Over the Limit...Rough Night at the Office...Thank Goodness We have Sauce! Order Yours Today!

Hard to believe that we got 15 orders tonight during the WWE PPV in Detroit. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the business and let's get you hooked up before Memorial Day when the grills will be fired up.  You'll be the hit of the gathering for using JR's Original and HOT BBQ Sauces not to mention the World's Most Dangerously good ketchup, JR's Chipotle Ketchup. Sauce it!

  "Over the Limit' was a solid PPV...not extraordinary as in 'off the hook' but very solid at times. It also had it's share of bad luck and ill timed mishaps in the form of injuries. I've always said that the biz isn't ballet and tonight spoke volumes to that theory.

C.M. Punk got 13-15 staples in his head as a result of his hair raising and hair losing match to Rey Mysterio. This match essentially had to be restarted after Punk got busted open and needed medical care and restart it did! Punk resembled the Dynamite Kid and took his offense to a complete another gear. Very impressive stuff. Joey Styles Twittered that Rey gave Punk the Hulk Hogan haircut. That was just downright mean from 'Stocky Balboa.'

I had a 'jaw dropping' moment watching the offensive sequence right after Punk resumed his assault on Mysterio after the SES leader's cut was temporarily addressed. That was a special moment and file it away and let's see when Punk brings that motivation and passion back out.   

Kofi Kingston is the new IC champion which I like. I still don't quite 'get' Drew McIntyre but it seems that the fans don't like him which is obviously the idea. With McIntyre;s thick, Scottish accent he might consider slowing down when he's talking. Matt hardy did a cameo so I assume hardy and McIntyre are still an issue. 

Never thought Truth, who I thought was wearing way too much jewelry, would upset DiBiase. I lost the office pool on that one. Seemed like DiBiase was 'dinged' but I can't be sure as he was sure lying still when Virgil was trying to assist the son of the Million Dollar Man. Is DiBiase banged up? We'll all know soon enough.

The announcer banter through out the night was entertaining at times. I like differing opinions and we got those Sunday night. Like it or not it is better than a 'love-fest' at the announce table. I used to get legit angry at Paul Heyman back in the day and it added a very unique element to our broadcasts not to mention me getting started on blood pressure meds. Seemed like King and Cole collaborated on 'Nat' I mean Striker at times during the evening. Some of their dialog made me smile which isn't easy to do after three bouts of Bells palsy.

During the show I ate three, maybe 4, grilled Angus beef patties that I specially seasoned that included our Chipotle Ketchup, made the burger patties, stuck then in the fridge to marinate for about 90 minutes and then threw 'em on the grill. I ate them breadless and they were real and they were spectacular. 

Does any one know if Michael Cole really dislikes Bret Hart or was merely questioning what Bret Hart is doing which is being the reigning United States Champion? I'm not gonna get used to saying Bret Hart, United States Champion for the record. 

We almost got a Cole/Daniel Bryan mention tonight but I was hoping for more. Something could always happen on Raw.

Tyson Kidd has Dynamiter Kid like tendencies and that can be a good thing for Tyson. DH Smith showed more emotion in Detroit that I've seen from him in a while which is encouraging for this large kid who is much bigger and stronger than most know.

Randy Orton's apparent shoulder injury, I can't be sure if it is a shoulder or the seriousness of the injury, really had a profound affect on the PPV. The Orton-Edge match ended as best it could by most standards. Orton, obvious and excruciating pain gutted it out to his credit. After this match the show seemed to valley somewhat until the final bout.  If, big if, it is Randy's shoulder, it won't be the first time that RKO has suffered shoulder issues. Officials will know more Monday regarding Randy's status. Hopefully this will be a deal where Orton's off for only a brief period of time and won't require any surgery to tighten up the shoulder. OU, now Minnesota Viking running back, Adrian Peterson had the same issues his freshman year at Oklahoma but surgery took care of his issues and he did not miss that much time. 

It seemed like much of the air went out of the crowd when Orton was injured as his much anticipated bout with Edge ended in a double count out. 

The World Title bout seemed to just get started, felt very one sided, and then it was over. It did make me want to see Swagger and Show actually have a match with some time to see how they truly match up.

The Diva Title bout also seemed to just get started, the audience seemed to take a break, and then that match was over. 

The much hyped, show closing main event really salvaged the PPV from my La-Z-Boy especially with creative usage of the car, obvious physicality and strong effort, and then the unexpected Sheamus attack that left Cena in a heap as the show left the air. 

It will be very interesting Monday night in Toledo where a sold out crowd awaits Raw to see who is able to perform not to mention the naming of a new, Raw General Manager. If you had Good Ol J.R. in the office pool as becoming the new, Raw G.M. then... YOU LOSE! 

I sure hope that Randy Orton is going to be O.K. as losing him especially hurts. Randy hit me with a text late Sunday night and he's not even sure what the verdict will be until tomorrow. Raw is going to be an especially compelling, two hours of life TV Monday night. 

Get ready for the Memorial Day Weekend with our BBQ sauces and Chipotle Ketchup and don't forget our 97% Beef Jerky, too. We've also got our JR's Cookbooks that we sign with any inscription that you want which make unique, affordable and fun gifts. Orders are Federal Expressed daily.  

