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Here's hoping everyone is having a fine week. Lots of random thoughts on this entry plus don't forget to read my Mae Young tribute piece and the updated Q&A's while you're on the site.

My venture with Podcast One begins in mid February if all goes according to plan. My show will drop on Wednesdays so it will be recorded a few days in advance to allow time for production elements to be added. I do plan on it being very interactive as I will be taking listener's calls. We will also have a variety of guests. Plus, I will offer my personal analysis/take on some TV wrestling shows that I watch.

Should give the internet wrestling community (IWC) plenty of cannon fodder. :)

Saw our logo and other promotional materials yesterday. Podcast One is a major player in a world that they dominate. 

If any one has ideas for guests for my podcast, please send them to the Q&A section of this site and I will begin logging your ideas immediately.

Still waiting on ticket info for my Thursday April 3 'RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross' show at the House of Blues in New Orleans during WrestleMania week. I will hit it here and on Twitter @JRsBBQ ASAP. I'm hoping that it is a good kickoff to WM30 week for many of you traveling to NOLA for all the WWE, etc activities. I expect ticketmaster.com to be involved.

Tickets are on sale for my 'RINGSIDE' show in NYC at the Gramercy Theatre on Saturday March 1 for two shows and you can get get yours at the Gramercy box office and via ticketmaster.com. 

I'm truly excited about both these shows and plan on them being very interactive, up close and personal, and, above all, entertaining for everyone attending. Lots of stories, insight, opinion of a 40 year career that hs taken me from the 'Farm to the Garden.'  

The more I read online about the daily drama in various pro wrestling organizations makes me happy that I'm not engaged full time in that world. Don't get me wrong, I will always be a fan and support the genre but dealing with today's athletes is a taxing, never ending saga. It was somewhat simpler in the old days but certainly far from not having issues in which to address.

I'm of the belief that many of today's issues have to do with the generation that many of the talents have grown up in and how they have been parented.

Sports and entertainment both have a couple of giant issues in common....they are besieged by athlete/performer paranoia and insecurities. That comes with entering into a world with not an overabundance of career opportunities such as the territory days of wrestling for example.

Shelf lives in both sports and entertainment are usually short...every one has an expiration date included in their DNA but most don't want to admit it. I often wonder what many of today's in ring performers will do once it's all over. Unfortunately, most feel confident in only one aspect of their professional life and that's in the ring and performing on a wrestling TV show.

That's truly sad and unfortunate. It's also a management issue because when talents get the feeling of desperation in their minds regarding their chosen field of endeavor, they often times make regrettable mistakes and become even harder to manage.

No individual, no matter their status in life including their financial situation, can afford to live without a viable, realistic Plan B.

It's too bad that most performers don't see the reality of Plan B's until it's late in the game and one's options are lessened.

To answer an often received question, I am NOT considering doing any "Shoot" interviews for DVD release for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I cover many of the topics one would be asked in these productions in RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross shows. Secondly, I don't care to address 'dirt oriented' questions that can embarrass people's families, etc. Lastly, the fees offered are generally low and not worth the time invested to do them.

Happy to see native Okie Rex Ryan returning to the New York Jets as I think that he adds some much needed personality to the NFL plus he is known as a "player's coach" which is an important skill set in today's world of needy, insecure, and often times rich athletes. HBO's 'Hard Knocks" series a few years ago really exposed Ryan's natural personality. He'd have made a helluva pro wrestling manager back in the day when managers were in vogue.

Great hire by the Minnesota Vikings by nabbing Mike Zimmer to be head coach. He's a long time, well respected football guy who's been a successful defensive coordinator in the league for years. Vikes need a QB and to maximize the years that former Sooner Adrian Peterson has left in his mighty frame.

Leaning toward 49ers and Broncos this weekend but I'm still pondering. The winning team won't win without a productive running game and by making costly turnovers. Throwing the football 50 times likely isn't a recipe for success as the final four NFL teams left standing see who advances to the Super Bowl.

My efforts to get Peyton Manning to change his "OMAHA" call at the line of scrimmage to "JR's BBQ" has fallen on deaf ears. DAMMIT!

Thanks to all that enjoyed my blog about the late, Mae Young which is still here on the site in case you haven't read it. I'm fascinated about old school, women's wrestling, not so much the in ring work, but specifically the out of ring life and political posturing, etc that the women had to endure to keep their jobs.

If you are interested in this period of history, I highly suggest that you read Jeff Leen's book, "Queen of the Ring" which centers around Mildred Burke and her combustible relationship with her promoter/husband Billy Wolfe. Why some enterprising screenplay writer hasn't jumped on this project is beyond me. It's a grittier version of 'League of Their Own.' I think this specific genre would make a great film or HBO/Showtime series.   

WWEShop.com is doing a great job of marketing JR's products at http://www.wweshop.com. Just enter Jim Ross in the search space to see all that we have to offer on one, easy to navigate page.

For our UK friends, JR's is available at a limited number of American Candy stores and online at: http://www,americansoda.co.uk and at http://www.beyondtheropes.co.uk. Easy online shopping with quick delivery.

If you see any JR's package that includes an autographed item, they are legit and personally signed by me. No faux signatures are used.

From what I'm told, I will be one of the last people interviewed by WWE for the upcoming Paul Heyman DVD. It will be nice to participate in this production and to see a few old friends at WWE TV later next month.

Check out Bill Apter's features on Mae Young at 1wrestling.com. Good stuff by Bill.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by and visiting our site.

Boomer Sooner!    @JRsBBQ  




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J.R. this is your time do things like you like. like talk to players from OU and your hometown NBA so what you like on your podcast. Good luck and have fun.
J.R., would love to hear a sit-down with Danny Hodge. Have really enjoyed hearing/reading your stories about him, and would love to hear from the man himself.

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