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Greetings to all and here's hoping everyone is having a great weekend. Lots of random, loose ends to address so let's stop burning daylight and move this thing along...

Looks like Manny Pacquiao will live to fight another day after a unanimous decision win over Tim Bradley Saturday night. Manny seemed to be in a must win situation as it relates to big money fights and to keep the faint hope alive that he may someday fight Floyd Mayweather. If pro boxing doesn't include either Mayweather or Pacquiao in the conversation in some form, it seems as if the casual boxing fan isn't overly engaged.  

When I was a kid, I was as big a boxing fan as I was a pro wrestling fan and enjoyed watching Friday Night Fights sponsored by Gillette Super Blue Blades on network TV with the voice of boxing Don Dunphy who was an amazing, understated storyteller.

For my money UFC has supplanted boxing as my in ring combat sport and I'm going to endeavor to attend more UFC events in 2014.

The Toronto media is embracing our show coming to TO on Friday May 9 at the Danforth Music Hall for one show only. I will let you know what we have planned once every thing is finalized but to say that we are going to be busy promoting the event would be an understatement.

Tickets for the Friday May 9 event are on sale at and only a limited number of VIP Meet and Greet tickets remain. We will do the TO Meet & Greets with photo and autograph opportunities BEFORE our show in Toronto.

Our event is the night before the ROH-New Japan show in Toronto on Saturday May 10 of which I plan on attending as a fan.

Because many have asked, JR's products will be available at the Danforth Music Hall show which will save all attending shipping and handling costs.

My interview with Jake Roberts that is airing now on the Ross Report Podcast has received amazing feedback especially from some of the many wrestlers and would be wrestlers who have heard it. Jake's take on today's in ring product, how it can be improved and the nuances of being a hero or a villian in the TV wrestling world are excellent. It's like going to a college class on how to be a successful pro wrestler.

The Ross Report can be downloaded for free at and via iTunes.

This coming week we talk about how to become an announcer with one of ESPN's most popular anchors, Robert Flores, who is a life long fan, has watched every WrestleMania and grew up a super fan of Paul Boesch's Houston Wrestling. For those interested in broadcasting in any form this is a great show to download plus Robert shares some of his favorite pro wrestling memories many of which I'm sure you will share.

I'm also interviewing one of my all time favorite female wrestlers Gail Kim soon for an upcoming Ross Report. No woman in the business is better bell to bell than Gail Kim.  

Get lot of feedback from those who are seeing my broadcasting work with Jesse Ventura for the first time on the WWE Network. With full disclosure, I always thought that our team underachieved in WCW and I take full responsibility for that matter. My ego did not handle 'The Body' earning approximately twice what I did with me working full time and him working a part time schedule at best. That's on me and not Ventura. I'm man enough to say that what Jesse made should not have been an issue to me but the tension that I allowed it to cause prevented us from being a more effective team than we were.

One learns from one's mistakes but we did have a number of broadcasts that were entertaining but one always strives to be better. For the record, I can't think of one broadcast that I ever did with anyone that I am totally happy with and have always been my own worst critic which is why I rarely watch my work from the past.

Not sure where our RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross shows will be touring in the future as Live Nation and our team handle that end of the business but suffice it to say that we haven't eliminated any markets in or outside the USA. I do know that going forward we will not be performing two shows in one night and that our management team is fielding many offers in a variety of cities and countries.

Pet Peeve: Wrestling promotions that do not use time limits eliminate one of the easiest finishes to broadcast and to understand that there is....the draw. If pro wrestling is supposed to be simulated athletics how can none of the matches have no time limit? Totally illogical IMO.

While I'm at can the use of a clinched fist be legal in a pro wrestling match unless the match stipulates such? What exactly is illegal in TV wrestling these days? No reason to wonder why disqualification finishes or even count outs generally come off as flat and help no one involved in them.

Not sure why but I've been getting an inordinate amount of Tweets @JRsBBQ and emails here at our Q&A section of the site asking if I have broadcast my last event. My best guess is no, or is it wishful thinking, but it likely won't be where one would assume. If the answer ends up being that I'm done broadcasting live events then so be it as I lived my dreams and had a wonderful 'run' for which I'm thankful. The competitor/performer in me still feels that there is some unused fuel left in the tank. Things will become clearer in a few months as I'd love to try some thing new.

Regarding Sting, I assume that he hasn't signed with WWE only because WWE hasn't announced it. Signing Sting would create positive news for WWE as he is a major star that WWE can monetize in a variety of ways if he comes aboard. I don't see Sting even needing to wrestle to be a viable asset to WWE if he does sign with the company. If Sting did have one match it WWE it would need to be a long build, much anticipated one that has a significant payoff at a major event more specifically WM31.

You can order JR's products online with safe, efficient, easy shopping from, and  Grilling season is here for many and now is a great time to stock up.

Looking for those Twitter pics of those JR's shirts from . There are several designs to choose from in all sizes and they can be shipped quickly worldwide.

Nice to see James Storm extend his deal with TNA as he's one of my favorite in ring talents to watch these days. Impact isn't lacking a core, talent base.

Enjoyed Smackdown Friday night because I avoided the 'spoilers.' Nice to see the Usos moving up the ladder.

Been thinking more about the topic of an offseason for pro wrestling companies who tour religiously plus produce multiple hours of TV. Interesting topic to examine. I'm still thinking on that one.

Have a great day and remember that our tomorrow's are not guaranteed.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ         


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Hey JR, I'm a WWE fan from Dublin Ireland( Home of Sheamus) do you think the Streak should of ended so soon , and was Brock Lesner the right person to end it? Charlie

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