Q&A's are updated and keep those great questions and comments. However, try to refrain from calling me a 'jackass' unless it's absolutely necessary. 

Regarding the never ending tale, my own going business saga, I feel comfortable in saying that we honestly hope to have some definitive news regarding our next, professional chapter later this week. It's nice to have options and the time to make an educated and timely decision. I am motivated to get this business behind me especially for my dear wife's sanity. I'm personally past helping but I can't or won't continue to run her through the mill with the phone calls, etc that seemingly never stop.

BTW if you live in an area that has an Oklahoma Homeland or Reasor's Grocery store, let them know that you would appreciate them carrying our 'Made in Oklahoma" products from J.R.'s BBQ. Those types of things really help as we've seen in recent weeks. Thanks for everything and always count your blessings. 

Boomer Sooner!


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As usual, terrific insight JR. It's actually quite refreshing to see a blog devoted to just thoughts on a WWE show, with no TNA, MMA or anything else in site.

I'm usually enjoy WWE shows even if the writing or product could be stale at times, but this show really fell flat. Or course injuries played a major part. Cool you seemed to notice Dibiase seemed a tad loopy in his match with Truth, as I noticed it after the slap sequence. These medical stoppages also really hurt the flow of matches, but Punk was amazing in his restart.

Actually the biggest letdown of the entire show was the Show/Swagger situation that seemed more like a Smackdown TV angle. I was interested to see what kind of match they could pull of, and all this did was weaken Swagger, who needs much protection than Show.

Just singned up, all the way from Australia, been an avid reader for a while. Keep up the good stuff JR, keep enjoy a healthy life.

Cheers, Matt Vallence

 Forgive me JR. I know this is going to come out  strange. This message is for my wife Maggie. Honey , you took both sets of keys this morning when you left for work, including my car keys. So I am not able to get to work this morning. The reason I am posting this is because I know you log onto this site during your lunch break. I tried your cell phone but your not picking up. When you see this , please call home.


I appreciate you so much. You and WWE were a welcome distraction while I was deployed. I have a picture of Vince, Ron, Eve, Kelly, Eve and John. What a blessing they were. I want you to know that when I get a job, I just got out of the Army, I will be purchasing your cookbook and BBQ sauce. God bless you, and thank you for your service to the wrestling universe.   Gary M. Harders Jr.

I have to say: the PPV was a big thumbs down show.  Possibly the worst WWE PPV in recent memory.

McIntyre is one of the least appealing performers in the company.  He shows absolutely nothing and never has good matches.  He has the old "X-Pac heat" where people hate him in all the wrong ways.  

Punk is amazing.  Along with Jericho, Christian and Batista (as an overall main event guy, not necessarily the best in the ring) he's one of the 4 most talented guys in the company right now.  He deserves some rewards.

The blood stoppages... Ridiculous.  I can absolutely accept dumping the use of the blade but these doctor stoppages are wrecking the quality of the product.  Punk had to almost kill Rey to get the crowd back.  People bleed in all kinds of sports and entertainment.  No match needs "THIS IS BORING!" because of doctors killing the match.

What the hell is going on with Swagger?  His title reign is basically some form of bizarre punishment.  He NEEDS to go over strong.  Why is he doing a 5 minute squash ending with a cheap DQ finish?  Especially following the Orton/Edge incident.

It's a sad, sad day if Big Dave is really out the door.  On Raw, only Jericho and Batista have real heel presence and start power.  I hope he'll reconsider. Still, the I Quit match didn't work for me.  I have absolutely zero interest in another Seamus vs. Cena feud too.

Hi JR:  I was in Toledo last night for RAW.  Thought overall it would be rated no more than a C.  The Bret Hart announcement was so so and they never sid that he gave up the US Title.  He seemed bored and needs to get some energy, like Teddy Long.  Most fans were wondering why John Cena was in that three way match at the end.  It seems like the Guest Star thing should end.  Jon Lovitz was so bad and really had nothing to do with the show.  Also, the fans were wondering who that tag team with lady was who went after the Hart Foundation.  I have been to Wrestlemania 3, Wrestlemania 23 and now this RAW for my live televised experience.  I never knew how much the staff works during a commercial.  Change the ring by adding a red rug, table, chairs, etc..  They deserve alot of credit and I don't think they get it.  Concerning your closing your restaurant, the Late, Great Ernie Harwell said "The Good Lord may close one door but another will open, stay tuned".  How about that!  If the book deal goes through, also do an audio book by reading it yourself as that is one way generations will also remember, Good Old JR.

 Great blog entry JR.  I personally didn't enjoy the PPV all that much, and the US title match made things worse because I'm not a Truth fan at all and on top of him winning Danielson wasn't involved at all!  Bryan Danielson needs a feud ASAP.  However, to help cheer me up I got my BBQ sauce in the mail today and it's amazing!  I'm actually eating lunch with it right now as I type this.

PS: For what it's worth, I'm one of the many fans who would absolutely LOVE to see JR in TNA.