 over K-State. Did someone forget to tell the odds makers that Bill Snyder has retired? Huskers win big in this one for the personable “hillbilly hater” Billy Callahan.

Texas Tech at Colorado is a scary game. You know the Buffaloes will not go win less, will they?? The game is at Boulder so anything can happen. New Coach Dan Hawkins needs one heck of a pre game speech especially to his DBs but the spread is only 8 1/2 which sounds fishy to me. I like Coach Leach but this may be one of those “trap games”. Colorado and the points at home is my pick but it wouldn’t floor me if Tech won by 3 TDs.

Can you believe that both Miami and Florida State are BOTH in the top 25 for the first time since 1982?! Most assume Larry Coker, a great guy and Oklahoma native will be gone after this season at “The U” but there is no doubt the ageless Bobby Bowden will return for the Seminoles. All the while, Urban Meyer will pick up every recruit he wants in the state of Florida in the meantime.

It was great to see “The Old Ball Coach” Steve Spurrier Monday night in Columbia, S.C. I had a nice visit with South Carolina’s Coach Spurrier who assured all within ear shot that “Bobby”, as in Stoops, would have the Sooners back in the hunt much sooner than cynics predict. Spurrier pointed out that the bottom line is that 11 penalties and 6 fumbles, as we had against Texas, will implode any football team at any level.

We will have our BBQ Trailer set up EARLY Saturday morning just north of the old field house on the north end of the stadium so come by and say hello if you attend the OU-ISU game Saturday morning.

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Let’s not blow off a 59-0 Sooners win last Saturday night over an obviously outmanned Middle Tennessee State University team. Wins are good and confidence building wins after getting shafted in Eugene, where we indeed got “Ducked”, had to make our players and coaches feel better. It did not hurt my feelings to actually be able to relax at an OU football game for a change.

The team will be off this Friday and Saturday before returning to practice on Sunday afternoon/evening and getting serious, damn serious, about game preparation for Texas. My granny used to say that idle times were the devil’s workshop and let’s hope the OU players make good, mature choices on their 48 hour hiatus and use the time to rest and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We don’t need any “issues” a week before our Big 12 opener.

This Sooner offensive team is sure a heck not a one dimensional until. AD is going to get his yards come hell or high water and the more guys that are placed in the “box” the better for Paul Thompson who has a bevy of talented receivers to select from lead by sophomore, 6’4” Malcolm Kelly.

The old “let’s make Thompson beat us” theory works for me. No one is going to fully stop # 28 any way but go ahead and try and load the box and good luck on single covering Coach Kevin Sumlin’s guys. That includes 3 massive and athletic tight ends.

One of the keys to the OU-Texas game is the Sooners young offensive line going up against a UT defensive line that is QB hungry and loves to punish the men under center. This may simply come down to who is the tougher unit and who is willing to get up more frequently when they are knocked down because there will be knock downs in this heavyweight Slobber-Knocker.

On defense, let’s tackle like wild men and make UT QB young Colt McCoy’s life a living hell for 60 minutes in the Cotton Bowl. Texas has a massive O-Line that has the ability to help facilitate long, Longhorn drives which keeps AD seated and the clocking moving thus becoming our enemy. Our defensive line will no doubt have their manhood tested on October 7 and it will be interesting to see how high the fire burns under their backsides thanks to the motivation of Coach Jackie Shipp. I wish Coach Shipp had some eligibility left!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out our cornerbacks will be tested early and often. This is a huge opportunity for Texas boys Marcus Walker and Lendy Holmes to make a statement, along with the talented D.J. Wolfe. Reggie Smith at safety makes me feel more secure that no on will be running free deep on us.

I attended my first OU-Texas game in 1970 which was the first game that Sooner offensive coordinator Barry Switzer incorporated the wishbone offense. We got hammered that day but came back the next year and the wishbone ran wild. This is one date on my calendar that is circled more prominently than any other day of the year. I’m not sure that is a good thing or if I am simply and obsessed Sooner football fan.

