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Congrats to Florida State University for winning the BCS National Championship Monday night in the Rose Bowl vs a talented Auburn squad. Great game to watch on TV as it came down to well under a minute left in the game to decide a winner. Happy for WWE HOFer Ron Simmons a former Seminole THREE time all American football defensive lineman.  

Great competition, two entities playing for something, somewhat of a personal issue as it related to the SEC's dominance, and the winner receiving the most prestigious prize in their sport where the title itself was esteemed.  

Sounds like a sound philosophical formula for pro wrestling if one wants to look at it in that light.

On a side note, it appears to me that the reason that many UFC championship fights have more cache than WWE Title bouts is the simple fact that WWE titles need to be 'shined' and meant to mean more. That's one of the biggest differences, as simple as it sounds, between UFC and WWE....UFC Titles have more meaning and are much like the old NWA and WWWF Titles of yesteryear in perception.

Old School Raw Thoughts:

Loved all the old school nuances that were utilized. Ropes, attire by some, music bumpers, etc were nice touches. I did miss Howard Finkel.

Solid start as it relates to star power in the first segment of the show but then all the involved parties sort of faded into the night. Good start nonetheless.

Thought it was one of the better Piper's Pit segments that we've seen over the past few years. Succinct, cut to the chase content, etc. Nice rub for the Shield. Roddy endorsing Punk did nothing but good as well.

No issues with Lesnar/Henry/Show but for anyone to think that Lesnar is as hot right how as he needs to be isn't looking at Brock through honest eyes. His absence was long and Brock wasn't red hot when he left. The former WWE and UFC champion is an amazing talent but he's got little traction from where I sit and needs to promoted aggressively and soon if he's expected to sell PPV's at WM30. The good news is that it can be done.

Actually enjoyed the aggressiveness of the Divas tag as the women of WWE continue to fight for relevance on Monday Night RAW. Aksana especially got my attention with her aggression.

Parings like Too Cool are tailor made for themed shows such as this. Nicely done.

Thought Punk vs. Reigns was a solid bout and that Punk made Reigns look like a star. That's what great pros do.

The final surprise of Jake the Snake Roberts was a good surprise. Jake looked good and he was well received. Via @DDPYoga and making smart, personal decisions, Jake has gotten himself healthier and the alternative if he had continued to travel his former road was bleak.

I'm still confused as to where the Daniel Bryan/Wyatt Family storyline is headed. I'm trying to like it as I'm a big fan of all the men involved in the equation but I don't know much more about their relationship or issues than I knew last week. As a fan, I needed a little more concrete info or a viable tease from these four men than I was provided.

Will Wade Barrett's verbal ramblings turn into in ring antagonist angst when he steps off the 'pulpit?' When Barrett finally gets back into the ring he needs to make a significant impact of he will return to simply being just another villain who did not reach his potential. There's no money in being just "another villain."

I'd prefer to never see another Sandow vs. Khali match.....ever.

Apparently WWE is making a major announcement regarding their long awaited Network on Wednesday from Las Vegas. This is a massive calculated risk for WWE that I personally feel can be successful for many reasons especially if PPV's are included on the network and some compelling and fun original programming is created.  

Working on finalizing our business with @PodcastOne this week so we can launch our new, podcast in a few weeks.

I'm told that the Panther fans in Charlotte are pissed at Ric Flair for pledging his allegiance to the San Francisco 49ers who just happen to play in Charlotte this weekend in the NFL Playoffs. That would be like me watching the OU-Texas game on the UT sideline which will never happen. The Charlotte players should be pissed.

Good to hear that Jerry Lawler is fine after Monday's health scare. Sounds as if King had a stomach virus or food poisoning but NO heart issues Monday in Baltimore. I hope to have a conversation with King this week if he can work me into his busy schedule. It's not easy being a combination of a superhero and Larry Flynt. :)

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Thank you Football God's I don't have too hear how good Auburn is all off season. but what a hell of a football game!! that was a reply of Bama vs AU with FL State winning I'm happy as a Bama fan I couldn't never cheer for them never!! that just the way it is!! some can put I can't when we are at war with them on the football field make zero sence to root them on.
oh ya on the Ric story in till the Carolina team can win it all they need to shut it Ric has over twenty title how many do they have that right zero!! 49ers have five and counting!!
J.R , Do You Think Batista Will Win The Royal Rumble Match Or Alberto Will Eliminate Him ??
Poor Ric Flair is taking a ton of heat for his speach to the "49ers" last weekend. I can see why fans would be upset with Naitch, but a guy has to earn a payday whenever he can, and I'm sure Ric's speach wasn't cheap. He seems to always find himself in these types of situations where somebody is ticked off at him for something he's done. I'm sure Ric would've done the same for the Panthers, but they didn't offer. So what's a guy supposed to do? Pass up on what is basically money for a few minute pep talk? People need to understand that part of it, and admit that they would most likely do the same thing if they were put in the same position. I know I would have. One would almost have to be crazy to pass up on what was probably a payday and a luxury box for an NFL playoff game. I'm also confused about where the Bryan / Wyatt story is going. Bryan seems to have taken to his spot in the family a little to fast in my opinion. I think it would've been better if he played it like he wasn't sure of his decision to join. It would have made more sense because of his relationship with the fans and because he had literally been beaten down by the Wyatt's for months now. They could have injected Brie into the story also to give it more realism. She could play it like she's totally against him joining and like she doesn't understand why. Him joining and acting like he has been in the family a long time just doesn't seem right, and I think they missed the chance to do a lot more with the angle.

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