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Good to have you drop by the site. All is great in Norman as it seems as if we are staying busy with a wide variety of things. We are really working hard to stimulate the sales of our on line products especially with grilling season upon us. I hope that you will consider placing an order soon.

We're going to be making a major announcement regarding our restaurant concept in a few days.

Our on line business is growing and we are actively trying to get our products in a variety of grocery stores and several folks that regularly visit our site are helping us with contacts and leads w/ stores in their areas. We really appreciate the help especially considering that there is only 3 of us involved in our entire operation. 

The $19.88 Original BBQ Sauce deal is really moving well as are cases of our products. People are ordering cases and simply sharing them with family and friends which is a great idea. We still pay for the FREE SHIPPING.

Via the many emails we receive on our newly updated Q&A section we can provide these thoughts:

Companies wanting to 'put other companies out of business' or 'start a war' generally end up looking foolish because any company should focus on what they can control which is their own business then egocentrically fixating on the opposition.

Yes...I do believe that WWE will be PG rated for the long haul. It is much more advertiser and family friendly which simply makes common and business sense. If fans complain about creative it rarely has any thing to do with the PG rating or whatever as it usually pertains to the creative itself being lame or poorly executed. Bad humor is bad humor. Bad acting is bad acting and matches that make no logical sense happening still won't make any sense no matter the TV rating. 

No...I don't see Jake Shields going to UFC as a big deal at all.

Yes,...I had great conversations with Don Leo Jonathan at CAC in Vegas and he told me that at his peak, while working in the oil fields, that he was 6'6"-340 rock solid pounds. All natural. I encourage fans to do internet searches for Don Leo and you will be amazed at this magnificent athlete was was generations ahead of his time. Plus, he's not a stereotypical, wrestling con man but instead is a class act all the way. 

Yes...when WCW was kicking WWE's ass 83 weeks in a row we knew that many weeks we had the better show but the scoreboard told a different story. No one in WWE gave up I can assure you and we knew that our foundation and talent base, being younger, would be fine in the long haul . We were right on that one and WCW died and was purchased for a song. One can't quit the game when faced with adversity no matter if it's job related or a health issue. 

O.K....a fan pointed out that he predicted that TNA would not last on Monday night and that I thought that they had a fighting chance. I was assuming that TNA would produce a more compelling, TV product too so I assume I was wrong on two fronts. Shame on me. I remain for all wrestling companies on TV, WWE, TNA, and ROH to do well. Again, the putting someone out of business mantra is antiquated and essentially stupid. 

No...I do not have an issue with Ric Flair wrestling but I do think that Ric should be wrestling perhaps 2-3 times per year and likely never on free TV. That's just my opinion. Flair adds much more to any TV show when he is talking or at ringside. I do not have an issue with Ric performing after his ballyhooed retirement from WWE at WM24. Pro wrestling retirements rarely last...just do the math...and people need to earn a living.

Yes...badk in the turner days they used to emulate WWE all the time thinking that if WWE did something then it would work for WCW too. The Turner blue suits IE Bill Shaw, etc had little respect for the genre and even less product knowledge. Product knowledge is essential in the building of any and I mean any successful business no matter what it is. WCW left the studio on Techwood to create a more WWE like look and many executives pushed the WCW product to become more 'entertainment' and less athleticism which in hindsight make zero sense. Athletic competition in itself is stimulating and entertaining or so says the NFL, the NBA, etc. I know that pro wrestling isn't a legit 'sport' but it can damn sure be presented as one and if executed properly comes off as a unique hybrid of sports and entertainment. 

No...I never looked at Sting vs. HBK as a 'dream match' but I can see where many fans would . I never thought the match was ever close to happening unless Shawn went to join Hall and Nash in Atlanta or if Sting had relented and signed with WWE back in the day. Obviously, neither situation materialized but one can see, in theory, that if Shawn faced Sting in their respective primes that the two of them would have had a potentially outstanding outing. Michaels was so great especially when he was in his prime and was healthy that a match with Sting would have likely been compared to the Sting vs. Flair classic on the first Clash of Champions. 

I saw on line where some fans want to hit WWE with E-mails on my behalf. I implore fans to please NOT do such as it just becomes a nuisance and it will do no good whatsoever. I do not endorse such a protest and I have to say that I am happy, healthy, and doing great. I have nothing to bitch and moan about. My mindset to continue broadcasting hasn't changed but time will tell if that phase of my life is truly done or not. I always wanted to go out on my terms if possible and not have someone dictate when I was done. Perhaps that can still happen at a different place and in a another genre. 

Let me assure you that working on a major book deal is tons and tons of work. I have so many friends who are helping me with strategizing about what they want me to write about that is is making what is the equivalent of putting together a giant puzzle much easier. Nonetheless this is going to be a project that is going to necessitate a ton of work. The good news is that I am SO excited to be preparing to write this long awaited book and I've never shied away from hard work. 

Thanks for stopping by and let's hope that you can place an order before you leave. Thanks for all your support. 

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