Mike Gundy’s OSU Cowboys got hammered last week…by the officials. Houston is not a bad team but OSU played offensively well enough to win. The Pokes defensive has to improve but T. Boone Pickens favorite team is playing a great number of young players which should bode well for the future.Bobby Reid is potentially a great QB but the running back by committee system may not be as effective as some perceive. The men in orange and black are headed in the right direction and play OU the last game of the year in Stillwater. That’s some serious Bedlam! OSU, like OU, is off this week.

The most significant game this week in the Big 12 is Tech at A&M. If the mad professor Mike Leach has his offensive rolling in this one I can see The Red Raiders outscore the Aggies in this one. If it becomes a low, scoring defensive struggle the nod goes to Franchione’s bunch. Franchione is on thin ice in College Station so it is hard to gauge just how big this game is for the Head Coach and his staff and their families.

I saw where Fighting Irish Coach Charlie Weis said he got slapped in a melee last week on his sideline during the Notre Dame-Michigan State game. The Spartans deny such but if it did occur, speaking as someone who knows about multiple chins, on which chin was Coach Weis slapped??

Florida fans booing QB Chris Leak, only the # 4 ranked passer in American, should be ashamed of themselves and dapper Urban Meyer should have the Spauldings to same something about it to them.

If I was an Auburn fan I would be scared to death to play Spurrier’s Gamecocks on the road. Auburn has a better team but that doesn’t always mean Auburn will win in South Carolina.

Oregon should kill Arizona State in Tempe. The Ducks with or without the officiating help are pretty damn good.

Colorado at Missouri is a feast of famine game. CU coach Dan Hawkins has the chance to build on almost winning at Georgia and to start off clean with the Big 12 North games. Stranger things have happened. Winning at Missouri is not easy as OU will find out later in the season. Mizzou in a CLOSE one.

At Iowa, at night, on national TV…sounds tough to me. Ohio State has a great team but Iowa has great tradition and everything to gain in this ball game. No one expects Iowa to win so if there ever was a time to go with the home ‘dog this may be it.

It’s fun to watch all the former OU Sooners now in the NFL. Man, business really picked up when Bob Stoops got into town. The number of ex-Sooners is scary now playing in the NFL. Chicago (4) and Baltimore (5), two Superbowl hopefuls, have the most former Sooners.

Clint Ingrim is now seeing action at LB for Jacksonville. Brodney Pool is attempting to hold things together in the Browns’ secondary. Stephan Alexander is seeing action as Denver’s tight end. Derrick Strait is contributing to the upstart Jets, while Roy Williams is still THE man in the Dallas secondary and will bump into former Sooners Brandon Jones and Andre Woolfolk this week against Tennessee. Props also go out to OT Jamaal Brown, OU and Lawton, for doing a stellar job Monday night in the Superdome against Atlanta. The NFL Sunday ticket is the thing to have this season to support the former Sooners in the NFL.

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For the love of God, I am SO tired of hashing and re-hashing the debacle in Eugene last Saturday where an incompetent official decided to either outright screw the Sooners or this individual was so stupid that he could not rule on one of the most basic football principles in the game.

One of our WWE TV crew members was one of the tape operators who worked in ABC’s Production truck at Oregon and he told me Sunday in Toronto that the replay official saw up to 4 and maybe 5 different angles of the blown onside kick call and that there was conclusively NO technical issues to prevent this former 28 year Pac 10 official from making the obvious correct call.

No, the replay official is playing the sympathy card and because of OU’s deserved outrage, the national media has made the replay official, Gordon Riese, the victim and Oklahoma University the spoiled bully in this perverse equation. What in the hell is wrong with this picture? I am sorry that Mr.Riese has high blood pressure but lots of us suffer from the same. Mr. Riese points out on numerous occasions that his wife has the job of being a nurse. That’s a very honorable profession to say the very least but it isn’t as if Mrs.Riese is the only nurse in Oregon. Now the 64 year old replay official who no doubt has many personal, university of Oregon friends who live not far from Riese’s home in Portland has decided to take a leave of absence from his replay duties for the balance of the season.

That’s the best call Riese has made this season.

