Our new, JR's Main Event Mustard is now available in our store...Amazing results thus far...Order Yours Today for the Holidays?

It took us several months of hard work trying to get the right balance between quality honey mustard and just the right amount of Jalapeño but we've done it...or so we think. JR's main Event Mustard...Sweet and Spicy...was born on December 1, 2010 and each plastic bottle weighed 12 ounces. But wait there's more.....

Check out the deals we have to launch the main Event Mustard as you will find it now as a part of our best seller, The Sampler, where you get one of every thing we sell including 1 Original BBQ Sauce, 1 HOT BBQ Sauce, 1 Chipotle Ketchup, 1 Beef Jerky, and now 1 Main Event Mustard. Plus we throw in a cool, FREE Koozie and a autographed signed item from yours truly as well. 

The Main Event Mustard is also available in a three pack or by the case which is 12, 12 ounce , plastic bottles with squirt top lids. 

The main event Mustard has only 5 calories per serving, NO FAT, NO Cholesterol, I gram of Carbs, and 1 gram of sugar. A healthy condiment that tastes great. What's not to love. 

Here's the pay off for night #1...in the first hour that this product was available we were processing an order every 5 minutes which, for our small, family run  operation is incredible. 

I sincerely hope that you give it a try because Main Event Mustard isn't seasonal, just like the Chipotle Ketchup that folks swear by, and can be used in a variety of ways the year around. 

We sincerely feel that we have some amazing options for holiday shoppers and I guarantee you that you will always get more than you expect when dealing with us. Customer Service is essential even when we know that some isolates customers want to dupe us with some amazing tales of what they did not receive when we have it on record that they did. We're fair and will always be fair but unfortunately there is a very small minority of hucksters that look for any loophole or manner in which to get something for nothing. As I said, it's a small minority, as the vast majority of our customers are long time fans, friends, and have been shopping with us for years. You damn right we're going to take care of them.I just hope that you will give us a try if you're new or haven't visited out store in a good while. 

When you order and if you have special requests that we can fulfill to make you happier we will do all we can to accomplish such. How many other on line businesses are willing to do that? Thanks for supporting us and please, try the Main Event Mustard as the Sampler is the way to go but you'll come back and get your self a case of 12 for stocking stuffers before all is said and done. 

Some of WWE's biggest stars are already waiting on their shipment of Main Event Mustard as it's 'legend' has already started to grow. Thanks.

Boomer Sooner!


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Just ordered mine...pumped to try it!  The HOT BBQ sauce is always at the front of my fridge.

Expect an oreder this weekend from me. Just gotta dposit the ol' check in the bank. Can't WAIT!!!

Our Unemployed Professors team are big fans of your creation. Continue doing your business, Jim .

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