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RAW Thoughts:

Interesting show that was missing some of the 'regulars' which provided more opportunities to others. I'm always curious to  know how excited talents are in today's WWE TV world to be getting more TV time because in the Attitude Era, etc it was all about who was written into the show more than what they were going to do on said show. What they were doing was important, don't get me wrong, but merely appearing on RAW back in the day was a big deal.

In other words, talents were excited to simply get in the game, perform at a high level, hence maximize their minutes, and hope that their performance got them another booking next week.

It appears to me, and I could be wrong, that some talents today take their exposure on RAW for granted at times as if it's their right to be on the show.

For the record, it's not.

I thought the main event between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryant was an excellent one and the fact that they had the time, bell to bell, to tell a viable story was well done. 

The New Age Outlaws, who walked out on CM Punk a few weeks ago which should make them villains, won the Cage Match over the Rhodes boys in a finish that surprised me.

Critics of the veteran, New Age Outlaws seem to be overlooking that their presence is to help shed more spotlight on the tag team scene which many fans have bitched about being non existent for the longest time. Tag team wrestling in WWE, far from being perfect, is infinitely better today than it has been in a good while.

Plus, the veteran duo working with the younger teams on the road at live events is strategic and good booking.

The Wyatt vs. Shield marriage reminds me a little of the Horsemen vs. Midnight Express issue many years ago that did well for Jim Crockett Promotions as it was two antagonist teams that squared off forcing the fans to make a choice as to who to cheer and who to boo.

I like the MMA oriented "Superman Punch" that Roman Reigns is using and that along with his spear is a nice offensive combination. Reigns is smart to continue to try new things and to not get stuck in a predictable rut.  

Reigns is smart to add something new to his game which indicates that he is thinking of ways to improve.  Wrestlers stuck in a set routine and who are so egocentric that they are resistant to change any thing about what they do inside the ring are bound to stop growing professionally.

Enjoyed the fundamental soundness of the Christian vs.Swagger match too.    

With so many new fans, especially young ones, I think that it would be good to provide the viewers more of a visual image of what the Elimination Chamber looks like and continue to explain the concept as it's not the easiest match to explain.

Loved the Ernie Ladd video package. As I've often said, the WWE TV folks do a magnificent job on producing these packages which mean so much to every broadcast. Ernie was a wonderful man who taught me so much about the wrestling business and life in general especially over our Tuesday night domino games in my hotel room in Shreveport after our TV meetings with Cowboy Bill Watts. These domino games under the learning tree often lasted until early morning.

Nice promo for the Legends House of which I have seen every episode on an internal DVD. I enjoyed the show because I know all of the 8 Legends so well and its a show that will grow on you over time as most episodic broadcasts often do.  

The WWE Performance Center will be on display at the Elimination Chamber when the Wyatts face the Shield. If the Performance Center can provide WWE with 6-8 potential, main event level talents a year it should be considered a massive win. Any thing considerably less than that...not so good.

Enjoying the in ring progress being made by Naomi and now is the time for her to really increase her in ring training and continue to improve. She is very athletic and hasn't approached how good she might become if she puts in the extra work.

Seems as if some fans fabricated stories about being kicked out of the Omaha event because they were chanting for CM Punk. I seriously wonder if these fans actually think that they can make a difference in the PUNK-WWE matter or if they are merely trying to attract attention to themselves? I lean to the latter.

I am not a fan of those who want to verbally "hijack" and distract a TV show. Again, I question the agenda of many of the culprits.

 Nice reaction for Big E Langston's 'hot tag' which indicates to me that 'E' is beginning to become established. Obviously, E's still a work in progress.

At the end of the night considering where Daniel Bryan was positioned and who he was wrestling, I'd surmise that DB is back in the hunt as it relates to being involved in something big, sooner than later. As I've repeatedly said regarding this matter, fans simply need to be patient and let the storyline play out. At the end of the day if the results aren't to one's liking, then one has something to bitch about.

I'd expect the appearance of the talented Betty White next week on RAW to be entertaining because I sense that many within creative are more versed and comfortable in writing material for folks like Ms. White than they are for wrestlers.

Keep an eye on the Rusev and company duo as I think that they have a shot at becoming an entity of value. It won't happen immediately but if they are mentored and creatively managed in a smart, logical manner, this duo might be good in time. I've liked Rusev ever since I first saw him in NXT when I was traveling there regularly.

Tickets for RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross are selling quickly and can be accessed easily at and the Gramercy Theater box office in New York City and the box office at the House of Blues in New Orleans. NYC is Saturday March 1 while NOLA is Thursday April 3 during WM30 week. A limited number of VIP tickets are still available that gets you a meet and greet of which I always enjoy. I think that the best part of the shows are the 'No Holds Barred' Q&A's which are always fun and unpredictable.

Steve Austin will be my first Guest on my new @PodcastOne show entitled 'The Ross Report' which will debut on Wednesday February 19 on ITunes and on A new show will debut every Wednesday. It's FREE to download these shows.

I'm working on a piece for that will go live later in the week.

Sign of changing times when a talent who gets stitches becomes a news item. Roman Reigns got some stitches Monday night in case you missed it.

Going to work on updating the Q&A's here on the site. We have many to read but will have them updated today.

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Big day tomorrow in Norman as it's National Signing Day for high school senior football players to declare officially where they are going to attend college this fall. My Sooners should be in line to sign a helluva class. I'll be at OU Wednesday to hear Coach Stoops go over his signees.

Anxious to see what Great American Bash shows will be on the new DVD scheduled for a summer release. I had the privilege of working on some Bash events and I'm anxious to see if some of my work actually made the cut.

Thanks for stopping by.

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They say we as the audience know nothing of how to run the WWE... and that we are reaching when we voice our opinions in the IWC... but what the WWE needs to understand... knowledge or lack of it... doesnt decide if we go buy tickets to the shows or sit at home and order the PPV's... telling us to accept it and shut up and embrace what they are putting out is stupid... if you want a successful product... listen to your customers... but then again... Vince and Trips are probably convinced they can survive a progressive viewership decline when we get sick of a stale product or get pissed over our favorite wrestlers being buried and used in ways that ruin the WWE product as a whole. I mean i loved stretch armstrong as a kid... but children today would have nothing to do with it... so why waste time promoting the has-beens and used to be's over the punks and new wrestlers of today? IDK.. im getting less and less interested in the WWE... i have watched WWE for 30 years... The fans may now know how to run the WWE... but they sure have a part in paying the wages for the recycled crap we see on tv.. why not create some commotion in hopes somebody called Vince or Paul see it?
Hate to break it to you bastardrob, the IWC makes up only a small fraction of the viewing audience. Also, no one is telling you to just shut up and take what is given to you. Way to miss the forest for the trees.