I only wish his pals who actually worked the game including Mike Belotti’s high school “acquaintance” the crew chief of the OU-Oregon game would do the same.

It was a bad day at Black Rock but now we move forward. We cannot change history but we can make history if this team starts paying up to their potential and, gasp, runs the table. It could happen. The odds are against it but it could happen.

I suspect the Sooners will be moderately P.O.’ed this Saturday night against Middle Tennessee State as one would have to assume that the Duck Debacle would have left our team in a fighting mood. Perhaps OU will rediscover the alleged lost swagger this Saturday and carry it forward for the balance of the season. I may be an eternal optimist when it comes to OU Football but so be it.

No game is a guaranteed victory and if OU has an Oregon hangover this Saturday night could have several scary moments. The Sooners need to start out with a sense of urgency from the get go and not let up until Coach Stoops calls off the dogs. The Sooner defense needs to become carnivores.

For the national media to say that Adrian Peterson has little or no chance of winning the Heisman Trophy is simply stupid. How can any one with a minuscule amount of intelligence watch AD play and not see that OU’s # 28 isn’t one of the best running backs ever in the college game? ESPN’s Game Day crew annoys me as all of them want to be “rock stars” and not football guys. Hey, we do sports entertainment in the WWE but for my two cents ESPN should do sports, period. Sports itself is entertaining but this is the era of the controversial soundbite which seems to be the obsession of every talking head on TV sports.

I think OU will cover the spread (28) but my biggest concern is getting any unnecessary injuries as we are two weeks and counting until October 7 and the showdown in Dallas against the Steers.

Oklahoma State has a tough one this week on the road in Houston. I look for lots of points to be scored in this one and if OSU can defeat a decent Houston team away from Stillwater then the Pokes have taken the major steps forward many think. I think OSU is much improved and Mike Gundy is doing a great job re-building the Cowboys after jovial Les Miles bolted so I am going with the Cowboys to win the game.

Tulsa travels to Annapolis to play the Naval Academy with Navy favored by 5 or 6. Because Navy runs the option which is hard to defend when a team doesn’t see it that much and even harder to replicate in practice, I am going with Navy to win this game but it could be by a field goal. I hope TU can pull it off but it won’t be easy against the disciplined Midshipmen. TU’s head man, Steve Kragthorpe, is a keeper but I don’t think TU will be able to keep this outstanding young coach much longer.

Iowa State will play Texas closer than the 21 point spread even in Austin. Ohio State, clearly the best team in the nation at this time, will dominate Penn State and Notre Dame will rebound against Michigan State as John L Smith gets closer to being fired so he can be replaced by anyone hoops coach Tom Izzo prefers namely Steve Mariucci.

I hope Mike Stoops Arizona team plays USC off the Trojans’ feet this Saturday. There is no doubt that ‘Zona will be pumped and will play with reckless abandon but the talent depth on the USC side is scary. Arizona upsetting pretty Pete Carroll’s squad would be awesome but it would also be the upset of the year. The good news is the game is in Tucson and if Coach Mike can keep this one close into the 4th quarter who knows what might happen?

Take care and keep those emails coming. Our on line store should be open any day now. I hope you will order and try our sauces and some of our Slobber-Knocker merchandise which is perfect for any football fan. Have a safe weekend!


The Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys have college football games this weekend that are about as opposite as two games could be.

The Sooners embark on a long flight to Oregon to play the nationally ranked Ducks in Eugene while the Cowboys stay in Stillwater to host former OU coach Howard Schnellenberger’s impotent Florida Atlantic University from the football Mecca of Boca Raton, Florida. (I see rich people.)

The Ducks are favored by 4 the last time I checked and some pundits feel that Oregon has the ability to blow out OU by double digits. Many scribes are inclined to speculate that OU’s defense is tremendously overrated and that if a defense can stop Adrian Peterson that Paul Thompson cannot lead a one dimensional Sooner offense to a tough road victory. Oregon is looking at this game as a “retribution” game or, as we say in the ‘rasslin biz, “a grudge match”. The Sooners seems to be approaching this contest in a business-like fashion knowing that they have to improve in several areas to leave Autzen Stadium Saturday on ABC with a “surprising win” according to the national media.

I look for the Sooners to open up their offense and do all they can to encourage Oregon to not stack the box with 8-9 players hovering around the line of scrimmage. Oregon has to man up in the secondary which one would think would create some opportunities for QB Paul Thompson and a slew of excellent wide receivers including Malcolm Kelly, Juaquin Iglesias, and the returning Manuel Johnson. Getting AD running down hill is another key to victory. Big # 28 gets better as the game wears on which can be disheartening to the opposition. Both these potential, positive offensive matters start with one common denominator, the offensive line. If OU has an overabundance of false starts, etc Saturday the Sooners are in big trouble. Plus the young O-Line must play physical and be willing to hit the right Duck in the mouth more often than not. The Sooners running some misdirection this week away from an AD face might prove invaluable at the right time.

Defensively the Sooners must, I repeat must, tackle well. The defense, if you eliminate the first play of the game against Washington and the long pass on 3rd and 11 that set up a field goal played pretty damn good last week. Much better than against UAB. But tackling is the key against Oregon who returns its entire O-Line virtually in tact. Duck QB Dennis Dixon is an elusive running signal caller who loves to run the option while 240 pound tailback Jonathan Stewart is Oregon’s best young tailback in years and a national 5 star high school recruit. The Sooners front seven will definitely get their manhood tested Saturday in Duckland.

Being an OU loyalist, I am going with the Sooners by a field goal or less. Coach Bob Stoops has not played all his cards yet but Saturday might be the time to go “All In” with a couple of new wrinkles.

OSU gets another dressed up scrimmage against Florida Atlantic and can make spending another two days in the State of Oklahoma miserable for 72 year old coaching legend Howard Schnellenberger. Coach Mike Gundy’s young Cowpokes are 2-0 and favored by 4 touchdowns and should cover that easily.

I like QB Bobby Reid who is still young and improving but ever so talented and is surrounded with some outstanding young players including perhaps the best freshman in the Big 12 in Perrish Cox. OSU started sluggishly last week in Little Rock against Arkansas State but I don’t see that happening this Saturday in T. Boone Pickens (Mr. ATM) Stadium. I hope the Cowboy faithful sell out the place and begin to support the program with the passion many display on talk radio. There is no reason the stadium in Stillwater should not be packed this Saturday. Perhaps some one should check Schnelly’s flask.

North Texas visits Tulsa and the Mean Green are still shell-shocked from their opening day loss to Texas. Tulsa is well coached and has some excellent Oklahoma high school talent representing the Golden Hurricane so I am going with TU to cover the spread of 19 after last week’s disappointing loss to BYU.

If Miami loses this week to Louisville, the classy, Oklahoma native Larry Coker and Hurricane head man may be as good as gone in the eyes of the “U” faithful. That’s too damn bad because Coker is an excellent coach but he did sign a 5 year extension a year ago so he can come back to Oklahoma and live the good life he deserves if he so chooses.

ESPN commentator and former Ohio State QB Kirk Herbstreit thinks AD can’t win the Heisman. That’s “brilliant” Herby especially in the second week of the season. Why don’t you just spend a little more time spiking your highlighted, blonde hair and let the season play out? Of course Herbstreit would love for one of his homeboys from Ohio State to win the Heisman Trophy but the national media, especially back East, has virtually anointed Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn as this year’s winner. There is obvious a bias against AD that he will have to overcome just like his freshman year when Peterson was the best player in the nation and did not win the Heisman simply because he was an 18 year old freshman.

Who would have thought a few years ago how big this Saturday’s Texas Tech-TCU game would be? These two teams have to rank as 2-3 in the state of Texas behind the Horns. TCU better have the edge big time in ball control because the mad professor, Mike Leach’s offense is going to put points on the board. TCU has a 12 game winning streak, holy Bob Lilly, which includes beating OU in Norman last year on the opening weekend.

OK, I am a little bitter but I find myself having a hard time pulling for Nebraska this week versus USC in Southern California but I will, reluctantly. I love the Husker tradition, Tom Osborne, the Husker fans, the legend of Bob Devaney but I can’t stomach Nebraska head honcho Bill Callahan. Nonetheless, I will support the Big 12 and root for the Huskers to pull off a HUGE upset in La-La Land. But it won’t happen. If Nebraska can keep it under 14 the boys from Lincoln and their arrogant coach should consider it a moral victory if indeed Callahan has any.

Bottom line this is a helluva weekend to be a college football fan! Enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site. Here are some random OU and OSU football thoughts from the Okie under the black, 200X Resistol hat......

The Oklahoma Sooner faithful has been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the 2006 kickoff of the college football season. The same can be said of the Cowboy fans in Stillwater. I expect both teams to win this Saturday but not without an anxious moment or two.

In Norman, all eyes will be on Quarterback, #12, Paul Thompson and how the 5th year senior handles the pressure of being the starting QB in Soonerland. My money says Thompson will be just fine being the triggerman for the Sooner offense now coordinated by Kevin Wilson. My instincts tell me this offense will be more diverse and we will see some new wrinkles as it relates to the personnel but perhaps not as much against UAB as we might see a little farther down the road. OU needs to avoid turning the ball over and giving UAB a short field to work with and a heart beat on Saturday night at the game televised nationally by TBS at 6 Oklahoma time. One interesting twist to this offense might be native Oklahoma product Reggie Smith who was an amazing play maker in high school at Edmond Santa Fe and who will see action on offense, defense, and special teams. Reggie is a natural born play maker and could bring some other “Reggie-like” qualities to the Sooner O. I know Head man Bob Stoops and his staff have the team ready to rock and get off to a quick start of the 2006 season and not endure another TCU-like upset as we painfully experienced in 2005. The Sooners are favored by 21 and I think they will get that done especially if the run happy UAB squad has to make long drives against the nasty OU defense. I wonder how much time Texas coach Mack Brown has spent with his brother and UAB head man Watson Brown this summer talking Sooner football?

I am guessing Thompson throws for a TD or two and that AD gets at least 25 touches Saturday night. The Sooner defense lead by coordinator Brent Venables will be a stingy unit and nasty when attacking the football. The pressure by the deep set of defensive ends could be of the “Slobber-Knocker” level.

The defense and special teams are stout on this season’s Sooner squad which is a great place to build a foundation for any football team. With only 9 seniors on the roster this young albeit talent team may have their best days ahead of them but that is not how it works at OU. Bob Stoops does not make nor does he accept any excuses and the 2006 Sooners are prepared to challenge for championships now. It starts Saturday.

OSU’s Mike Gundy has the eyes of the Cowboy faithful upon him as everyone hopes OSU’s greatest QB ever will be just as effective as the head coach of the team funded by T. Boone Pickens, not that there is any thing wrong with that. I like Gundy’s approach to the game and there is no doubt that this Cowboy team has some great talent. QB Bobby Reid was highly regarded coming out of high school and the dual threat star in the making seems to be the key to the success of the Pokes this fall. OSU should have no problems dispatching Missouri State on Saturday. Expectations for the Cowboys to avoid the Big 12 South cellar are high and I think OSU has the ability to make that happen but they need to build some momentum and win the games they are supposed to especially at home. There are plenty of play makers in Stillwater and the Cowboy defense should have no issues stopping Missouri State. The issue with underdogs is always the same. Stomp on their hearts early and don’t give them any “hope” of winning. I am pulling for a Cowboy win on Saturday.

It would be great to read Sunday morning in the newspapers that both home crowds in Norman and Stillwater were loud and crazy for their respective teams on Saturday. Establishing a true home field advantage is money in the bank for both these teams and for veteran fans if it is too loud then perhaps you are too old. I say the louder the better especially when the other team’s offense is on the field. Both Big 12 in state teams are fairly young and young people are positively affected by the noise level of their home fans. There is no reason this can’t happen.

We will have our BBQ Trailer set up just north of the stadium at every home game so drop by and say hello if you get the chance and we will feed you some great BBQ sandwiches and a cold beverage or two. I always enjoy talking Sooner football so hopefully I will see you on Saturday.